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The "Holy Sweet Title Screens, Batman!" Award
Awarded by Alistair Aitcheson
on August 24, 2010



Arowx says ...

Nice BlitzMax game! Well polished!

Covenant says ...

Very well made, game is insanely hard! :)

flashkick says ...

Was able to get the game running after the fix (Vista x64). Nice game and very polished. The movement seems a bit too sensitive; holding down an arrow key very briefly would move the ball a lot. The speed may be because of the frame rate (average was around 470 fps) as the ball bouncing sound seemed to be continuous. The game is pretty fun, I managed to get past a few parts of level 1 by slamming into walls and hugging them :)

noonat says ...

GREAT job on this. Feels really polished. I like the gameplay a lot, but I felt that the way the ball bounced was frustrating. I figured out how to control it, but it never quite felt like it was going where I wanted to, and I would often bump into walls because of it. It probably would have still felt hard but less frustrating if I could have rolled around, and only jumped when I wanted to (for speed or whatever).

agj says ...

Punishing but rewarding! I liked how you had fun with the level design.

Endurion says ...

It works on my other machine.
You really shouldn't be switching modes during the game.
Quite nice game, the falling platforms are nasty, since the slow you down as well.
Also, when you've got 100 orbs it wraps back to 0 :(

Good that you were able to get music done. Too bad though; it's the style of music that makes me switch stations really fast ;)

My balls are legend! Yessir!

Jonny D says ...

I get some screen thrashing at the beginning... After pressing the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del, it settles down, but I usually miss the title screen entirely. But then... I'm using Wine.

The game is very tough for me. I couldn't complete the first level (assuming there's more) in many tries ( >20 lives). The ball gets a little crazy when I have to hurry, which gets me killed quick. I do like the polish.

erik says ...

I initially found the controls a bit frustrating, but after getting used to them, they became interesting. I was starting to wonder what level 2 was going to look like if level 1 was so long.

0rel says ...

believe me, this was really special! first time after playing a game i got visual distortions =) (for a couple of seconds...). it is dazzlingly hypnotic and steadily demanding. having that much effect by that little input got my brain a little out of balance i guess... i like it, it's the kind of game i'm interested in. looks and sounds good, and i like the already visible music game touch. 2 points though: finer, less nervous control would make it probably more fun (and a bit easier), and more connections between the strong beat and the movement would make it even better... - i can't wait to play your rez like creation! :)

mjau says ...

Hard but exciting =). Frustrating controls though. Didn't finish, got beyond the crocodile chasing the duck once but died on the twist after. Nice music.

nilsf says ...

Way too unforgiving.
Its quite polished though and the graphics and sound work well together.

jsb says ...

Nice minimalist design, cool music. The gameplay is pretty hard because of the delayed controls of the marble and the fact that some passages are obstructed and hard to be seen.

ondrew says ...

Awesome graphics, too hard, but fun.

The controls were lagging a bit, which made the game hard to control.

Morre says ...

This game is far too punishing. I died two times after playing for a long while, both times thanks to silly mistakes. And I had to start all over again. The second time, I just gave up. I don't want to play that same first bit over and over again. That long level desperately needs to be replaced by several short levels. Or have some sort of checkpoint system.

This is probably the most visually pleasing game I've judged so far. Stunning!

It was also a great deal of fun until those deaths. If I'd never died and noticed that issue, I might have given you a 5 for fun. As it is, I'm going to have to detract from that score. Or perhaps polish, I'm not sure. :/

On a side note: Windows's "compressed folder" couldn't deal with your ZIP, I had to extract it with winrar. Something to think about for future contests. :)

Overall, an excellent entry. Lovely work!

DrPetter says ...

Very smooth. Feels like it could have been a commercial Amiga game 17 years ago ;)
Music and graphics are great, I love the procedural/random "music" produced by bouncing around. Controls were awkward at first, reminded me of my own game... it's possible to adapt though, and it worked out reasonable well after a while. I think I managed to beat that level, or perhaps it bugged out. I got very far and then it just reset. I noticed that there doesn't seem to be more than one level in the data files, so I'm assuming it hit the end. Would have been nice with some proper notification.
Do the yellow/green-ish tiles do anything? I first thought they were the exit, but they're a bit all over the place and don't seem to have any effect.
A couple of graphical glitches and limited "game stuff" in terms of win/lose/etc subtracts a little bit, but otherwise a top game.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

superflat’s Balls Of Legend: Postmortem

Posted by
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 9:45 am


I suppose the thing I’m most happy with is that it the first compo I’ve entered which wasn’t a massive crunch to get in on the deadline.  I was enjoying a nice cup of tea by 10:30pm.  Heres are some fun development facts:

– The game took about 12 hours.

– I used Photoshop and Logic Pro.

– I wrote it in BlitzMax with lashings of OpenGL.  

– It formed by ripping apart the level editor for my iPhone game, which also uses the same orthogonal perspective.

– The graphics were based on another game concept I’ve currently shelved, a Rez-at-light-speed interactive music game called ‘Tempo’.  

– I don’t like the bounce sound either.  Wish I’d spent more time on it.

– I have loads of ideas to expand on it, from springs that fire you down corridors to one-way floors, switches and doors, powerups that enable you to open up new paths, crushers and electric fences you have to jump.  

– I’m keen to try it on the iPhone, where the tilt determines the angle of your next bounce.

– I’m especially keen on trying a two-four player mode, which could be both co-operative and competitive (both bounce on two switches to open one door, but the first through gets the best loot!)

Anyway, thanks for having me Ludum Dare.  I’m sure I’ll enter again sometime.  And post food pics / timelapse shots which I had no idea about until after I’d finished!


superflat’s Balls Of Legend [Mac / PC] FIXED!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 2:05 pm



Balls Of Legend [Mac / PC Download]


Edit: Fixed a .zip error which stopped it from loading on PC.

Well here it is!  A game of balance.  Not much to say except get to the end if you can… Use the arrow keys to control the glass ball.  Post your orb scores in the comments if you like.  Think this might translate over to iPhone quite nicely.  There’s only one long level at the moment.  I’ll definitely add more after the compo.


Bed time, was great fun.  See you next time!

Silly Maze Game: Update 1

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 4:43 pm

Making some progress, there’s collapsing squares now and buttons which will open doors.  Need spikes!

Silly Maze Game [Working Title]

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:48 am

I’ve decided to enter my first LD, we’ll see what it brings.  So far I’ve got a quite playable bouncing ball that’s being chased by an autoscroll.  Next is to add traps and special kinds of tile.

Here’s a shot.  There will be a deadly wall of spikes on the left…

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