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agj says ...

The positive values content makes this game worth existing.

SethR says ...

Ok, why am I dying? I saved the little bastards, but I still die?!?! NoooOOOO! Damn you power point.

Tenoch says ...

No idea how this works... Clicking on stuff just seems to bring the next page, arrows fail.

Weird. I mean, if you like programming, why doing it in effing *powerpoint* ??

ChadyG says ...

terribly awesome indeed

Endurion says ...

Ermm...Ok i guess :)

What is the win condition? If i click all people fast enough and then the white box to the next screen?

DrPetter says ...

Yay, it worked in openoffice. Very poor framerate, and clicking was generally quite unresponsive. I finished a few levels, got bored and clicked around randomly which made me lose.

PsySal says ...

Haha, not so bad. I like how the people are drawn. I played this in OO.org, it seemed to work. I have no idea if the game mechanic actually worked, but I was amused. I liked that you made the game in ppt, actually.

Banni says ...

5 points for effort, just for the perversity of making a game in powerpoint!

greencow says ...

Seemed to work well in openoffice.org 3. Click the guys away without clicking in the blue area. Most of the time the blue area didn't start growing until after I had already saved everyone. A slide to give some back story to this mysterious blue area would have been nice.

Entar says ...

That's more than I knew was possible in Powerpoint :) Lucky I guessed how to win.

ondrew says ...

I won, yeey. The best thing about this game is figuring out what to do and how to proceed to further levels. Shame we don't have towlr category this year :)

The disappearing cursor as a feature of PowerPoint is really annoying. I would have at least start the game after first click.

noonat says ...

Funny... but so so painful.

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Save Those People! Final

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 1:13 pm

“Save Those People!” is a game made entirely in Microsoft Powerpoint.

I’m sorry in advance.

Effing PowerPoint

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 2:09 pm

The Awesomeness of PowerPoint

My Ludum Dare project is going to be done in Microsoft PowerPoint.

This’ll ever be really amazing, really terrible, or both.

A Little Bitty Introduction

Posted by
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 11:50 am

Hey, everyone. I’m Strong. I’m a gamesmaker, though that’s probably obvious by now. I’m just writing in to say that I’m going to be participating in LD14, and it’ll be my first one. I’m going to be using Multimedia Fusion 2, mainly, and I¬†might end up throwing in Modplug Tracker or SFXR just for kicks.

So… hi!

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