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Hi, I'm Stoney, I'm a twenty-something full-time indie developer from Germany. (Probably most generic bio info ever, but I'm not sure what else to write. :D )


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Covenant says ...

Too short to really have a feel for it...
The portal idea is nice, though...

mjau says ...

That was pretty short =). Fun while it lasted, though.

I didn't like the controls much. Arrow keys for movement, space to proceed, mouse clicks to warp .. feels like they're all over the place. Maybe A/D or something on that side of the keyboard for left/right would've been better.

Also, sorry, but the graphics is terrible. Look up some color theory and try making it less busy next time maybe? =]

Btw, if you die on the second level, it's possible to be stuck with no gems at the start, so you have to restart the game.

X-0ut says ...

Was over all too quick, had potential for more interesting puzzle elements.

Congrats on finishing in time.

5parrowhawk says ...

It's a *ceiling* of doom, not a wall...

The game would be more interesting if you make the player choose between two portals. As it is, it's just a linear run from point A to B, through a couple of portals.

Entar says ...

I have to agree with 5parrowhawk, not enough choices for the player. Has some potential though, nice presentation.

Endurion says ...

Looks nice, and has potential for more elements.
The control mix is annoying. Using keyboard and mouse for no apparent reason.

DrPetter says ...

Short, but at least I managed to beat it :)
A little bit puzzly and a little bit stressful/twitchy with the impending doom. You should really have made a bunch more levels.
The graphics look pretty good, even though they smell of cheap photoshop filters :P
Awkward having to reach for space to get to the next level. Mouse click would have been more sensible since it's already used for gameplay.

0rel says ...

that you have to double click was not obvious first... single click, and maybe no keyboard controls at all would have been better, imho.

agj says ...

The teleporting mechanic is not very natural, feels weird... Maybe if he used a grapple on special surfaces instead. For some future version or something, I mean.

ondrew says ...

The character speed was a little too slow, which made the game feel sluggish.

The mixed mouse/keyboard controls were really unintuitive - I had to go to readme to findout, what to do.

Also it was really short, when I was expecting that the game will introduce puzzles, it ended.

It shows potential, hopefully you will be able to add some levels later.

LoneStranger says ...

A neat idea, but the game is way too short. Found that you could still click even after the game was over. I like the idea of the portal, though it would be neat if the guy could still jump and the portal was used more strategically instead of in a linear manner.

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Stickman’s Escape – Final

Posted by (twitter: @Stoney_FD)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 2:55 pm

The second competion game after my MiniLD #8 entry that I finished in time. But I still got some time management issues and I had to cut a lot of gameplay features which I originally intended to include.

So anyway, what’s this game all about? This time the hero in this game Stickman is trapped in a cave where the wall of doom is coming down from above. To rescue himself he has to get to the door at the buttom of the level. But there is one major problem: Stickman cannot jump. But he can use portals.

Download here: http://www.freeze-dev.de/files/games/Stoney_LD14_StickmansEscape.zip (2,6 MB; Win32 and Linux 32 bit binary included plus source code; Readme with instructions and a PDF with some drawings, first screenshot and stuff with like that which could be classified as a very short post mortem.)

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