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Originally from Sweden, having worked on Just Cause 2 at Avalanche Studios, I now live in Dundee, Scotland, working on APB.


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DrPetter says ...

Installed pymunk. Needed msvcr90.dll so I downloaded it. Then it crashed out with a runtime error on python.exe. N/A

Covenant says ...

Same problem as DrPetter...

sol_hsa says ...

Can't run..

Endurion says ...

Please provide a Windows executable

PsySal says ...

Alas, I get:

pyglet.gl.ContextException: Unable to share contexts.

I'm using vista and have installed pymunk/etc. Alas me mateys!

5parrowhawk says ...

Same story as DrPetter. I'm using Python 2.5 with pygame 1.8.1 and the latest pymunk installed.

agj says ...

Executable. :(

mjau says ...

Tried to install pymunk, but it failed for some reason, so couldn't get this to work.

noonat says ...

I was able to run it, and understood the concept, but I found it hard to play. The physics were weird and the ship would move down slowly as I moved to the right, and would bounce strangely when I hit things. I think the concept would have worked better with simpler, more predictable, traditional platformer physics.

Deepflame says ...

No windows executable.

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Run Away Little Bouncies is completed!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 1:07 pm

Sort of, anyways. Not sure it turned out to be that much fun of a game but.. It’s kinda hard to control.

Link to download:


UPDATE: You need to *install* the latest pymunk to get it to run.

Save the bouncies from certain death!

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