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mjau says ...

That was fun! It's a little annoying that your walls of Doom are cancelled if you happen to drag a little bit too far though, would've been nice if you could complete them after going back inside the circle.

I like how you're destroying the village to protect the village from being destroyed.

X-0ut says ...

score 228: wave 17...
It got brutal at the end there.
My stocks never seemed to replenish, or perhaps I just use too much :)

Doches says ...

Nothing more to say; mjau said it all. Fun! Hard to balance building/not building walls, but all part of the joy, I suppose.

SethR says ...

Solid game, something satisfying about watching little pixel man get steam rolled. Good sfx for it. 471 on easy

Endurion says ...

Good game. Get's pretty brutal in brutal :)

Jonny D says ...

This is a pretty nice game. It's like a full Atari game. The gameplay is satisfying and the sounds aren't bad.

DrPetter says ...

Score: 252 on my first and only run. I would never play again on the normal difficulty setting since it took like half an hour before there was any challenge. Wasn't fun enough for me to try the harder one either.
I never thought I'd get so intimate with the inside of Sol's mouth... slightly disturbing, even though the sounds are in fact rather fitting. The wall spawn sound got old rather quick though, kind of too heavy for such a frequent event.
The concept is solid, and the only major weakness in execution is speed/progress and variety. It gets old pretty quick when it doesn't get harder. Maybe the normal mode should have been named 'easy' and the brutal one 'normal' (though I haven't tried that one).

ondrew says ...

Who would have thought that throwing walls is awesome fun.

Excellent controls - loved the preview of costs.

I really liked how the gameplay was tweaked. Even when massive hordes of devils were closing in, you could always turn the situation around.

Morre says ...

Advancing wall of doom? More life advancing life-saving wall to the rescue! Well, apart from the fact that it kills, I suppose. And the fact that it uses your village as construction material.

Great idea. I definitely enjoyed playing this game. I got 208 points on my second try. :) I get the feeling that maybe sacrificing a hut or two would've been worth it to avoid using so much wall material... but I didn't really try to balance that trade-off, I just sent walls onto all the bad guys.

I tried brutal briefly, played without any real strategy, and ended up on 379 points on my first try there... and I died pretty fast. Perhaps the scoring shouldn't be multiplied so much by the level, I don't know. I liked brutal, though :)

Nice graphics, good use of sound, excellent polish. Well done!

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Wall Defence final

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 3:04 am

I probably should have aimed a bit higher – this one is a bit of a quickie, but between taking care of the baby and hosting some dinner guests, didn’t really have time.

DOWNLOAD (win32 bin + src)

alt download link

To compile, you need SDL, SDL_Image and GLee. Should compile as is on whatever without any odd compile options.

Here’s the help screen as the official screenshot:

I can’t upload the entry as part of this blog post (says “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.”), but here’s the download link from my temp server (same link as rc2 – in fact, it is rc2).

wall defence rc2: sound & particles

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 2:41 am

This game is just about done – release candidate 2 (same download link as before)

New stuff: Sound and some particles. It’s surprising how big a difference couple particles make.

wall defence release candidate

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 12:23 am

If I have more time today, I may continue on this, adding sound etc, but here’s RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 of my quickie.

I won’t tag this ‘final’ yet.. I’m pretty sure I have a few minutes before midnight to re-tag this =)

Well, I may be able to do something..

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:55 am

Between some friends coming over for dinner and taking care of the baby, I may be able to whip something together. We’ll see if I finish this.. this is the slowest progress I’ve ever had in an LD =)

I have the first gameplay test here – draw the walls in the lighter green area.

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