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The Cruelty To Animals Award
Awarded by Danik
on August 23, 2010
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Awarded by Danik
on August 23, 2010
#1 Magic Marker Laser - Because Nothing Says Impending Doom Like a Crayon.
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Endurion says ...

Nice for a short play, pretty simplistic. For a first in flash in 48h an impressive feat though!

erik says ...

I really liked your character animations. They made the game for me.

5parrowhawk says ...

Before about 17,000 you can just hold down the right arrow key and you will never die.

Not a bad attempt, though. As others have observed, the visuals are nice.

SethR says ...

188,000! Didn't seem like it was getting harder fast enough...

Great art

Hempuli says ...

The graphics are great, and the protagonist is hilarious.

nilsf says ...

Player animation rocks and the monster looks pretty good too. The gameplay was too simplistic though.

HybridMind says ...

I am not sure if I missed something but seems other commentors are saying it gets harder or changes? Anyway, I just was sitting there running on the right of the screen and jumping every other bullet till I got bored at like 8,000 points or so and committed suicide. :)

The graphics are really hilarious though and well done. Definitely has a great style. The running moron still has me chuckling when I think of his tongue wagging out.

Cool for your first flash game but as a standalone experience it is definitely lacking in the game play department at this point.

Draknek says ...

Would have been nice to have changing bullet patterns, but once I realised that the speed was increasing I felt compelled to play until I died...

So in that sense it was a success. The player animation is also amazing in its simplicity.

DrPetter says ...

Wohoo flash. It's cute but non-gamey. What's there is rather smooth.
Maybe you could have made the shots a bit more random and gradually speeding up the fire rate to make it challenging? Then it would suddenly be a moderately worthwhile game instead of a simple test.

Entar says ...

Good humor, but really simple and repetitive.

LoneStranger says ...

I love the graphic style. Wasn't much to do except jump and avoid the pattern of the projectiles. Maybe if they were random or there was other things to jump over it would have been more interesting.

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Run Moron – LD14 final version

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 5:37 pm

This game is smaller than what I usually do for ludumdare. It’s made in flash, and because I’ve never made a flash game before, and because there were problems with the compiler, I didn’t get started until there was ~16 hours left. I still managed to make something, and I’m happy that I did and that my first flash game turned out this way. The game is called “Run moron”, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.



Link to source:


You need a webbrowser with flash to play the game. You do not need the source to play, the only reason the source is here is to confirm the game is made by me.

Finally, I’d like to thank DrPetter and Draknek, for helping me with flash coding, and getting the compiler to work.

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