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nilsf says ...

Cool idea, but the collision detection didn't work, the wall of doom would just go through the character.

Endurion says ...

Could you provide an Windows executable?

DrPetter says ...

Tried running on windows:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "wallofdoom.py", line 284, in <module>
if __name__ == "__main__": main()
File "wallofdoom.py", line 49, in main
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'smoothscale'

Tenoch says ...

Might be really simple, I actually enjoyed it much! I liked the litteral interpretation of the theme. A few suggestions:
- the mouse control is a lot easier, but I liked the smooth keyboard control. Maybe removing the mouse?
- difficulty increases too fast. the font could grow more slowly (but you could have bonus points if you go between words instead of around, or instance, for the risk taken)
- it would be nice if the words came from every direction not just top, so both x and y movements would be needed (here it is enough go left and right)
- and of course a bit of polish, music, etc.

Otherwise very nice idea!

PsySal says ...

Alas, hangs on the title screen for me (Vista, Python 2.6)

Jach says ...

It hung on the title screen and after losing, but I fixed those by commenting out lines 75 and 202.

It was okay, unlike nilsf collision was working for me. Using the mouse kind of felt like cheating.. (I scored 57.) Also, would have been more challenging if the player would grow with the text so it gets harder to fit between the letters later on. The speed factor just isn't enough for quite a while.

mjau says ...

Well, they're certainly walls of doom. Can't argue with that.

Anyway, it's a nice simple game. Can't think of much to say about it right now.. Very minimalistic, but fun for a few tries.

noonat says ...

Game locked for me as well at title and end screens, until I commented out the lines in question.

Game was too simple for me to enjoy more than a few times through, but I did enjoy the time I played it. It could be cool if you got bonuses for getting really close to the words.

SethR says ...

I had to use the Jach hack to fix the freezes...

Nice game idea, but because I only scores 18 I'm pretty sure it's not properly setup to be framerate independent.. I mean, I'm not that bad, right?!!

Deepflame says ...

No windows executable.

agj says ...

I'd need a Windows executable...

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 3:26 pm

Hello Ludum Dare.. this is my first entry and first post! I was supposed to be sprinting on something else, but this was just too darn much fun. I spent a bunch of hours looking for suitable haskell libs, but they aren’t there yet. I ended up going with pygame. I last touched it some years back, but had forgotten everything. It was a pleasure to work with!

This is a very minimal “game”, but the point was to go through the exercise and Ship Something. It has been tested on mac os leopard with python 2.6/pygame/opengl from macports.

Source zipfile: wallofdoom.zip ,
darcs repository: http://joyful.com/repos/wallofdoom.

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