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Awarded by SethR
on May 7, 2009



Covenant says ...

Not bad, but it starts too hard... A more gradual learning curve would make the game more fun, imo...

agj says ...

I... I died. :(

muku says ...

Fun and very hard! Was a bit bothered by the particles which often made it hard to see where the hell I was. Sound would have improved it quite a bit, I think.

Wasn't offended by the insult, thought it quite amusing.

greencow says ...

I can't believe your game called me a tit.

It was sometimes hard to tell where I was at because of the rocket exhaust all over the place. Fun though, like revenge of the jezzball.

Endurion says ...

Nice, but pretty hard. You get enclodes pretty fast. A bit less stronger gravity for a start ;)

Morre says ...

Contrary to the other commenters, I don't think this really starts out too hard. However, it is something of an issue that you become immortal if you fall off the screen... :)

With some more fleshing out the concept this could probably be pretty cool. I can see this game working equally well without gravity, and powerups you could run around and collect... :)

A tip for next time: Stuff like "Drawing, input and timers" sounds like it could be part of a library, in which case you could prepare that in advance and upload it to the blog (so it doesn't take as much time in the contest). As long as you keep gameplay out of it. :>

DrPetter says ...

Oddly enough, I dislike games that insult me. Way too unforgiving gameplay, and your progress depends entirely on the whim of the randomizer. My first level was essentially impossible since I got like 6 walls in row which had no possible brick path through them all. Shooting bricks was not rewarding since there's no feedback at all for hits and destruction. The large bright thrust particles are very distracting, making you lose track of your own position. Furthermore, you should learn how to center your sprites.

PsySal says ...

Really liked this one in concept. A few suggestions:

- Gravity works against the concept, because it makes it so that you can't really go through the side walls (it's much, much harder)

- I think the frictionless momentum might be a bit punishing, too. If you added some friction it would be easier to control while still having some challenge.

- Would be cool to see ramping difficulty, i.e., at first the walls come at you with just a few shootable blocks filled in, then more and more of them and finally steel ones, then more steel and faster and faster, etc.

- Some other types of blocks you can shoot for powerups would be cool.

I think this is a great, simple concept that has lots of potential for arcadey madness.

5parrowhawk says ...

I hardly think that abusing your players constitutes a valid humour technique, unless your name happens to be Eric Cartman, Esq. Nonetheless, the game mechanics are fairly interesting, and worth further experimentation. Others have mentioned the poor randomization and the drawing of thrust particles in front of the player-object, and I will second those comments.

PsySal: Going through the side walls is not that difficult. Basically get yourself moving slowly in the direction of the wall, and just use the up key to balance. The bottom and top walls tend to be harder because if you have sideways momentum, it's very difficult to stop yourself so as to go through the hole straight, and you still need to regulate your vertical speed.

ondrew says ...

Quite hard but fun. Also for such a simple game, it was quite slow on my computer.

georgek says ...

I liked this, though I suck at playing it really. Cool concept. Some audio would have really added to this one, and I think there were too many particles emitted when you moved, but I think this is worth expanding on.

SethR says ...

67 seconds!

The game was ok, good idea, but a bit too hard and unrewarding in its current form.

I had more fun looking over source code and wanted to thank you for leaving such informative and helpful comments.

Such as, "DIS WHERE DA SHITS REALLY AT BITCH" from functions.cpp.

In fact, I've issued you an award, my good man.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Yes. That is the title of my game. I got really lazy with the game at some point and decided to just finish it up quick so I’d submit at least something. It sucks, I know. Instrcutions are in the game, read them, and prepare to suck at the game. ‘Twas fun making, hope you enjoy it.




Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 11:03 am

What I’ve noticed during the programming of this game: I code too “cleanly”. I waste time with making stuff be in seperate files and stuff. I got like, 17 files or so and what I got now is this

Harr! I’ve finally done all the basic stupid boring stuff like drawing and input and timers out of the way and now I can start programming some gameplay to my game. Being worked on in c++ using allegro :3 Pics will come soon when I get something graphical done.

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