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athanazio says ...

had difficulties to understand how to play

Arowx says ...

Nice strategic element, couple of oddities in the interface e.g. ranged attack no indication of possible targets. Nice looking and fun!

X-0ut says ...

Sorry shrt, couldnt vote on this as it crashed on startup :(

rogual says ...

What a great take on the theme! Good to see a slower paced game once in a while. I enjoyed the strategy elements; it's a little like chess but not as mentally draining.

The UI could use some work -- for example, I would often skip turns by accident. And if you want to move a piece into another piece's space it's down to luck which piece you get to move first.

But anyway, I enjoyed this!

5parrowhawk says ...

Interesting but a little simple for strategy nuts like me :)
(1) Interface needs a bit of work. If you don't play a particular subgenre of turn-based strategy games, it's difficult to figure out that you start each level in the pre-deployment phase.
(2) Visuals are nice, but on the small window it's a pain to click faraway targets.
(3) Ranged units are really overpowered! Should limit their range to 4 or 5 squares. As it is, my army of archers basically mowed the whole wall down.
(4) Defenders are kind of underpowered. Even if they can clear their column, they're nearly useless after that. I'd allow them to move 2 squares when going backward, but not forward. Also, they need to have some regenerative ability (regain 1 power per turn, maybe?).
(5) More bits in the wall would be nice. Like towers which shoot at your pieces randomly.

Overall, it's not too bad an effort :)

LunarCrisis says ...

I got an error message instead of a game =(.

"LD14 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Endurion says ...

Crashes on startup for me. I could play other XNA entries fine though, there must be something else.

PsySal says ...

Crashes, sadly. But it looks really awesome.

muku says ...

One of the most interesting concepts I've played so far; I enjoyed this a lot! Excellent work.

I really like the clean, stylized graphics (though why you require a shader model 2.0 card to render a few quads is beyond me, to be honest).

Some remarks wrt polish/usability:
Having to move the left hand over to the return key ever so often to skip/defend is annoying and breaks the player's flow; either make everything mouse controlled or put all required keys within one area of the keyboard.
There was no visual feedback as to which enemies the ranged units could attack; at first I thought I had to move them closer, until I realized that I could attack all enemies. Their grid squares should be lit to show that.
There was also too little feedback about which units got hurt. A little sound effect, the unit flashing red momentarily, anything to give combat a bit more "oomph".
The ranged units felt very overpowered; it seemed you could beat any of the later levels just by massproducing them. A bit more tactical depth would have been nice.
More levels and more variety (perhaps obstacles in the playing field...) would have made the game even better.
The pre-game phase with "press space to start" seemed unnecessary, since there were no units to place, nor any time pressure.
A way to make the window larger/fullscreen would have helped.

But that's just nitpicking; overall, as I said, a great entry!

Deepflame says ...

Interesting game once I figured out how to play the game. It certainly has a strategic element to it, and the graphics are pretty good too. I didn't particularly like the angle of display, figuring out if my unit could shoot it gave me a headache from staring after a while.

noonat says ...

Nice take on the theme, loved seen a turned based game in here! The ranged guys were definitely overpowered, it felt like a waste to produce anyone else. Decreasing their range + increasing the capabilities of the other units would have made it more interesting, I think.

agj says ...

Couldn't run it, but I watched the video. Have no idea what's going on there! Great presentation, though.

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Video for the crashing people

Posted by (twitter: @jacobhauberg)
Monday, April 20th, 2009 11:58 am

Here’s a little bit of video from the final build, since so many seem to not be able to run it. I tried running this on the various machines I have at my disposal, and they all ran it fine. So i’ll chalk the crashes up to people missing .NET/XNA binaries. Nothing new there :)

Video, lookie!

Finalized the wall

Posted by (twitter: @jacobhauberg)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 3:57 pm

Got around to adding some gameplay in there, so I think it’s alright to call it a game now :)


I understand some are having difficulties understanding how to play it, so here’s a few key tips:

  • You have 3 unique battle pieces at your disposal; namely Melee (sword), Ranged (arrow) and Defend (shield)
  • In certain levels you have a barracks at your disposal. It can produce a piece with X units every turn.
  • You need to wipe out every enemy piece before it kills yours off, or reaches the opposite end.
  • The wall (red pieces) only has one action (move forward), and cant defend itself.
  • The damage a piece does is represented by the number seen below its icon in the turn-queue. (except the wall, which shows the total units the wall has split over its pieces)
  • Some pieces does extra damage in certain situations (e.g. when a defender retaliates)



Posted by (twitter: @jacobhauberg)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:04 am

This morning I realized that I had not really thought the gameplay through before jumping into the tech implementations, and as a result of that the game is now in a state where im not sure that I can save it. I’ll keep going today though, and hopefully i’ll get struck by some ideas that’ll help the game turning out as an actual game!

Anyways, here’s another progress shot:

Some additions since last night:

  • Queue displaying whos turn it is
  • Simple text fade-animation whenever a piece loses or gains units
  • New icons for some of the pieces

End of day one

Posted by (twitter: @jacobhauberg)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 3:02 pm

So, as i’ll be wrapping up for the day I thought i’d share a progress screenshot, enjoy:

Still not sure whether or not this will be any good. My goal is that it becomes a turn-based strategy-ish thing where you need to kill off the enemies (the wall of red pieces) before they wipe you out. The AI is pretty much just a Column++ each time it’s the enemys turn, so that’s one thing fully implemented at least! :)

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