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The "Ludum Dare Entry on iPhone" Award
Awarded by PoV
on March 17, 2010
The "Ludum Dare Entry in the IGF" Award
Awarded by PoV
on January 27, 2010
Ludum Dare Donor Award
Awarded by PoV
on May 24, 2008
Five Minute Merit
Awarded by philhassey
on May 1, 2008
The "The Cake is a Lie" Award
Awarded by keeyai
on April 23, 2008
First to escape from Minimalist Island!
Awarded by mjau
on April 21, 2008



TimS says ...

Too short, but otherwise excellent. One of those games where when you 'lose' you think... gaaaah why did I miss that? Fun times.

5parrowhawk says ...

Nicely done! Only two things stand out:
1. the final level is easier than the one before it
2. after you beat the final level, it says "the next level has been unlocked".

It's a bite-size snack, but a tasty one :)

scionkiller says ...

Very, very good. I want to give it a 5 in everything, but I was somewhat annoyed by the repetitiveness in a single level. It seems like there is a bit of chance to whether or not you see the pattern right away, and I don't think you need as many "clears" to demonstrate that you understand that particular piece. Also, especially in the diagonal one, the method of selecting the block location is too slow, IMO. I think mouse control would have made this better.

But these are minor nitpicks. The game is great. The whole concept is amazing, the graphics are very impressive and the art style was nice and clean.

muku says ...

Awesome! You managed to infuse a simple yet elegant puzzle mechanic with clean, stylish graphics, just the right amount of time pressure to make it challenging, and heaps of atmosphere. That's exactly how this kind of games should be made. I enjoyed the otherworldly mood set in no small part by the music and finished the game in one sitting. The gameplay even seemed to induce some zen-like state of the mind at times. My only nitpick is that the edges of the cubes flickered every now and then in an ugly way, but apart from that there's little to criticize, a unique and compelling entry.

nilsf says ...

Fun game. The background along with the audio worked very well together to give it a sort of Towlresque "you're losing your mind" feel. Very good.

Arowx says ...

Really well done, my brain feels as though it's had a workout now! ;0)

robot_guy says ...

Very nice, highly polished. I found the tessellation cracks between the blocks to be a bit distracting, perhaps a bigger gap between them would have looked better.

sinoth says ...

Beautiful. I love this game. The audio is dead on, the graphics are wonderfully minimalistic. You did a good job with the background and giving a feeling of 'doom'. Extremely well polished. Bravo, sir. More complex pieces along with maybe being able to rotate the level (or piece) would make this even more challenging.

Tenoch says ...

Woah this one kept me focused until the end. The wall is really scary. Awesome sound (that deep voice, woo). The wall looks maybe a bit bland. More special effects would have spiced it up a bit.

codekitchen says ...

Oh man, this was awesome. I played it straight through, what a great concept. I disagree about the repetition, I'm glad you did it the way you did.

The only minor issue I noticed was major graphic artifacts between the individual blocks of the wall on the second to last level.

jlnr says ...

Whaaaa, awesome. I loved the sound, almost as awesome as the old Front Row whoosh. Only thing I noticed was how the gaps between the tiles didn't look very smooth when zooming in.

DrPetter says ...

It's a little bit easy, although I did fail now and again when I got "extra hard" levels... Didn't really manage to figure out if the piece could go through rotated or not - seemed to in some cases but not in others. It would definitely be neat if they did auto-rotate so you had to look for fits in any of the four orthogonal angles.
Some graphical glitches (z fighting/edges) and relatively simple graphics, but otherwise stylish presentation. Sound is excellent and very moody. Did you ever try levels with two or more tiles to destroy? The added complexity might have been interesting to see. Perhaps you could also have had an XOR mode where you could/must flip any tile(s) into its opposite mode, possibly filling in empty tiles.

Covenant says ...

This is an awesome concept... The random nature of the levels can sometimes work against it, I'd say to have it random but store the sets themselves for distribution... Or find a way to generate more "incremental" difficulty levels...
Excelent job!

Endurion says ...

Grand, what a nice game!
Too short :)

ondrew says ...

This game was awesome. Gameplay, graphics, sounds - everything.

sol_hsa says ...

E:ld14xxxxxmrfun_mind wallmrfun_LD14_MindWallmrfun_LD14_MindWallgame.exe
Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.


May be somehow related to the fact that f-secure claimed that the game has a virus.

noonat says ...

So awesome. Very polished, and really fun.

For the first 4-5 tries on a new shape it would be really difficult to see the pattern in time... then something would click in my head and suddenly I would see it every time. Really weird, mind bending, and cool.

I want to play mooore! :D

pythong says ...

this game s fun!

Hamumu says ...

It is awesome, the voters are right! If you don't port this to iPhone immediately (a place it would have a FAR better control scheme, and feel a lot more natural, and make you only slightly less rich than Mr. iFart), you are out of the club.

That said, it is indeed the keyboard control scheme that is a bad thing. Mouse would be way better, and I bet the challenge of implementing proper poly picking (potentially perhaps, pal) in 48 hours is why it uses this keyboard scheme. It was especially painful on the snake levels.

erik says ...

Wow. Very well done. It certainly was brain twisting. Great concept, great use of theme.

The wavy motion, pulsing colors and ominous sound might induce nightmares if I play this too long. It also gives it a strange towlr-ish sort of feel.

The jitteryness of the edges of the cubes was a bit distracting. Also, it was frustrating not being able to examine the wall after you lost to try to see how you could have made it through.

Thanks for the OS X build.

Frimkron says ...

This game was really satisfying to progress through and felt extremely well polished. More levels please!

Lerc says ...

My brain officially hates you.

mjau says ...

Wow, that was awesome! Reminds me a bit of Super Hypercube (except you're not rotating the pieces and punching holes in the wall in stead).

Nicely polished, great style, excellent audio that adds to the atmosphere, fun and exciting to play .. my only complaint is that it's too short =)

Well, almost .. I also think this would perhaps have been better with mouse controls. Specially on the biggest level, where there wasn't a lot of time to move around considering its size. On the other hand you could say that's part of the challenge; it did make it a little more exciting when I didn't know if I'd make it over to the right spot in time..

dessgeega says ...

i defeated the mind wall.

i like this game, but the random levels mean that sometimes it's really really easy and sometimes really really hard. i think this game would benefit a lot from having designed puzzles, and they'd be pretty easy to implement since the game is a grid.

Morre says ...

On a scale from 1-5, this is infinitely good.

I truly loved this game. It was great fun to play, it seemed innovative to me (I've never seen a game quite like this), and it was beautifully executed. I think this game is probably the one that's come closest to all 5:s from me in any Ludum Dare.

Absolutely outstanding. :)

agj says ...

This was awesome! Incredible polish. Everything about its presentation helped enhance the experience.

kappa says ...

Very nice concept, pulled off well to create a very addictive game.

The sound effects were excellently done they add a great level of tension to the game.

graphically it is impressive although, however I did find the main wall a bit bland could have done with some sort of texture but the impressive backgrounds make up for this.

overall very impressive game.

greencow says ...

very nice game, taxing the visualization spaces in the mind.

lokijki says ...

Beat the last level on the first try and then read the thing about the text messing up, so went back to beat it again and I couldn't do it. Took me forever, but when I finally did it I was a little disappointed with nothing but "You have defeated the Mind Wall." Still, great game.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Mind Wall – It pisses people off

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 11:30 pm

Fan (?) made youtube video showing why you must play (or avoid?) my LD entry Mind Wall before time runs out!

Mind Wall – Final! (Win/OS X/iPhone)

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:56 pm

Twist your brain into unlikely shapes as you dare to engage the Mind Wall in battle.  Will you be the first to work your way through its labyrinth of pain, and at what price, your SANITY?!

** HINTS **

No matter how impossible a level looks, I guarantee you there is ALWAYS a solution.

You can use Alt-Enter to toggle windowed/fullscreen mode.

Edit the command_line.txt file to change the screen resolution if you want.  (1920 by 1200 is niiice)

Check the readme.txt for more info, and the /source dir for sources.

For music I used Sonar with the “Dimension” soft synth, using an Evolution MK-461C for control.

For sfx, I used sfxr, of course.


Update April 20th: If you are not an LD judge, you should download these slightly improved versions instead

Update June 27th: Get Mind Wall for iPhone!

Original Compo versions:


OS X (universal binaries)

NOTE:  Meh, there is a minor cosmetic bug that makes the “congrats, you won” text hard to read… there is a work around though, after you’ve unlocked the last level, quit and restart, your progress will be saved and when (or should I say, IF?!!)  you win the text will look right.    (Thanks to 5arrowhawk)

Day two finished

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:56 am

Coming along and surprisingly mostly on schedule despite some extra curricular activities.. (did I really need to imbibe three beers at a kids birthday party at 3 PM?  This is Japan, that’s all I can say…)

95% done, so I’m just going to sleep and hope I wake up in time to polish and submit like usual.

End of Day 1

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 8:01 am

1 AM, time to hit the sack.

Lot of behind the scenes mathy stuff was taken care of, including the wall/level generator but still oh so much to do if I want this to look anything like the thing I’m seeing in my head…

Africa, it’s only a matter of time

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 4:50 am

General reminder: Why not impress your mom and put yourself on the Ludum Dare World Map?!

Dinner? Food? You be the judge

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 2:00 am

A delicious (?!) meal of pig entrails and seaweed.  This was NOT part of my gameplan but I guess the wife has her own plan to sabatage me with inedible food… !!


Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:23 am

I ditched the idea from before and decided to go with something less cute and more “abstract swiss cheese” vibe.   I have a plan, really!

A crap mockup

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Friday, April 17th, 2009 9:35 pm

Well, here is one random idea… but .. meh

Got the keyboard out of the closet

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Friday, April 17th, 2009 5:45 pm

I’m 80% sure I’m in and will probably use that cool game maker Novashell.. but in any case:

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