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Entar says ...

I think because of the shape of the black hole, it was hard to tell if you could eat an asteroid or not. Still, not bad.

TimS says ...

Needs more asteroid gobbling sound! Ah who am I to talk I didn't have any sound either. :(

X-0ut says ...

Interesting concept... Asteroids in reverse.

Tenoch says ...

I really liked the control scheme, and the sprites.

badlydrawnrod says ...

I like it. Could have done with a timer, ie, the faster you gobble the asteroids the better your score, but who am I to talk. Nice one.

Endurion says ...

Works on my other machine.

Nice idea. The later stages are getting repetetive, the difficulty curve is not going up much.

Also, isn't that a galaxy image for the black hole? :)

Hamumu says ...

Hey, it's that one indie game I can't remember the name of! Same exact concept, but started from being small and worked up to the space stuff (in itself, a clone of Katamari, just with this top-down view). Or it's also a lot like Fishy. I don't know how I feel about the click-to-move thing. It's kinda good and kinda bad. You can sure move fast, though.

One thing you could really use is a more clear way of knowing how big you are. The size at which you could eat larger asteroids was really unclear, it didn't feel like "when you are bigger than them", but more just some arbitrary size (I pretty much knew I was ready once I had eaten all of the ones I could find at the size I was on).

Not so much with the theme, in my opinion. In fact, no walls at all.

hroon says ...

I like the simple but fresh concept. It would be nice if you could add more levels with higher difficulty (starting really small and having to zap frantically between massive asteroids of irregular shape would be tons of fun).

ondrew says ...

In the beginning it was hard to tell which asteroids I can dare to "eat". Nice small game though.

5parrowhawk says ...

Hmm, it's pretty much Feeding Frenzy in space. Can't say very much about it, I guess. It's a good idea to keep your design within realistic bounds, but I guess a slightly more ambitious design might have made things more interesting. Also, is the black hole image original?

muku says ...

Ah, so it's a Katamari kind of deal? Nice for a couple of minutes, but not really compelling enough to play longer than that, I'm afraid. The control scheme is definitely odd and not completely satisfying... maybe with more inertia, it would feel more fun?

noonat says ...

Cool idea, pretty fun. You should add score to it! :D Doesn't really seem to follow the theme to me, though.

jsb says ...

Cool! The mouse controls flow nicely and you have simple yet fun gameplay. Could have needed some eye-candy though. Or what about some slight attraction between the Black Hole and the asteroids?

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Black Hole Comming – Fixed

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2009 7:29 am


For all of those that want to try my entry and found an import error, i fixed it (it was caused by pymunk, i forgot to remove pymunk import from code).

I also reduced the zip package by half it’s original size by removing useless files and version control info. So for you that already download the broken version it will be less pain to download it again.



Here it is also WIN32 .exe:

Download WIN32

Here is a screnshot of my entry running in Windows XP (at work pc..shhh):


Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:02 pm

My final entry…

Black Hole Comming

Update: I removed the import error (sorry to people that can’t play it), and reduced the zip size by removing version control and useless files.

Update2: Added WIN32 exe

Download: Win32 binary


LD#14: Can i use this lib?

Posted by
Monday, April 13th, 2009 12:53 pm

Hello all,

I just found this open sources lib (http://www.web-adventure-kit.com/) and i want to know if the rules let me use it for this compo.

What you experienced devs say?

ps: It is a framework to make point & click adventures in AS3.



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