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Jonny D says ...

Not the dark blue one! Oh well...
That was decent, but the control you have of the ball is tough to work with (my velocity). I was looking forward to fighting the rainbow wall of doom.

sowbug says ...

Classic stuff! And well-executed.

Gameplay comments: the smooth paddle movement is a bit freaky, but I guess it's a good compromise for digital inputs. And it's hard to distinguish the good items from the bad items that drop from the bricks, so I felt more confused by them than anything else.

Tenoch says ...

Very well done and polished, but really not original, too bad...
I found too much inertia in the bat, but that might be personal.

nilsf says ...

It's very well executed, but it's still a breakout clone.

5parrowhawk says ...

In defense of the Arkanoid clone, it's about as original as the Generic Platform Game clone (jump from block to block, avoid/shoot/stomp enemies, avoid environmental hazards which may include: spikes, falling objects, lava or other unpleasant fluids).

The use of the advancing wall is interesting, but it seems to be causing too much negative feedback (the system settles into a stable state). When the first level takes 15 minutes, that isn't really a good sign, I think. I was almost falling asleep at the end.

I like what has been done with the dropping items (hint: green is really bad!) and the use of velocity to control the ball.

Endurion says ...

Please provide a Windows executable

greencow says ...

We can't stop here, this is bat country. The sound seems to be a bit out of sync. Looks ok, the power pills could use some differentiation, whichever one extends the blocks is a doozy.

jovoc says ...

Nice arkanoid clone. The "advancing bricks" was a neat twist, but it made it even more annoying than regular arknoid. Seemed pretty well polished, and the graphics were nice but looked a little too "candyland", I'd like to see more of an artistic theme.

agj says ...

I wish there was a Windows executable...

PsySal says ...

Nice title screen, good polish on the game itself. Somehow the arkanoid clone is as usual fun but uninspiring for a compo like this. But! It was really well done, I thought. Crits:

- The smashing-block SFX seemed to lag. It could be sound driver issues or it could be too long of an attack on the sound effect.

- Some animations for the block crumbling or growing would be nice.

badlydrawnrod says ...

Good idea - implement something that can be done well in 48 hours. It's certainly more playable than some that I've played. The bat is a little sluggish - personally I'd have preferred mouse controls. Well done though.

SethR says ...

Ok, some random comments..

Sorry, but I have to give this a frackin' 0 in originality.. ;)

Like others have mentioned, yeah, good and bad power-ups should be obvious by color or something, especially since you don't show in text what they did.

I didn't pass level one, it was just taking too long.

A possible balance thing you could have done to make this more interesting would be having all blocks slowly moving down (think space invaders) but not spawning more, possibly bigger but less blocks.

Nice art and sounds, although there seemed to be a 300 MS delay with sfx, maybe a pygame thing on my sound card.

Deepflame says ...

No windows executable.

noonat says ...

Game was a bit too slow for me -- the fact that a ton of blocks appeared when I died didn't help. Good use of the theme, but made the level seem like I was sliding backwards away from my goal instead of making progress. Faster movement of the ball and/or multiple balls at once could have made it more interesting.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Wall Wrecker is a go!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 3:36 pm

Well, it’s not the most imaginative idea but I’ve finished something in good time so I’m happy and I’ll be even happier tomorrow if I’m not awake at 4am local time so this is it.

Screen shet

Pilot your space going bat and destroy the invading alien wall before it reaches Earth. Only you can save all human kind.

Destroy all the bricks in the alien wall by hitting them with your nuclear ball bomb. Note that some bricks require more than one hit to destroy them and some are invulnerable. If you lose you bomb or take too long the alien wall will advance if it advances too far then Earth is doomed.


Left / Right arrow to move bat
Space to fire ball
Tab to pause game
Escape to quit

Python 2.5 (2.4 should be fine)
Pygame 1.8.1 (1.7 should be fine)

http://patenall.org/temporary/LudumDare/RobotGuy_LD14_WallWrecker.zip (1.1MB)
Sorry, no Windows exe (of course being python the source should work fine if you have python and pygame).

End of the first day

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 2:49 pm

Well, it’s the end of the first day for me and I think I’ve done well so far as I have something that is actually playable (although you can’t win or lose yet and the Wall of Doom doesn’t advance). It’s a Breakout / Arkanoid clone where you get infinite balls but the bricks advanced down the screen. Tomorrow, it’s making levels and level win / lose conditions and then twiddles like menus, high score tables and better graphics.

Screen shot
Behold the Rainbow Wall of Doom!

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