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Mike_W says ...

I enjoyed it, did find it easy - perhaps the difficulty needs to increase.

I decided to stop drawing walls and it took quite a while for it to end.

I also agree the walls should stick for a second or two would feel better (and make it easier so that needs to be matched with making the game harder).

I think this is the most I have written at one time on one entry, but it's because I enjoyed the game and think with a little more polish it would make a fantastic game

Missed having any sound - I thought a mewing background would have added alot

Hempuli says ...

Interesting, though very easy.

SethR says ...

I like the gameplay, difficulty seemed about right. Note for others, when you see that little processing icon in the window, it means it's silently loading, it takes a while... really needs a loading progress bar or something.

Also, it didn't seem to want to finish loading under Firefox, but IE 7 worked.

jsb says ...

Cute idea, but strangely, I found it pretty difficult and tedious. I agree with Covenant that it would be really nice if the walls stayed at least for a moment. Also, not really true to the theme, imo :)

Tenoch says ...

Great game mechanics! I enjoyed the challenge and really wanted to win!

Covenant says ...

Think the drawing of the line should make a wall stick there, even if it were only for one or two secs... it made it frustrating for me...
Other than that, it was interesting...

mjau says ...

Didn't have much fun with this.

At first, it was very frustrating. Since walls disappear as soon as you let go of the mouse button, you have to catch the mice exactly if you want to get all of them; there's no time for waiting for a mouse to hit your line, or other mice will throw themselves at the cats in the meantime. But, if you draw the line too close to the mice, they get stuck, flickering back and forth under the line until you let go, at which point it's pretty much random which way they're going to go. So you have to be very careful to avoid that behaviour, drawing the lines exactly, not too far away, not too close, and not hold the line too long .. and hope you didn't draw a tiny bit too close to the mouse, or the mouse might get stuck, change direction twice, and just continue forwards anyway.

After a little while I got a feeling for where to draw the lines and didn't have much problem keeping the mice away from the cats, but then there was another problem: It was very repetitive and still not much fun.

Looks like some of the other commenters enjoyed this though, so maybe it's just not for me. Well done on completing a game, anyway =)

Endurion says ...

Interesting concept, but can get pretty tedious. Once you're running out of space there's not much you can do but wait.

erik says ...

It didn't want to finish loading in firefox under os X, but safari worked fine.

It's a neat idea, but the gameplay needs some refinement. If the cats get big enough, there is nothing you can do.

LunarCrisis says ...

Apart for technical issues (things getting stuck in walls and such), it was pretty fun. One weakness is that if you mess up at the beginning it quickly becomes too hard to recover from.

Entar says ...

Those mice are kind of stupid :P Fun idea, but needs a bigger play area - it felt constrained from the beginning.

ondrew says ...

Quite a fun game, the controls were a bit hard though, especially when the wall of cats became too big, there was not enough space to save the game.

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Final Game: Wall of Cats

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:34 pm

My final game, made with Processing.

Wall of Cats Screenshot

You can play the game as an applet in your browser. You will, of course, need the Java plugin.

Or, download the application in a zip file (Win/Mac/Linux, all in the same zip). You will need the Java Runtime Environment.

I had fun, hope you all did too!

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