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athanazio says ...

go LOVE go !!

FenrisWolf says ...

I loved this game (pun intended). I thought that it was pretty original, and the wall was a great addition to what would otherwise be a simple maze game. I liked how one mistake would ruin your game, so you had to be constantly looking ahead, buecause if you take to long to think then you'll be dead.

Endurion says ...

Neat trick, with the lava taking the same course as you do ;)

The latter levels are nasty. Once taken the wrong turn you're DOOMed.

Covenant says ...

I liked it... Control could be better, and I don't really feel the sense of level progression, but it's nice!

LoneStranger says ...

Game looks great. It's simple and totally fits the theme. It might get a little boring after awhile, but I think the difficulty of the mazes might end the game before it gets to that point. The mazes aren't too long or too short. I made it through about five levels on Grandpa before I got a harder maze that threw me off. I also tried the hardest setting, and that was truly nuts. It would probably play better if I plugged in a gamepad.

Hamumu says ...

There didn't seem to be a real difference between Grandpa and Plain Insane - I know the fire's right on you on Insane, but either way you don't have enough time to take any wrong turns, so the only real difference is that on Insane, you can't accidently bump the wall more than a couple of times. That's my issue all around, since you can't make any mistakes, it's almost not a maze, more just a test of how cleanly you can take corners (and even on insane, you don't have to take them that well, I bumped a few). Of course, the maze could get confusing enough where you'd also have to look ahead and make smart choices, but then it'd simply be impossible! Sounds like that happened to Lonestranger by chance.

So in a nutshell, I think much more complex mazes and much slower fire, so that you could make some wrong choices (and how about some multiple paths, not just dead ends?), would make for much more of a game, not as boring and repetitive feeling. There'd be more thinking to it. Something else interesting might be if the fire took every available path at once instead of just the right one. That combined with multiple paths would lead to some interesting situations!

P.S. in the torrent, the start.bat doesn't work, it needs quotes around the filename.

PsySal says ...

Ah, clever and simple idea, nice execution! Good job, a real complete and fun little game. I did encounter a bug once where I had to backtrack and the lava wall did not kill me, but overall seems really solid.

greencow says ...

This game is hot

muku says ...

This reminds me of dock's entry-that-was-not-to-be, just with simpler visuals. I like the graphics (except for the player "sprite"), and polish feels above average. Was there a level progression or anything of the kind? After beating two or three levels, I just quit as they all felt the same. It was a bit weird that the lava or whatever it was didn't spread into the dead ends, like it knew where it had to go. Overall: simple, straightforward fun; nice.

ondrew says ...

I especially liked, that you could move diagonally, which sped the game a lot.

Same path following lava was kind of funny, especially when going back :).

Entar says ...

Pretty cool, I kinda wish there was some action or suspense music to go with it. Good idea too, puts a nice twist on the maze idea, you have to look ahead while you're maneuvering.

noonat says ...

Good stuffs. Liked the gameplay, but the fire felt cheap since it just followed me. Wish it would have spread out and flood filled the side passages.

agj says ...

It would have looked nicer if the lava just spread through every path, instead of following your path and rhythm, which just looked odd.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Mines of DOOM (final)

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:19 pm

The first and final release of “Mines of DOOM”

Your a mine worker who ignites a large pocket of gas, resulting in a massive explosion leaving you in both in a race to the top for air

You must escape a maze of mine shafts to live!


graphics (including animated fire, and a blue block for the player)

keyboard controls, arrow keys and wsad!

analog joystick control

4 difficulty levels

4 maps

and 8 levels

Made with love (love2d.org) so it will work on windows linux and mac

this download includes windows love binaries, if you want / need to run it on *.nix, please extract Mines of DOOM.love and visit http://love2d.org/download, for osX and debian binaries and source code

to view the source code for Mines of DOOM, open the Mines of DOOM.love file with winzip or some similar zip utility, *.love files are really just *.zip files with the extention changed

finally I hope you enjoy the game, and I wish everyone luck!


PS: if the batch file does not work, just drag n drop “Mines of DOOM.love” onto love.exe, thanks

Still making steady progress

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 3:15 pm

title screen and menu done, ending done, now just some sfx, and some script cleanup

Still making progress

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 12:00 pm

engine is done, things to do is to generate more mazes for more levels (quite simple) sound fx and a menu system / title screen

another progress shot

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 6:28 pm

Mistaken Mines

You are a miner deep in the earth, when you accidently blow a hole in a pocket of lava. Now you must race back to the top through a maze of mineshafts or die!

Steady progress

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 2:35 pm

not much to report on the visuals, but the game is there

Hard stuff pretty much done

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:31 am

map collision, object detection, wsad and arrow key keyboard support done

analog / digital joypad support comming in next, then its off to make a camera, and finally start to polish this thing into a game

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