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Mike_W says ...

Love the game - hate the user interface - 3d tilted hex map I just have a hard time with

Hamumu says ...

The hex picking was _painful_. There was one hex in the first level I just could NOT click on. A visible cursor would've been a big help.

The second level, I just couldn't figure out at all! But just now I see someone mentioning moving a windmill... you can move them!?

Endurion says ...

The controls are weird for me. A visible mouse pointer might actually help.

Rotating the view would be nice.

jhauberg says ...

I like the idea and the looks.

It REALLY annoyed me not having a mouse cursor visible, though. The rotating of the windmills felt odd to me; sometimes it would rotate more than once, when just clicking. It might actually just have been my mouse messing up, though.

scionkiller says ...

I think this was great technically, but the gameplay needed work. As mentioned by others, the missing mouse cursor was very annoying. Perhaps a click and drag would have worked better to set a direction quickly?

PsySal says ...

Cool idea. I had a really hard time controlling it, I think that a more intuitive UI where you could maybe visually drag and drop the windmills would work better. It was hard to align where the cursor was with where the mouse was moving. I had a hard time getting the fire to do what I wanted although that was probably part of the challenge.

Maybe the same concept but like, on a continuous field where you are sort of painting with wind to try and get the fire to gobble up the locusts?

Good job anyhow, quite technically impressive!

muku says ...

Nice idea and good game, but I have to say that the control scheme hurts it a lot. I've spent way too much time trying to get my cursor to move to the correct grid cell. A visible mouse cursor would indeed help.
I didn't get very far because I didn't understand one thing: once the fire is out but there are still locusts, is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait it out?
Graphics are nice; technically well done too.

DrPetter says ...

I made it to the level with the narrow passage. I disliked how every level had me starting with fire right at the edge of the map where I couldn't find any room to place "fans". Also, the wind should perhaps have had a longer range, to prevent micro-managing where you place lots of blowers in the same area and move them around to follow the fire. Often a session would end with all fire put out and you just sitting there waiting for the locusts to starve themselves to death. By far the most annoying thing though was the controls - why no visible mouse cursor!?
Reasonably interesting idea overall but needs a lot more tweaking to be enjoyable.

5parrowhawk says ...

Hmm, the range of the windmills is really short.

As for the control issues, I think others have covered them. Also, the fire tends to be very random, which makes the game difficult in a bad way - since it moves too fast for you to take control of the situation.

The visuals are kind of cute though. And I found the game a lot more interesting once I realized it was possible to create firebreaks rather than just killing the locusts directly. I got to the level with 4 farms.

Also, windmills don't work like that :)

mjau says ...

The interface killed this one for me.

The worst problem is the cursor. Why did you decide to make it invisible? And worse, it's even blocked by some obstacles so you have to navigate your invisible focus point around them. You do get used to the controls after a bit, but it still feels finicky and annoying, like controlling the game is a chore. Not good.

That would be bad enough in itself, but then you've got the 3d perspective projection.. which may make the game a bit more interesting visually, but it's just completely unnecessary for this. The gameplay is all 2d, so the perspective adds nothing except maybe a little more vertical range, but a minimap could've done that. An isometric projection would've been much better.

Combine these and, for me at least, the game becomes almost unplayable, not very fun at all. Sorry =(

agj says ...

I don't think I can say anything other than what's already been said: the cursor should be visible, that is the main problem.

greencow says ...

fires+locusts != bff

SethR says ...

I couldn't pass level 2, I really suck... I get the idea I needed to fan the flames over to the right side but couldn't quite make it happen.

Cool idea

int10h says ...

Great idea! The multiple factors involved reminded me a little of Yellow River Kingdom on the BBC Welcome Disc. Shame about controlling the windmill. If that had been moved over onto the cursor keys, it would have been a lot more enjoyable.

noonat says ...

Good concept, and nice graphics. As others have said, the interface could use work. I found controlling the fire to be kind of weird because the speed it spreads and dies is a bit unpredictable.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Locustats and timelapse

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2009 12:00 pm

Time for timelapse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLFC40lIRA4&fmt=22

and some statistics. This graph shows the frequency of programs I used during the compo:

Wall of Locust

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 5:45 pm

So here goes my game. It’s not my finest work ever, but I’m really happy with the result (especially when considered how the game looked couple of hours ago).

It’s called Wall of Locust and it’s about a farmer who’s not only under attack by locusts but bush fires as well. So he uses his windmills to control the fire and destroy locusts. Level ends, when there is no fire and no locusts any more.

I wasted too much time (5 hours) trying to figure out graphical problems with near plane. I accidentally set it too near 0.0001f and things didn’t work so well on my Intel card :).

Windows binary and source 1MB

Now off to sleep, I have to go to work in three hours :).

VBOs of Locust

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:47 pm

Although it doesn’t seem like it from the picture, there are hordes of locusts swarming  there and back :).

I’m usually trying to learn some new technology during these short compos :). So this time I managed to get rid of immediate mode and use vertex buffer objects.

I want to finish up the base logic before going to sleep.

For tomorrow:

  • tune gameplay
  • design levels
  • replace ugly crap with pretty graphics :)
  • particle systems

Grid of Crops

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 5:04 am

Not really 3D yet, but getting there :).

Alpha blending for the win

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 3:12 am

After much struggling with getting all of my tool chain setup, I finally have alpha blended particles in OpenGL. That’s what I call amazing progress in just three hours :).

Alpha blending

Wall of Locust

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:22 am

Not my most favorite theme, but already starting working a bit.

My game will be a strategy, where you as a farmer will fight against locust, who will eat your crops. Still deciding, if I should go for 2D or 3D.

Here is the motivator anyway :).

Here we go again

Posted by
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 10:44 pm

Yeey for another Ludum Dare, this is going to be my third one.

No matter what theme, I will use quaternions for something. I never really got around to implementing them in any of my projects, so this is as good time as any to finally grok the whole thing.

Language of choice is C++, SDL and propably SDL_mixer for sounds. And if I have enough time, I’m going to do game logic in Lua.

Good luck to everyone.

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