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Covenant says ...

Lack of objective makes it boring after the first try... If there was some way to stop the walls from closing by hitting some objects or anything, it would be better...
Had some problems with the physics of the ball (sometimes I would shoot it with my left foot and it would go right, instead of the expected left)

agj says ...

Very effective. Message is loud and clear.

Radix says ...

I wanted to have a proper go at this but the movement speed is too slow to intercept the ball, and too fast to try to fine-tune the angle, but that's fine because the angle is pretty random anyway.
Then at the end my score disappeared so I have no idea how well I did.

Tenoch says ...

Didn't take the music into account, since it's not allowed to use stuff you didn't make during the compo. As for the game it was original but not that interesting. Lacks a winning condition perhaps (stopping the walls by activating a high switch with the ball?).

increpare says ...

I found that pretty affecting dude. Good work :)

LunarCrisis says ...

Judged without music, since you didn't make it yourself =p

It was fun as soon as I figured out there was no goal. It's funny, it felt pretty random, but I did better the second time, so there must be some skill involved =)

I like the contrast between the playfulness kicking the ball around and the situation you're in.

dessgeega says ...

i like this a lot. the walls of doom here are actually walls of doom, as certain and inescapable as death. and yet, while waiting for what's inevitable, the player is allowed to play with a surprisingly satisfying hackeysack simulation.

so the player gets to interact with a really neat and pleasing game system, but nothing she can do will prevent the walls from closing in. i like how keeping the hackeysack off the floor gets easier the tighter the walls get, until finally the ball doesn't come down at all. i'm not sure if having a score weakens the idea, but i do like how the score goes away at the moment of death (and the player probably hasn't been keeping a good enough eye on it anyway).

DrPetter says ...

I was going to report my final score, but the game hid it from me as the game ended. Fail.
Is the horizontal impact on the ball completely random? That's kind of nasty and takes away a lot of the skill element that could otherwise have been there. It's like you're trying to be an awesome ball juggler but your foot is retarded and spasms uncontrollably, so all you can do is chase the ball if it happens to move somewhat towards your general location.
Kind of a neat and simple idea though. Could have worked if the gameplay was polished up and redesigned somewhat.

Endurion says ...

Sometimes the ball goes off with an incredible speed. This usually breaks any series you have.

jsb says ...

Didn't quite get this one. Sometimes you gain a point when you hit the ball in mid-air, sometimes two? LOL'd at the end. On second thought, it quite fits the style of this game that you can't check your score after you're dead. (Which puts this game thematically closer to agj's Heart)

mjau says ...

This game almost evokes that special feeling of surreal detachment you can get when the world crushes down on you and everything is utterly hopeless. Might as well just play with the ball then, make a game, beckon the wall closer so you can make more of those satisfying wall-to-wall bounces, until it's too late, the ball pops, and reality comes crushing in, and you die.


Music adds to the atmosphere, but you don't get points for that since you didn't make it yourself.

ondrew says ...

I like the definitiveness of the title as well as of the game itself.

Entar says ...

Interesting, kind of odd. Hard to tell what's going to happen with a kick.

muku says ...

Ah yes, hackysack and death, truly the grand themes in life.

This was oddly enjoyable and poignant.

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Hackworth’s Last Kick

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 1:59 pm

Screenshot of Noyb\'s LD14 Entry

Download (1.4 mb, source MFA included)

Mirror 1

Use the arrow keys to move and jump, and the space bar to kick the ball. Try to keep the ball in the air as the walls close in. Consecutive hits earn points.

Made in Multimedia Fusion 2.

Sound Effects by SFXR.

Music from the public domain MusOpen project: Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Oh, My Corn Field” performed by Free Tim

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