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Endurion says ...

Some neat mini games and a happy ending ;)

5parrowhawk says ...

That was amusing :) Well done. Although personally I prefer geometric shapes to hand-drawn art...

X-0ut says ...

Well theres a supprise.. I saw the simple gfx and just assumed the worst.
That actually turned out to be quite good fun.
I think my children will enjoy this.

rogual says ...

This is lovely! Windows port worked fine, btw. Yay.

It's nice to see a story-driven game like this for a change. Also I liked how different the levels were from each other.

So, yeah. This is one of my favourites. No complaints from me, except for the graphics.

mjau says ...

I won! Um. Yay?

Found a little bug btw: Sometimes logs get stuck on the trampoline thing for a while.

agj says ...

Haha, this was great. It had a message! Well done.

Tenoch says ...

Mwaha, got a good laugh from that one. And we have a similar concept too :)

ondrew says ...

Lalalalala :). I enjoyed it, but the aiming part could use some kind of tweaking, so that you can better guess, where the axe is going to fall.

PsySal says ...

Haha, awesome game. The storyline was great, I really liked the dialog and the ma-ma-ma talking sound effects. Funny! And I had fun playing the mini games. Ents + glaciers + al gore + farting == great game!

SethR says ...

Amazing how many different little games you crammed in there... my only complaint is some of the sfx seemed too loud or screechy, like this metallic pop that kept happening while I was attacking the chopper.

robot_guy says ...

Good fun with good humour. The tree level was much more difficult than the others as it wasn't too clear where the axe would land and it was very easy to hit the house.

Entar says ...

The axe-throwing part was a little annoying to get the hang of.

yoyo says ...

Fun and funny, axe level was annoying as has been said.

HybridMind says ...

Very funny game. The cut scenes and the sounds are hilarious. I eventually got too frustrated during the chuck axe minigame.. best I got to was killing 4/5 ents before giving up.

The style is very good on this game as everything is quite funny and wiggly. I enjoyed your intro splash screen too. Good humor in this game.

noonat says ...

Haha awesome. Loved the ending. Great job cramming all the mini-games into this. Only complaint is that the wall didn't really seem to factor into the gameplay.

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Why I didn’t rate your game

Posted by
Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 12:59 pm

It sucks to have very few ratings and comments on your game, so here are a few pointers for next time.

The most rated games are the ones you can play in your browser. Try making your entry in java or in flash and embedding it in a webpage for maximum exposure. If you don’t want to have to suffer the horror that is (Java|AS|Flash) at least make a binary release for Windows since most people seem to have access to that platform (I don’t so please also make an OS X version 😉 ). If you’re making your game in Python (or its pale imitator ruby 😛 , or any other interpreted language for that matter) you might think you don’t need binaries but you’re wrong, people aren’t going to install a different environment for every single game. Same for Löve games.

If you do only release as source, or if you only release for one platform, or dynamically link libraries, keep dependencies to a minimum. If all I have to do to build the game is type “make” there’s a better chance I’ll try it than if I have to install 13 libraries which each in turn depend on half a dozen others.

I try to play all games regardless of the screenshot (in part because my own drawing skills are easily surpassed by those of a drunk monkey with a pen) but if the entry requires more than clicking on a shiny icon to run, I’ll definitely spend more time trying to get an entry with a cool screenshot working.

Rate other games (and leave comments!)
While I am determined to try as many games as I can, I prioritize rating the games from the people who left comments on my games first.

Of course these “rules” aren’t set in stone. You can make a game for the Atari 2600 and still have plenty of ratings. You can also make a game with an uninspiring screenshot and win best overall.
Of course you could also cheat by making a ton of games under different names to rate your own games 😛 .

Windows port

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2009 7:37 am

After several hours of screams, cursing, tears and mild violence towards inanimate objects I have a windows binary for your enjoyment. In case it doesn’t work for you, (which wouldn’t surprise me that much :( ) you can shove it up your… 😀


The Glacier of DOOM

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:32 pm

It seems there are a lot of games with the word “DOOM” in the title…

Anyway, here’s my entry. :) I decided to try something a bit different so I made three mini games that are all played with only mouse. The games are wrapped in a story mode and you can unlock arcade versions by winning the story versions. The sound effects are rather crappy so you can press “s” to toggle the sound.

Download (python + pygame)

I’ll try to make a windows binary tomorrow though I remember last time it was a rather painful experience.

I’ll post more comments and perhaps a post mortem later. Good night.

Edit: windows port: download

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