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FenrisWolf says ...

I rather liked this, but would've like to see it expanded a little more. It was funny, but I'd like to have seen a longer adventure.

v1234 says ...

Whatever that puzzle was, I didn't crack it. I liked the little jokes, especially the slightly postmodern one.

Wiering says ...

"You have won!"
That was the first time I ever won a text adventure game!

X-0ut says ...

I was never any good at these games :)

Ambience in the background is a nice effect.
Didnt finish it, will hold onto it for now and try again later.

Endurion says ...

Nasty puzzle. Had to actually look in the code ;)

Tenoch says ...

Loved the sound. The story is funnily absurd but unfortunately too short.

Hamumu says ...

Huh... so there's really just two locations, and two objects? That was not a tough puzzle for me (once I found the words it understood)! I guess you didn't have a lot of time to spend!

greencow says ...

i found the win action by luck. hotel is a hero now.

Morre says ...

I laughed out loud when playing it - always a good sign, and far too rare when playing games these days.

It's also a good sign that after completing it, I let the window stay open for a while just to hear the pretty chirping. :>

Although the game is a bit short (well, perhaps that's an understatement), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well done!

SethR says ...

Ok, not much content there, but I have to say I really liked the retro text paired with audio like that.

Plus, picking through your code, that is a really a nice and simple way that you connected lua to your c and handled save games and such.

Tight and clean.

Arowx says ...

Darn it I never was any good at these, always getting stuck when there was some warped logic/humor to the puzzles solutions!

Good Sfx usage though! A drum of doom could have upped the tension!

hamburger says ...

hehe, that was entertaining.

ondrew says ...

Nice to play a text game once again.

It had a really nice atmosphere, shame it wasn't longer.

jsb says ...

Okay, the ending made me smile. Not too much to say about this. Looks technically solid, I liked the sound loop in the background. Too bad it's so short; when I saw the text screen, I was preparing to immerse into a vast adventure ;)
Still good job for 6 hours, though!

muku says ...

Very charming. I like the quirky writing a lot. It's very short of course, but as it stands it's basically one puzzle (which only made sense to me after I had solved it accidentally :) ) which is fine too.

Liked the ending somehow, especially the feedback from typing "exit" then :D

nilsf says ...

It's a shame it was so short. Pretty nice nonetheless especially the bird songs and the exit message when you win.

sinoth says ...

I have a soft spot for text games :) The music is nice and subtle. I like this text engine.. it feels solid. I'd like to play more games in it. You have a lot of freedom with a graphical window -- stuff like changing the text color or background color, or even showing some very low-res images (I'm thinking back to the BBS days and ANSI graphics). Overall a quirky and fun entry, although the wall never advances. A periodic message like "The wall inches its way close and closer..." would have added some tension.

noonat says ...

Oh Hotel, you selfless animal!

Entar says ...

Funny :)

Draknek says ...

Couldn't get the Linux version to work, although the exe worked through Wine.

The birdsong is a great touch; the game itself is too short though (and unintuitive, but text games always are).

KareemK says ...

awesome! only IF game i ever finished :P

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Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:01 pm


Hello! For windows and linux, plus source of course. I scrapped my original game and made this instead.

Same procedure ..

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 11:00 am

Spent some time going outside, and also eating stuff.

Still, I’ve now got a black screen that tweets! This can’t possibly go wrong.

A late start

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 7:37 am

More than 12 hours in now, so I guess it’s about time to start doing things.

Actually, I’ve done one thing .. I couldn’t sleep, so I was awake when the theme was announced at 5am. And, as I checked the results of the vote, birdsong drifted in from the open window. All quiet otherwise, not even any wind. Just birdsong. A wall of it, if you will.

Birdsong… of doom!

..nah, but it was nice. Anyway, I happen to have a portable stereo recorder, so I did the logical thing and recorded some. Haven’t listened to it yet, but hopefully that went ok. So, my game will most likely feature birdsong.

Anyway, time to write some basecode.

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