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Jonny D says ...

The black hole warp effect is a nice touch.

Arowx says ...

Like the concept and the timing AWOD progress looks like it has been tuned for best effect.
Cool Warping effect!

rogual says ...

Great use of the theme, and I liked the black hole effect. This was pretty good overall, but some animation would have been nice.

Endurion says ...

Like the warp hole effect and the Half Life quotes :)

ondrew says ...

This really brings up some memories :).

The sprites and the black hole were really nice.

jlnr says ...

Movement speed was a bit slow, and the second level was unfair when you chose the wrong path at any time. But the black hole is indeed nice. Impressive amount of scripting in the levels.

muku says ...

Haha, quite amusing. Some of the HL references made me chuckle (level names, in particular). Obviously, nicer graphics and actual animation would have made the game prettier, but then if you were going for a comedic B-game effect, I guess it's just as well as is.

scionkiller says ...

Pretty fun, I also like the black hole effect.

jsb says ...

Cool looking black hole effect, the movement and collision were a bit too choppy for the hectic gameplay. Also, the second level can only be done if you know the perfect route.
Nice to see how you extended on my "Unforseen Consequences" idea :) It's a pity you didn't have enough time for some more setting-related polishing.

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Escape from LHC

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:35 pm

Alright, I am done. Just a little “standard” AWOD. Too tired to write a description. I like to add I still don’t like the theme :'(

Well, basically:

You are a scientist at CERN, working on the LHC – LHC malfunctions, a blackhole is generated and you have to flee from the CERN … to the super-secret anti-blackhole-buffer-device-powered super-bunker (which is painted in antimatter-paint, so thats a plus also!)….. :/

Windows-Binary and sourcecode: Here

WSAD or Arrow-Keys to move, SPACE to activate stuff.


  • AWOD is consuming time and tiles, distorting them and radiating you.
  • Weird mapsystem based on bitmaps :S
  • Oh, and based on textfiles with a fucked up format for triggers

Things left out: Well, the highway-chase, a lot of gameplay, leveleditor for the player, good graphics, sounds, music.

Thanks to all the ppl in #gosu, it was a real blast, even tho my entry sucks! Maybe we manage to meet for the next ld! :)


Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 3:00 pm

thats it for my first day, heading back to sleep now I guess.

Mapsystem is done, trigger and textsystem is also. Collision is still a bit buggy, but thats fixable.

Other then that, CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT. Ohyes, and winning/losing conditions.

good night!

Escape from the LHC!

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 7:24 am

Alright, alright. After 12 hours in I finaly have an idea I like.

You are a scientist at CERN, working on the LHC – LHC malfunctions, a blackhole is generated and you have to flee from the CERN (act 1), run to the parking space and steal a car (act 2) and finaly drive over the highway to the super-secret anti-blackhole-buffer-device-powered super-bunker….. :/

I am in too!

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 1:08 am

After last time which has been a good experience for me, I decided to enter again! I made the 4th place in “Theme”, and I am very proud of that. It was my first ludum dare and my first playable (and winnable!) game ever!

Will use C++ and Gosu like the last time, not screwing around with OpenGL. Well… maybe I will try to implement some shaders if I find the time for that… :) Just hoping for a good theme now :S

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