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Most likely to be turned into a film by Uwe Boll Award
Awarded by crc
on December 15, 2008
The Stir-Crazy Horse Compensation
Awarded by demonpants
on December 9, 2008
Absurdly Small Ninja Award
Awarded by Hamumu
on December 3, 2007



X-0ut says ...

This is cool Lerc. Still havent managed to complete the boss, took its shield down 3 times.. but I allways end up getting swarmed.
I could see this being turned into a full blown game.

skalle says ...

Insane and insanely fun for a game-masochist like me. Took around ten tries to beat, and I doubt I could beat it twice in a row. Luck with the sonic rings was kind of needed :) Make this a full game! Remember to make this the last boss or something though :P

Arowx says ...

Fun blast nice one!

Endurion says ...

Nasty, in a good sense :)
I could definetively use a stronger weapon, if only for a short time.

SethR says ...

Great action but I just couldn't get far enough to ever charge my super gun.. needs "old man" mode for me

HybridMind says ...

I enjoyed the graphical style of the sprites. I enjoyed the various aspects to the play. It was very hard for me though and I played it about 5 times. The last time I finally got the missile charge (which looked really cool!) and shot the bosses shield down but got swarmed. :) Would be awesome to see this with sound a tiny little tuning of the control physics though often that is so personal preference. I just know if it was mine I'd want it a little different than the controls feel right now. Would love to hear some sounds and music. I would love a few different power ups or sometimes stronger gun. All in all an addicting yet frustrating (in good way) little game!

Radix says ...

Very cool. An expanded game with more firepower and less inertia is something I'd look forward to.

jhauberg says ...

I love games like this, for some reason I find the gameplay extremely relaxing.

It felt a but sluggish, but I guess that's to be expected with many objects (and Flash? I dunno).

Tenoch says ...

Ooh, scary.
For the rest, like they said. Some bzawesome sounds would help feel the frenzy.

Wiering says ...

Nice, but very hard. I managed to fire missiles twice, but it would help if that would affect the swarm a bit as well.

muku says ...

This is pretty hard, but in the good, challenging kind of way. Couldn't hope to finish this anytime soon, but it sure was fun trying. Slightly sluggish, but that's Flash for ya I guess...

The sense of mounting threat that being engulfed in those things brings is conveyed pretty well. This must be one of the most "doomy" walls in the compo.

Liked the graphics as well as the creative setting, too.

Sparky says ...

This is a fun idea, Lerc. I knew as soon as you posted your first little demo that I'd be interested in seeing what came of it! Cheers.

nilsf says ...

Quite cool, but much too hard for me, though I guess playing with a touch pad doesn't help.
Sound and some stronger weapons could make it even better.

erik says ...

Yay! I won

This is a very solid game. Very challenging.

It would be better if the ship movement was more responsive. Dogging through tight spaces would become easier and more fun.

To win you really need to get lucky with the ring spawns. Which is frustrating.

Also, I want weapons upgrades. Or at least for the shield disabling shot to take out some of the little guys as well.

Lots of fun. Nice job.

LoneStranger says ...

This is an awesome game. Add a little variety and sound, maybe some space music and you've got something you can sell.

Hamumu says ...

The slippery ship was just much too slippery... actually dodging through stuff just isn't an option with so much inertia, so the only hope was to hang back and keep the area very clear. It didn't stay clear long. I did get to fire missiles once, but that's my record! In another game, I got one ring and then none showed up until the screen was completely covered in blobs! Major slowdown as it built up, unfortunately.

Seems like a good idea that needed to be polished up (nothing like my rock-solid AAA release!).

Entar says ...

Cool game. With some sound effects and music, this could be pretty great.

DrPetter says ...

I got swamped by some 800 thingies. Not sure how much of a difference you can make using better tactics, but I'll probably try a few more times later. Never managed to launch any missiles. Was I perhaps supposed to grab the unpleasant floating circles? I was petrified of them, as they could change direction at any time and at least once they made me jet off into a nearby thingie when I was surprised by its change of direction.
Collisions/stickiness seems to work reasonably well, although it does slow down significantly when the screen starts filling up.
The particle carnage is rather satisfying overall.

noonat says ...

Awesome idea, but it's sooo hard. Best I could do was one set of missiles. More upgrades and sound would be wonderful improvements.

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Well here ’tis

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:50 pm


For instant gratification Go an play it here

It definitely have a wall of doom feel to it.  So much so that I haven’t completed it myself yet.  I _think_ it’s doable.

I wonder how this editor will screw up today….


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