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SethR says ...

Neat concept and background plot. I think the problem with the middle being a bit tedious could be helped by maybe some kind of super-power that you can build up and temporary use for super strength or something...

LoneStranger says ...

I don't get it. I mean, I push the wall but it never goes faster than the 'Hero' so all I do is push it, then go delay the hero, continue to push it and repeat. Cops get in the way but aren't really a deterrent. Never got to crush the hero at all.
Neat idea though, playing the villain instead of the hero.

agj says ...

Once I figured out how to play it properly, it's quite fun. Endgame is intense! Maybe a tad too long.

Endurion says ...

If sped up a bit it could be more fun. Right now esp. the middle part of the game is too long.

X-0ut says ...

Have to agree with the other comments, the push of wall is way too slow. With a bit more speed it could have been quite fun.
Nice take on the theme.

FenrisWolf says ...

I thought this game was great fun and was a great use of the theme. I admit that it was pretty tough towards the end though. I almost gave up on it at one point, but it was a rewarding accomplishment. I do agree that it should be just a little easier than it currently is. I also thought the introduction of the game was one of the funniest things I've seen in this competition as of yet.

TimS says ...

Very fun... good take on the theme and well executed from a gameplay perspective. It was a TAD slow, but it didn't detract from the experience too much, in my opinion.

muku says ...

The entire concept is an absolute riot. The poor supervillain who has to push his own wall of doom, the cops who push from the other side, the hero who is little more than a bumbling idiot... it's hilarious.
My main gripe with it is that it's *way* too long. The game just takes up way too much of my time for what little variation it has, and that really hurts it in the fun department. Just making the wall a bit faster to push would have helped already, or perhaps that suggestion by mrfun.
Otherwise, cool entry!

5parrowhawk says ...

Agree with mrfun. Also, it is a bit too hard at the end. I do believe it might be easier if you set a hard cap on the total number of cops, as well as implementing the super-strength power.
Oh, and if you can manage it, knocking out a cop should send him flying (fast movement). If he knocks into his buddies, they get taken down too, and if he knocks into the wall, it moves a bit. That would make for interesting play and help with the difficulty issues a bit.

yoyo says ...

Nice idea and plot, but takes way too long to play, I got 2/3 of the way and died; can't face another go.

Covenant says ...

It was an interesting idea, but the pace killed me... : Too slow...
Good job, though!

HybridMind says ...

I think the idea is really great. In the end though it is just not balanced or fun enough to work yet. I like the dynamics you are attempting to play with and I think if you work at making it a lot less grueling you may have an interesting puzzle dynamic here that gets into the juggling or multi-tasking style of gameplay that is sometimes quite addicting.

noonat says ...

Hilarious idea. I couldn't help but imagine my super villian yelling in frustration as the cops start pushing the wall back on him. Durn hero keeps running off!

Agree with others though, way too slow, and I found it near impossible at the end... ended up giving up. Would have been nice if the longer you pushed on the wall without letting go the faster you pushed it... then there would be some incentive to keep pushing even when under fire.

Entar says ...

That took forever, waaayyy tooooo looooonnnggg... Funny concept, but dang, those cops were annoying. It was also a pain that the farther along I got, the harder it was because it wasn't as far for the cops to get to the wall. BUT I WON!

Arowx says ...

Like the concept but where where my henchmen with machine guns that I could use to fight off the police and my beatiful assistant to trick the hero but with the potential to turn against me if left alone with him for too long, Mr Bond I presume? ;o)

nilsf says ...

Cool plot. As others have said the mid game is somewhat tedious.

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Manually Operated

Sunday, April 19th, 2009 5:38 am

Manually Operated

I can’t get the media uploader working so I’m going to just link this for now. This is a game where you play an aspiring super-villain trying to make his big break and complete his thesis by crushing a hero in a death trap. Unfortunately, he cannot afford a very good death trap, or a lock to keep the hero from escaping. Push the wall to crush the hero before the cops take you down or rescue the hero!

Thanks to all who supported and encouraged me in the production of this game. First thing I’ve made without THE MAN telling me what to do! Woo!

Game is here

Source code is here

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