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Endurion says ...

Thanks for the Windows executable.

For one, never force a user to set a certain bit depth (ValueError: unsupported bit depth for aaline draw (supports 32 & 24 bit))

For the second, this could be actually quite fun if modified a bit:

The lines are way too fast for someone to react. Also, there is no reason why I shouldn't just sit in a corner and watch the points raking in. Have the player collect something so he has to keep moving.

5parrowhawk says ...

Hamumu and DrPetter said everything I wanted to say, so I'll just second their comments.

eugman says ...

I like it. It reminds me of the monster in Qix. A bit too random for any real strategy though.

Covenant says ...

Couldn't run this... Just goes into fullscreen and music starts stuttering and it locks...

Osgeld says ...

its a bit fast for me, but interesting idea it kept me occupied for a while :)

Hamumu says ...

Hmm... I like the music. I wonder if there's a framerate issue going on, because it was unbelievably fast, like a complete blur. There was zero strategy, just sit in one of the corners as your score racks up. The Qix moved so fast that it'd sometimes come into your corner and kill you, but it really didn't matter, since you couldn't move in time to avoid it anyway!

No advancing wall or doom here (I am sure you'd say the Qix is the wall, but it's not one, and it's not so much advancing as wiggling all over).

DrPetter says ...

Got bored after 700k something, sitting in a corner. Kind of trippy "music", some of it. Gameplay is obviously sketchy at best. Perhaps if the polygon didn't move quite so erratically, if you had a chance of predicting and avoiding its movement (at least initially, it could speed up as time went on).

Entar says ...

I agree with DrPetter. There's not much to the gameplay as it is, I ended up just sitting in the corner. It has some potential though.

HybridMind says ...

well.. this wasn't what I was expecting exactly. Heh. Enjoyed chilling to the perpetually shifting music key as I sat in a corner and hoped the erratic lines wouldn't destroy me with their nasty clipping sound attack. :)

nilsf says ...

According to the readme the music was made out of compo which is a shame as I rather liked it. As for the rest of the game as others said there isn't much to it other than sitting in a corner since the shifting "wall of doom" moves too fast and randomly to avoid.

agj says ...

I like the jerkiness of the line. The Windows screensaver should be more like it.

hamburger says ...

That was fun. Great concept. Like others have pointed out, you probably should have done something to discourage the boring strategy of hiding out in a corner - like offer point bonuses for collecting things, or only reward points while the mouse is moving.

noonat says ...

Lines move too fast to dodge and don't hit the corners... shame about the audio not being compo-valid, I liked it a lot.

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