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codekitchen says ...

No fair, how come everybody else passes under the walls? ;)

I love the graphic style.

X-0ut says ...

The scrolling is a little choppy, but the parallax effect is very well done.

Does get a little repetitive, some improvements might be:

Game gradually speeds up?
More enemy types, possibly some that swerve side to side or try to bump you.
Some weapons maybe?

Endurion says ...

The controls are über-responsive. I reckon this is important for higher speeds though. The rebound if you collide with other ships is pretty strong.
Anyway, well done.

nilsf says ...

It starts off nicely but gets a bit boring rather quickly. Perhaps if there were a victory condition, say a race to finish or something like that, it would be more fun than just "stay alive as long as possible".

greencow says ...

There are so many walls in the future.

PsySal says ...

Hmn, plays smoothly and is nicely polished, but it somehow just doesn't draw me in, i guess the concept feels a bit generic.

I liked:
- How the car responds around other cars
- The speed lines
- Shadows under the card
- Graphics in general

Didn't like:
- Repetition
- Use of wall of doom was kind of uninteresting, the game wasn't based around the theme it just sort of incorporated it.

5parrowhawk says ...

Very polished. Reminds me of Road Fighter. The graphics and controls are nice. Audio is kind of average - nice, but there are no sound effects for some parts where you would expect effects (bumping into other cars, for instance).

Only a couple of things:

(1) as nilsf says, it would be nice to have different races rather than just endurance.

(2) it doesn't feel fast. I feel like it would be better if the whole game was sped up. In this case I suppose the walls would have to be moving objects (moving in the same direction as the player) so as to avoid making it horrendously difficult.

(3) it would be nice if collisions with other vehicles made yours a bit harder to control for a couple of seconds.

noonat says ...

Nice job! As 5parrowhawk says, very polished. Graphics look good, game plays well. I agree that it feels a bit slow... I wish I could see further ahead and just fly at breakneck speed.

Morre says ...

This is quite an enjoyable racing game. The speed increase/decrease mechanism bothers me a bit though. When you've slowed down it seems you can freely accelerate up to your "last max speed", but you can't go above that without hitting a speed booster. As far as I could tell...

Very nice graphics. Great work! :)

On a side note, it's probably a good thing I'm not judging the post-compo version... it killed off my computer quite efficiently.

georgek says ...

Great visuals, however the left/right controls seemed much too unresponsive, it made the overall game pretty hard to play.

LoneStranger says ...

I like the pseudo-3D effect you had going there. Sorta monotonous after awhile, and too many cars made driving harder. Would have preferred a faster speed and less cars to get that feeling of moving faster. Display was polished though.

DrPetter says ...

1201. Would have been neat with some frenetic bladerunneresque music. Got a bit mellow after a while, zooming along silently and waiting for an evil randomized set of obstacles.
Graphics are really stylish and clean. I love the lightposts.

HybridMind says ...

Game looks really slick and plays fairly nice control wise. It is fairly monotonous though and not too much fun. I do like how you've timed the ramp and barrier placement pretty well to make all the jumps possible and with the tall and skinny view it helps the player tell what is coming. The graphics are nice as well so props on that. Not sure exactly what might make this more fun. Music would help a little. More variety or faster pace to some things. Maybe more challenges from the cops or an ability to shoot or drop a mine maybe? Just something to make it feel a little more engaging as it gets a little old too quickly.

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Speed Blazer *Final*

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 3:44 pm

Speed Blazer is a game where you must race for as long as you can avoiding the walls (of doom) to get the highest score.


UP key to accelerate

DOWN key to brake

LEFT/RIGHT keys to move sideways.

Preferred Method to play is via Java Web Start at http://bossattack.com/games/speedblazer/speedblazer.php this should work for (Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64, Mac OS)

or download at http://bossattack.com/games/speedblazer/speedblazer.zip (Windows and Linux)

Can’t Wait!

Posted by
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 1:44 pm

I will also be entering this competition for the first time. Can’t wait to start building the game.

Tools i’ll be using :

IDE – Eclipse

Language – Java

Libraries – Slick2D Game Library with the LWJGL Library.

Art – Inkscape

Audio – Audacity

Deployment – Java Web Start, possibly Applet too.

Good Luck ppl and have fun.

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