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Endurion says ...

Interesting take, it needs definetively more variety.
The jump control feels strange, it didn't feel as if I jump when i'm actually touching the floor.

TimS says ...

Nice work. Congrats on your first LD entry!

5parrowhawk says ...

It's okay. The gameplay isn't bad, just kind of average and not as interesting as one would hope. Good first entry, I'd say, and I like the visual style (although the character is kind of scary).

Tenoch says ...

Loved the color theme and the sounds. The "negative" wall was a nice idea too. It does get repetitive though.

ondrew says ...

The difficulty is too low. It takes to long to get to the interesting parts, so it becomes boring sooner than challenging.

0rel says ...

the dinosaur head is fun :). nice try in a new direction... first, i didn't see you in the compo, the graphics were kind of too happy... ;) nice, imo. - some more engaging gameplay could emerge by adding a simple time limit, or some other restriction like that, and there would be immediately more fun in the game, i thought... cause, playing gets quite boring once you can handle it, because it's not challenging enough anymore. but i like the soft jumping mechanics and the collapsing wall idea. - a happier major scale for the sounds would have fit better too, i'd say. and, a short delay on the beginning, before the ground starts to collapsing, could help the player to get used to the controls (that's where i got frustrated first (but i made the same mistake in my game. ...the first 10-30 seconds seem to be crucial)). - overall it's a nice proof again of your growing z game editor powers... keep it rolling!

Entar says ...

To me, it was kinda hard to see what was going on. idea though, has some potential.

PsySal says ...

The perspective made it kind of hard for me to understand what was going on, and jumping felt very floaty. However the game might be running more slowly than it should on this computer!

I like the main character a lot, great teeth!

greencow says ...

my world disintegrated, again.

DrPetter says ...

Got 25, although I focused on getting as far as possible since it was very hard and unrewarding to grab the tiny "shiny" due to limited depth perception. After a while I ran into a huge hole across almost the whole map, so I failed.
The sounds are probably the best part of this thing, creating a really odd atmosphere which makes me think of Metroid.
Graphics are kind of neat.
I didn't really understand what was going on while playing... the best strategy seemed to be holding the down+Z buttons and moving left/right to sort of hit the edge of blocks that were higher up than you, so you got a crazy jump boost. Staying around in one place for more than a few seconds seemed to result in the level extending vertically to the point where you couldn't really proceed, but it wasn't very clear.
Cute title screen.

jsb says ...

Well polished game, I liked the color palette and the cool effect of the disintegrating blocks. Movement is a bit spongy and the floating height of the collectible bits is hard to anticipate (maybe it'd be easier if they had shadows?)
Is there an end?

agj says ...

I loved the audio. And the weird character. Other than that, I think that this game suffers from poor feedback; I can't tell at what height me or the powerups are very easily, I can't tell what's making me jump higher or lower, etc. With that fixed, you could up the speed a bit and it would be quite cool.

muku says ...

Ah, the Z Game Editor, very nice. Really liked the visuals, unfortunately the framerate dropped to just a few FPS pretty soon, don't know what's up with that. I guess this a pure highscore game? The mechanics would probably have felt very fun with a smooth framerate, but this way it was a bit cumbersome to play, so I quit pretty soon. Still, seems like a quite polished entry for those who can run it well.

dessgeega says ...

i like that although the advancing wall here isn't a physical object, there's nevertheless the sense of a solid entity chasing my character. and the perspective is fantastic: facing towards the whiteness of the pursuing collapse, with the ahead behind the camera.

because of the perspective, though, it's hard to tell where the hovering collectables are. shadows on the ground straight below them would help a lot, i think.

bouncing up from falling blocks onto higher ground feels very good.

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Hungry Derivatives Advancing Collapse :: LD14 :: by jph/2009

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:31 pm

Hungry Derivatives Advancing Collapse :: LD14 :: by jph/2009

here is the title sceen in the ZGE editor,. .

title screen in editor,. .

Well that was fun!  My first LD!

This game is not at all what I had in mind at the start,. but I tend to wander as new ideas come in,. . sotra’ cool, very odd.  What you think?


(win xp/vist ver. 47kb)  osX and linux possible if wanted,. .

I had some fun working with the Implicit mesh procedures to build the block head character,. something I have not used so much in the ZGE till now,. :)  I just was not able to get the sort of collision reactions I indended working in this time line,. my lazy math/logic skills,. and without resorting to my normal method of asking my friends for help with math and logic,. so this is me solo., I will likely do a game that I did have in mind later with that help,. .

This is a weird game!  I am not sure many people will enjoy it,. but give ‘er a go and let me know your thoughts,. I do enjoy feedback.  there is a simple score and it is currently a player vs environment with no bad guys as I had inended,. but 48 hours is not that much time and it was only the time in that window I could actualy use working on it so much less ,. . I’m sure that is true for most here.  so the level just gets less dense and you will eventually miss a jump and fall,.  .  so get as much shiny befor that as you can.


Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 5:51 am

I didn’t get much done last night,. I work best in the morning.  must be the coffee!

the wall and the worm?

You can see the “wall” collapsing in the back,. and the loosely defined pac-“worm”, that is the player, runs toward the screen in an attempt to escape it,. . Here the Advancing Wall is an Advancing Collapse of Doom.  This is going to be a bit rought, but something will be done.  I’m going to add some good/bad objects to play with on the wall, and then synth some sounds and music,. .  this all depends on how much time I get to work today,. . fingers crossed.

Don’t forget to eat,. . mind needs nurishment.

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 11:51 am

noodles,. and cows

Spinich Rice Noodles, and last nights grilled cow leftovers,. poured the soup over the top,. pho mooooo!

My cube is now a toothy pacman-esque ‘character’  but he still has some funky awkward movements and no objects to interact with, except the blocks he hops around on,. .  thinking of forcing him to stay grid alighned so a total rewrite of the current conroles,. . perhaps I take a brake first and go outside!

in the ZGE editor

Something started in ZGE,. . not too sure yet,. .

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 9:47 am

I started hacking around in Z Game Editor to see if I can get anything happening that I like,. .

So far I got some cube jumping around on a wall of blocks,. mostly working out the collitions handeling and looking for a fun mechanic for movements,. first game idea was just to shoot at an advancing wall,. but I will see how it developes,. .


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