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Doches says ...

The underlying concept (the way you've done territory control) here is really cool. A visual overhaul, better UI, and smarter AI would make this into quite a good, novel game.

noonat says ...

Good idea, liked the territory control, but I found controlling my units to be way too frustrating. I don't mind my units moving around on their own, gives them personality, but I wish I had a way to focus them to at least stay near a point.

Endurion says ...

The color effect is nice. The game itself could be better with a few touchups.
If a fighter is above a certain y pos i can't select him anymore.

Entar says ...

Not bad, has some good potential.

nilsf says ...

Neat, but kind of buggy and the controls aren't very friendly.

LoneStranger says ...

I like the idea a lot, but there wasn't much there. The AI isn't too bad for the player, but the computer sucks big time. It never built a tower and just kinda moped around while I slowly whittled away at his territory. If you could speed it up a bit and fix the computer AI, you might have something here.

PsySal says ...

Whew! I beat the red guys, but it took a long time. Fun but lacks some polish. I'd like to be able to select guys en masse and the ability to destroy towers that I've built.

But the core concept and execution were nice, I enjoyed this one! Brought me back to my starcraft days... (oh dear) Not sure that it's super on-theme, but that's ok...

greencow says ...

Sometimes a guy would go off into the woods and refuse to follow orders, freakin hippies..we've got a war going on here!

Jach says ...

Not bad. It held my interest for a while.

Hempuli says ...

I quite liked this, though the game is very slow and the CPU player isn't the brightest around ;)

muku says ...

I really like the concept of influence maps that you got going. It does definitely lack polish, though: the controls are annoying (multi-select would be nice) and there are some bugs (seems I can't control guys which go too far north?) The endgame dragged quite a bit, even though it was already obvious that I was winning. I also thought that the economy aspect was imbalanced; I always seemed to earn much more money than I could spend. As for AI, I understand that that must be quite hard to code in such a short time frame.

That said, it was fun while it lasted, and a quick little strategy game is always appreciated!

Covenant says ...

The concept was nice, but the game had some bugs (the influence field disappeared after a while, I couldn't select some entities), and it kind of slowed down a lot when we had lots of units... Still, it was a nice game.

erik says ...

It's too bad you made so improbable for the ai to ever attack.

I can only imagine how much better it would have been if I hadn't donated your crayons to small children in Honduras.

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Final Entry – Soverign Wars

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:08 pm

Source:  Jay_LD14_SovWars.zip

Link to play: http://wardtek.ca/pictures/LD48-14/Doom.html


This was my first time coding in flash and I think it went alright considering.  I could really have used another hour or five to add polish and improve the AI.

End of Day 1

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:30 pm


I decide to break down and learn flash so I bought a book on it 3 days ago and started reading.  Figured this competition would be good motivation and testing ground.  So far I must say I’m impressed with how easy it is to get things done in the language and how easy it is to learn.

For the game itself, I’m working on making a mini-rts style game with a focus on ‘sovereignty’ which gives you large bonuses while on your own turf.  So it turns it into a slowly advancing wall of doom!  Or something like that.  Tomorrow is all about polish.  Better (any) graphics.  Intro screens, help screens, visible win conditions, useful HUD.  Balance on gold in vs gold out and tactical management.

Controls are simple right now.  Spacebar spawns a new warrior (currently a cow) and you can let them wander about or you can click on them and move them into the field of battle.

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