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nilsf says ...

It has a nice old school look and feel, but without instructions I had no idea what to do or who to play. I tried a few games but gave up on trying to understand it.

v1234 says ...

Ah, bum, it crashes on Wine. The music's good though (that kept on playing and I had to kill the process!).

Frimkron says ...

Creepy. I think I have to move next to people to make them a part of the... wall?

agj says ...

Wow, morbid. And frantic. Frantic morbidness. The music suits it perfectly.

scionkiller says ...

Crazy, grim, kinda fun!

PsySal says ...

The idea is good, however I think the main problem has to do with getting the proper feedback for killing guys. What I could figure out is that you could go anywhere on blood, and had to kill guys to make more of your bloody wall of doom. Dark! The main trouble seems to be that when I kill a guy, he doesn't die right away so it's hard to tell what's going on. Maybe that's part of the idea!? 'Tchus!

Arowx says ...

Have you though of calling it Vlad the Impaler! As others have said a bit more feedback, soundfx, wiggling squewered people ect! Post instructions!

jlnr says ...

Crashes here (OS X) because I don't have liballeg-4.3.dylib. Should probably be included in the app? :)

5parrowhawk says ...

Finally got it after reading the instructions, playing, reading again, playing again, and then reading again.

I think the main thing is that things move way too fast once the game gets under way. There's a lot of strategy in choosing which squares to arm, but everything moves so fast that you can't really form a clear plan or see the results of what you're doing.

Also, the "Max" display seems messed up. A lot of times, the "Max" is less than the current size.

Endurion says ...

I dig the pixelized style but this one could do with a bit higher resolution.

muku says ...

I think this is better than you give it credit for. The atmosphere that I'm used to from your recent works is definitely there, if perhaps not quite as strong. As always, your music is effective in setting the mood.

The gameplay is actually quite tactical once you figure out how it works. There's always this tradeoff between extending your area and defending what you have; greed is punished swiftly, and that's a nice aspect.

Definitely an enjoyable entry, especially considering how little time you could spend on it in the end.

noonat says ...

Dark, great atmosphere, great music. However the game I found to be too confusing to actually play. It's not that I didn't understand the concept, it's that the frame-by-frame element of it made it too hard for me to plan what I was doing. I ended up spending most of the game just spamming the borders as much as I could.

mjau says ...

Worked fine in Wine here. I really wish you'd stop using rtf for your readmes though, there's nothing wrong with plain text ..

Anyway, it's an interesting concept, but like noonat I felt the gameplay collapsed into just running around and spamming the borders, and I could stay alive for a long time.. I don't know, maybe I'm missing something.

I like the atmosphere though.

erik says ...

It's interesting and kind of weird.

Perhaps it would be more fun/strategic if it was slower? Or perhaps if there were more gameplay elements with levels to work through.

DrPetter says ...

292/52/65. What am I doing? This might be the best game ever, but I can't really tell. Music is wonderfully insane. It's like a really weird unlicensed NES game that comes in an ugly cyan cartridge which doesn't really fit the way it's supposed to.

HybridMind says ...

Conway's game of slaughter? :)

I played this a few times and it is a very bizarre little game. I enjoyed the intro text, music, and sounds. The pixel art is fun though maybe a little blocky for my taste as I was trying to tell more what was going on.

After a couple plays and a couple different deaths 'skewered by soldier' and 'empire reduced by 10 corpses' or whatnot I still haven't quite grasped a good strategy yet.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts or goals were with this game but from the little I've seen in the readme file and from your journal it seems you weren't very satisfied with it.

After reading your post below for some strategy I think I had sussed it out pretty good from just the intro text and the gameplay so that is good.

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empire the wall

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 5:46 pm

mac build only for today. windows tomorrow.  it’s really awful though, so nobody’s missing anything.

oops forgot linky

Ludum Dare was fun last weekend. My entry ended up being not by any means satisfactory, though, and mainly jammed into the last few hours of sunday evening.

Nonetheless, here be it:

OS X 10.5+ (Intel)

Okay, as per requested:instructions.

1: you initially occupy one ‘equipped’ square.
2: when anyone approaches an equipped square, they will be forked and killed.
3: you can only move about on dead bodies.
4: if you move to a piece on the periphery of your ‘kingdom’ (of dead bodies), you equip it.
5: if an equipped square is completely surrounded, it becomes unequipped.
6: there are blue guys, they are rather aggressive, and can destroy your tiles.
7: if they destroy a tile you’re on, you die.
8: the game keeps track of the maximum size your kingdom has been; if it ever differs from this by more than ten, you die.

nighty nighty

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 5:03 pm

So instead of spending this evening coding the game, I spent it trying to get SDL/Allegro working with Lisp/Scheme.  No love, so back to C++ tomorrow for the final push (and, indeed, the first push…).

getting started

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 9:34 am

grrr had trouble coming up with something.  have finally committed to an idea at the least.  here be a mockup:

time to get coding now…

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