About HybridMind

I'm Dave Evans, aka HybridMind and I've been participating here since Ludum Dare 11 back in April 2008.

Ludum Dare is largely responsible for getting me back into my childhood dream of game development and I started my own game studio in January 2009 called Hybrid Mind Studios. I currently focus on making fun and original games using Flash and Unity.

More information:


My Ludum Dare Games:

LD 11 - Minimalist - 2008: MinMo - 32nd out of 71 entries.
LD 14 - Advancing Wall of Doom - 2009: Fleedom Flies - 19th out of 123 entries.
LD 15 - Caverns - 2009: Angry Caverns - Tied 10th out of 144 entries.
LD 18 - Enemies as Weapons - 2010: AVOIDAL - 14th out of 172 entries.
LD 23 - Tiny World - 2012: Shorted Out" - 520th out of 1072 entries.
LD 26 - Minimalism - 2013: Squeezed Out! - 369th out of 1609 entries.
LD 28 - You Only Get One - 2013: Race the One - 908th out of 1284 entries (#2 in theme!)
LD 29 - Beneath the Surface - 2014: In the Black - 357th out of 1492 entries.


Ludum Dare 32
Ludum Dare 29
Ludum Dare 28
Ludum Dare 26
Ludum Dare 23
October Challenge 2010
Ludum Dare 18
MiniLD #16
Ludum Dare 15

HybridMind's Trophies

The "I came back to the entry more than twice" Award
Awarded by SuperDisk
on May 7, 2013
Silver Star for Prototyping goodness
Awarded by Tyler
on August 21, 2010
Flash Prototyping like Flash!
Awarded by zlash
on August 21, 2010
The Johnny Carson Memorial Award for Excellence in Commentation
Awarded by Doches
on September 14, 2009
The Patient Tranquilty Award
Awarded by GBGames
on April 25, 2008



Jach says ...

I really enjoyed this. Took me a few tries but I have #2 score now! Maybe I'll go after #1 in a while. (The high scores feature really adds to it overall.)

Tenoch says ...

Love the alien ships design. I'm sad that the formations thing didn't make it to the final game though. And i'm not sure what the wall is either.

olberg says ...

Hiscores make the game more interesting.

KareemK says ...

nice :)

Covenant says ...

Very cool concept, gets boring after a bit (because there's not enough to do), but the high-scores really bring the best of it... Although I was bored, I kept on playing to beat the high-score... Good call, that one...

Endurion says ...

Nice idea :)

You also seem to have taken care that there's always a space to get past. Still lost 4 of 5 ships in a nasty laser blast. And scored #2!

Entar says ...

Interesting idea, could use some more polish. Maybe some stars in the background, and maybe somehow give the player more options for avoiding getting hit.

FenrisWolf says ...

I found this to be an extremly fun game. The first time I played it I kept my ships in the smallest group possible, as I didn't notice the huge bonus you could get otherwise. The high scores were a great addition too and added a lot of replay value into the game.

Hamumu says ...

Really addictive, definitely one of those 'just one more try' things as you try to catch up to Skalle. Which I can't. Great game! Good aliens too. I wish I had thrown those mochi scores into my game, sounds simple.

agj says ...

Wish there was more level design, different kinds of ship formations to tackle and different strategies for doing it. But overall a good game!

dstrysnd says ...

Glad you added the scoreboard. Fun game.

hamburger says ...

That's a lot of fun, thanks. It was really interesting to watch how you polished the game over the last 24 hours of the compo. I found myself in one of those zen gameplay states, but one that's unique from the zen gameplay states I've experienced in other types of game. The expansion and contraction feels sort of like breathing, right?

skalle says ...

Awesome game, and perhaps the most awesome thing is the online scoreboard. Some of the ship patterns are clever and need thinking to get through. How sadistic of you to make it so you cannot save all your ships :) (only 8 can make it to the end if I'm not wrong).

Since you're making a post-compo version, some suggestions: Add some kind of feature to restore lost ships, if you stay expanded for a time or if you pick up an item or something. other ship-maneuvers could be nice too, like keeping your fleet compact but splitting it in two. Maybe a button to cykle between different formations (standard->circular->spear formation, etc)

Doches says ...

Those high scores wouldn't have been nearly so addicting if you didn't have 'em attached to a solid game. Very nice, loved it, played over and over again, first to complete, then to chase the score.

Jonny D says ...

Very good. I just beat 100k! Anyhow, this fits the theme great and is well-polished. Your experience with online highscores seems to have made cool things more possible (I oughta look into it...).

nilsf says ...

Fun game. The highscore makes it quite addictive. :)

erik says ...

It was completely broken for my with firefox under OS X. Worked in Safari though. The broken version lets you rack up score without any work, so it's tempting to cheat the high score table, but I didn't. Otherwise, neat game, fun idea, well executed. I liked it.

rogual says ...

Wow, there's a great deal of gameplay in this deceptively simple looking game. I played this one for quite a while, trying to climb up the scoreboard. Couldn't find any walls though.

jovoc says ...

fun game, needs more variety. I keep intentionally killing all but the middle row of five ships and just keeping them expanded.

jlnr says ...

The gameplay was smooth but not my kind of game (not a highscore hunter here :) ). I really enjoyed the monotonous beat, and the look of the alien ships.

I didn't see a strong connection to the theme, but that goes for a lot of entries (mine too) :)

muku says ...

It's a nice idea to take the shooting part out of a shmup, instead making it an avoid'em'up. I did get to above 90% on my first play and then got killed by a stray beam of energy; then I didn't really feel compelled to try again, though. Not much of a score hunter here. I like the idea with expanding boosting your score, thus letting the player grade the difficulty themselves.

I enjoyed the look of the alien ships and the energy weapons. I think even a basic star field as a background would have added a lot to it visually, and it would only have taken you 5 minutes or so.

EDIT: Replayed it now and died at the exact same spot at 91% or so! Arrrghh!

DrPetter says ...

90k something, after 5-6 attempts. I can see myself trying for new highscores in this, since it's very accessible.
The concept is excellent, and it controls very well. Not sure how random the levels are, might be a little bit too much of a gamble there... but try enough and you're bound to get a relatively friendly level from time to time. I never reached the end of the progress counter, but I suspect there's something unpleasant there.
One suggestion: Make the "ping" sound brighter when you have a larger spread, to make it clear that something has changed. Either that or ping more often. I didn't realize the spread had an impact on my score until the second time I tried playing.

noonat says ...

Really creative idea. The leaderboards were a great addition to it. Wish the player had a little bit more control over what was going on.

greencow says ...

i just get all clumped up and hide on the bottom of the screen hoping the pretty green ships with their big purple lasers won't notice my fleet.

Cagey says ...

Great concept. The fun provided by the concept didn't seem to last the whole game though. Something needs to happen to your group as it gets shorter, to balance out the change in gameplay.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Fleedom Flies – FINAL

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:54 pm

FLEEDOM FLIES – by HybridMind – April 17th-19th, 2009
Created from scratch for Ludum Dare 14’s 48hr game competition


An unstoppable armada of alien warships is approaching your doomed homeworld. Your only hope is to see how many of your race’s precious colony ships you can save! Flee through the armada for freedom, your fleet flies for it’s lives!


  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • Use Z/A/Y to contract your fleet’s ship spacing
  • Use X/S to expand your fleet’s ship spacing

How to Play:

The more expanded your fleet the larger your score multiplier!  Watch out though as this will make you more vulnerable sometimes.  To score high you will need to balance when you contract and expand with how you move through the alien armada.

  • Also features Online Leaderboards for some friendly competition!

Tools used:

  • Coded in ActionScript 3.0 using the Flash CS4 IDE and using Dr. Petter’s sfxr for sound effects.
  • MochiAds Leadboard v3.0 API used
  • Greensock TweenEngine Lib used

Got Feedback?

Leave a comment below or in the voting feedback area, or email me at dave [at] hybridmind.com

I’ll be working on this game some more so any thoughts or suggestions will be taken into consideration for the post-compo version!  Thanks for playing and I hope you have a good time with it!



NOTE: If it seems slow or laggy, Flash can sometimes have issues when you view it with your browser.  I recommend downloading one of the links below to play on your desktop for maximum performance!


SWF FILE HERE (Right-Click Save-As)


flash as2/as3 lib usage question.. need thoughts

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 3:14 am

Hey all.. I realized I had forgotten to post a lib I wanted to ask about using that is related to online high score ability in a flash game.  Would just want to know peoples thoughts about using it for this compo.. or other compos if deemed too late.

Link to mochi leaderboards api docs

Link to mochi api v3.0 (as2/as3)

Basically it’s just a 2 line call someone can drop into their flash project that enables online leaderboards via mochi.  You don’t have to use their ad network or anything but it would easily support the ability for people to see others scores in my game.

Anyway.. thoughts?  Too late for this time perhaps..? but what about future compos?  It isn’t really game code per se.. but it does give a game an advantage in that online leaderboards often lead to more competition with the score motivated players.

16 hour crunch.. Fleedom Flies when you’re having fun.

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 2:49 am


Well.. grabbed some sleep last night.  Just played my game this morning to see how I felt about it’s progress and direction.  Time to make the short list of goals that is so important in these compos to trying and pull off a playable and hopefully fun game in time.

I find a good trick to use is decide what makes the compo version versus what I’ll save for a post-compo version.  I’ve been pretty good about actually doing a post compo version lately that I’m not too worried that I’m using it as a fake crutch.  You can learn so much from a rapid prototype like this that it is still worth it to finish a reduced yet playable game for many reasons.

Anyway, knowing that some of my favorite features will likely still see the light of day makes me more willing to cut them for the compo version.

It is with that in mind that I am thinking about the following design decisions:

Compo Version Features:

1) One formation only of your fleet ships… the long and lean horizontal one.  This is because I am not sure if I’ll have time to code enough of what I want to justify the other formations right now.  I may have to focus on just making this a fun space avoider with the twist of having multiple lives / health built into the number of your fleet ships remaining as you fly along.  As long as 1 ship makes it you have been considered to win in that you’ve saved some of your race’s people.  The more ships you save the larger the score multiplier probably.

2) Probably not going to implement player ships fighting the enemy armada of doom.  I’m really trying to focus on not making this a shmup but rather sticking to the fact that these are light and nimble colony transport ships that are trying to get the hell away from their doomed planet / advancing wall of the enemy armada.

3) I think that since I have a simple but functional way to hand code in all the enemy ship placements and movement speeds I have the ability to build an exciting armada progression that will have some fun surprises and such along the way for the player to fly through.

4) I am worried that since these compos don’t afford much optimization time I may end up making a version that in order to look as cool as I want will likely suffer performance wise on slower computers.  I may have to go the route of a simple button to: “play high quality” and “play low quality” to turn down all the beam / particle effects I want to use.  I think that is a fine compo compromise.

Of the 16 hours remaining I fear I may have some domestic duties to attend to as well unfortunately… laundry and the ilk.

Oh well.. it’s crunch time here at LD so good luck everyone!


Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 5:53 pm

Play in yo browser here…

Yeah– I’m excited.. so far… OK.. the two largest ships fire these purple beam weapons.  The largest ship with the chance of firing 2 of them.. the second largest ship firing one.

I also have doubled the level length but that will change as well eventually.. I just wanted a larger amount of ships to fly through.

Also.. I made it so if your fleet touches any of the screen boundaries.. they asplode.  Ideally… this wouldn’t be the case.. but after fighting collision detection logic (it is complicated due to fleet coords/ tweening patterns etc..) there were so many ways to rig the system to get your ships to hide.. that I just made them asplode… :)

Anyway— Beam weapons give you a tiny bit of warning via visual clue.. think any robotech episode when they are firing the reflex weapon.. there is always that .35 of a second where you can get out of the colorful path before you are so many cinders.

So.. recap: running into screen boundaries.. capital ships.. or giant purple lasers will kill your little ships.. :)

Let me know if the effects are killing anyones computers yet.. i’ve done 0 optimizations.. (hey.. its LD)

Fleedom – Progress Continues..

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 12:14 pm

So, I have another playable build of my work in progress available.

Play it here in your favorite browser

It now has an enemy ship wave manager so I can build out the Wall of Doom(tm) that you must escape through to rescue the last of your race.

I also took a suggestion to map the fleet pattern echeleons to the Z/X/C/V keys.. four patterns in all.

Give it a whirl if you’d like as I’d love to hear any feedback.  I’m trying to get absolutely as much of the gameplay done before screwing around with any graphics this time.  I think it is actually progressing really well for once!

The game just ends right now when all the enemy ships go by.  Also.. if you lose all your ships you have to refresh your browser to continue!

Breathrough.. arg!

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:14 am

I think I’ve just spent the last 3-4 hours completly rewriting my fleet movement/tweening code like 4 times and back again.. and have FINALLY solved my #$^$!@ engineering problem…. arg.

Need a break now… but the good news is I finally have smooth movement of the fleet in all directions and it doesn’t matter how many echeleon patterns you are shifting through…. it is all fine dandy.

Don’t ya love programming?  😉

Fleedom – Fleet Pattern and Movement test

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 6:49 am

Current build playable here in your browser

Working title is Fleedom. Wanted to handle what I felt would be one of the most challenging parts of my game design which was making a fleet of small ships that you could toggle through various flight patterns while moving.

Got a decent enough working version now.  Z/X toggles next/previous fleet pattern.  Arrow keys move.

Here is the background on my current game’s design

Wall of Space Doom!

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 4:03 am

So.. finally got an idea I feel like running with on this theme:

First, the mockup!

(Click image to view larger)

Anyway.. the simple concept is you are controlling a fleet of the last ships of your race.  You are fleeing your planet as an alien armada of doom approaches.  You will be able to move your fleet up/down/left/right and there will also be a key that lets you toggle the density/pattern of your fleet.  Think of it as able to expand or contract.

You will move through the armada avoiding colliding with capital ships and what will surely be horrendous energy weapons fire as they attempt to anihilate your race.

You must get a least ONE of your ships through the armada to win.  The more ships you get through the larger your bonus at the end for saving a larger gene pool of your race… 😉

Simple idea, hopefully the scope will be one of which I can get a fun, playable game out of before the deadline is up…

advancing wall of…

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 7:41 pm

…sleep. Though before that I felt like doing a little drawing to get the subconscious primed on the theme before sleep.  Here’s a quick 3 minute sketch of a possible doomy world:

yotowlr.. ld14 towlr warmup FINAL

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 6:46 pm

play it here…

Since there is some confusion.. this is an actual flash game I coded as a warm up in the 2 hours leading up to LD14 theme announcement.  It isn’t just a screenshot.. :)   When the game loads, click in the screen and use your keyboard to win!

towlr warm up.. because.. there are still 2 hours left!

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 4:45 pm

just to let anyone who feels like warming up for the main compo with a little towlr action and who wasn’t hanging in IRC.. there is a little towlr precompo going on… you’ve been warned.  :)

and for those of you who have been spared from towlr so far… here is the link: http://www.towlr.com

yo dawg I herd you like ludum dare

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 3:44 pm

so I put ludum dare in your ludum dare so you can dare while you ludum.

But seriously folks.. I’m glad this theme ending up in the final round is likely a glitch.. but a cruel glitch at that!

LD14 Baby!

Posted by
Monday, April 13th, 2009 10:22 am

I am pretty sure I’m going to make a go of LD14 this weekend.  I will be voting in the theme rounds all week long and take a look Friday to see the theme that is picked.  I will make up my mind then for sure.  Why the hesitation?  Well, I have a lot of things I’m already working on game wise so I have to make sure working on ANOTHER game is the best use of my energy… 😉  I do love the LD compos though.. it’s what got me back into game programming again so it will always have a lot of pull on my heart.  It is just so much fun as many of you know to participate in this event.

As far as programming tech and libraries go I will be making a change for the first time in all my LD experience!  Previously I was rocking the Ruby language and using the excellent Gosu game dev library (which I still highly recommend!)

This time I’ll be using Flash / ActionScript 3.0.  I have spent the past couple months learning ActionScript (first used AS2 for one game) and then another game I did in AS3 to work on my knowledge in that.  Plus I’ve cranked through a couple really great books I picked up that I also highly recommend to anyone looking to make the leap.  Essential ActionScript 3.0 (O’Reilly), ActionScript 3.0 Animation (Keith Peters), and Flash CS4 Professional  (Katherine Ulrich). The Kongregate Shootorials were also a great place to start for AS2 and they have an AS3 version of the finished tutorial to learn from the code (it is well commented.)  I learn good from books so I had to grab a few to help out.  Anyway, I’ve been having a blast with Flash / ActionScript!

I’ve been very impressed by how quickly you can rough out a game prototype using the Flash authoring tool and some simple ActionScript classes.  I used to think that I’d be hard pressed to find as rapid a dev environment than what I was already using with Ruby / Gosu but all I can say is DAMN.. flash is fast.  :)

Plus, the added benefit of having both rapid playable cross platform versions for compo feedback as well as not worrying about the various builds after the compo and I think it builds a strong case as rapid prototyping tool geared for quick compos like this one.

Tool Set I want to use:

Flash / ActionScript 3.0

Libraries I want to use (if this seems ok par the rules?):

GreenSock’s tweening engine TweenMax / TweenLite

Looking forward to a great theme and a great compo everyone, take care!

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