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I approve of your trophie
Awarded by pants
on April 27, 2011
The Wretched Waterfowl Award
Awarded by Gnauga
on May 2, 2010
The "Whee, Ladders!" Award for Most Enjoyable Incomprehension
Awarded by NMcCoy
on April 27, 2010
I Can't Stop Playing This One Award of Addictiveness
Awarded by KavuDX
on April 26, 2010
Cute Pixel Award
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on April 25, 2010
The Minecraftyest Island
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Sparky says ...

I really like this entry- it seems like making it turn based really helped you make a very complete feeling game in 48 hours.

I have yet to solve it, though!

Tenoch says ...

I like the puzzle feeling, but i couldn't solve it yet either :)

scionkiller says ...

Nice job, well polished and an impressively difficult but pretty logical solution.

Hamumu says ...

Wow, I watched your video and I am so glad I didn't keep trying to solve it! That's insane!

Nice concept... a good feature would've been the inability to drop an item when you're standing on another item. If you had multiple levels, and it started off with one that didn't require perfection, you'd really be rockin.

Morre says ...

I have not been able to solve the puzzle... but that didn't stop me from trying. More than just a few times! :)

I really enjoyed this game. The game idea is excellent. The graphical style is also great - well done!

One thing that bothered me a bit is that you have to click in the orange areas. Since they're in different grid positions anyway, you could've had the entire rectangle clickable.

Great work! :)

Covenant says ...

Extremely hard (needed the walkthrough), but mostly I'd say because of the lack of instructions, and the lack of some sort of "meter" which would help us gauge when the wall was going to move...
Other than that, it was an excelent idea!

Endurion says ...

I really dig the idea. This could make for quite a few neat games. Too bad that the one level is quite difficult to beat (i looked at the walkthrough).

ondrew says ...

Couldn't finish except when following the video walkthrough step by step. I would have preferred if the wall was advancing regularly. Every third move makes the planning a little harder.

5parrowhawk says ...

Brilliant, but I had to look at the video too.

I will use this to mess with my colleagues and make their hair fall out. >:)

agj says ...

Whoa, yeah, SO difficult. Nice idea, though! I can imagine something like this on the DS.

sinoth says ...

Fun game once I figured out the ladders could be picked up (had to watch the first bit of your walkthrough). After that I was able to beat it after quite a few tries (that block at the very end was a dick move. seriously) Deep down I think I enjoy these minimization-of-moves type games, so this was enjoyable. Theme worked well with this type of puzzle. I'm not sure I would subject myself to any further levels. A 'rewind' feature to go back X moves would be nice, so you don't have to play through the entire level every time. I think with rewind, I could stand a few more levels :)

Draknek says ...

I love this! Took me a while to solve, but it was totally worth it.

It was annoying having to wait for the animation to play out: a speed up would improve it here. Also would be good if you could just click anywhere in a grid square.

Other than that, I think the only thing needed is more levels (and hence some kind of difficulty curve).

hamburger says ...

Whoa, excellent puzzle! It's turn based but very tense, reminding me of DROD. I'm really impressed and I hope you expand this out into more levels. It's "really hard" I guess, but that's okay because it doesn't feel arbitrary or tedious at all. Since there's just 1 solution (though I did the final few moves a little different than your video), I had no trouble figuring it out through iteration/trial and error. Seems like you could do a lot more with these mechanics if you add some more levels. :) One thing I'd have liked is keyboard control instead of having to click on the icons.

nilsf says ...

no source

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Snap To Grid walkthrough/gameplay vidja

Posted by (twitter: @ESAdevlog)
Monday, April 20th, 2009 7:12 am

The screenshot I posted with my entry was so ugly and distorted and the game was overall so impossibly hard that I decided to upload a video of how to beat it. Silly, but who cares.

Watch it here! I’m not sure if you can embed videos here, so you’ve got to use the link.

Overall I must say that I enjoyed the compo this time a lot, even though I was waiting for a different theme… 😉 There have been many very cool games, too!

Snap To Grid

Posted by (twitter: @ESAdevlog)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 12:36 pm

He HEH! Finally in time!

Snap To Grid is a grid-based puzzle-‘platformer’ where you must escape from an advancing wall of doom before it catches you! Includes propellers! I fear the game came out too hard, but try anyway. Further instructions are with the game. I hope you enjoy! I had only 12 hours to work on this, but whatever.

No music this time, I’m really poor at making them and my composer friend was away. :(


LudumDare 14 Snap To Grid screenshot

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