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on May 9, 2009
The Awesome Walking on Instructions Award
Awarded by Redbone
on April 20, 2009
The bats are coming out of the ground award
Awarded by Cosine
on April 20, 2009
The Violent Friendly Dog Item
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nilsf says ...

Fun little game. Quite difficult, it took me forever to get to the end.

Tenoch says ...

Tough one. Sounds and music would have helped to digest the difficulty. I found the controls too smooth and slow responding.
Stupid bats =)

X-0ut says ...

Grrr bats..

Very addictive little game, smooth controls.
Frustratingly difficult, but I think thats half the fun.

Endurion says ...

Hard goodness. I actually had to complete it (there is only one stage?). While looking simplistic it's a nice strategic touch: If you wait you can let the rocks take care of the bats, otherwise you have to lure the bats into spikes yourself.

DrPetter says ...

Feels a little rushed. Lacks some polish and snazz. Not remotely comparable to its predecessor in terms of pwn. Also very frustratingly difficult. Unfair collision box on player. Instant restart is theoretically convenient, but feels too much like a simple game reset. Could have used a very short "oh no!" splash/freeze or something.
I'm feeling harsh today!

HybridMind says ...

Glad to see that old coot from Short Fuse make his triumphant return! Even though I found some of the lack of polish frustrating (the instant restart on death, some collision detection roughness) there is some compelling gameplay here. I enjoy the bat control algorithm and how they overshoot you if you plan it right. It is also always good fun to be chased by a wall of falling rocks.

skalle says ...

A nice little platformer, sadly too short. I'd really like to see more levels and an online scoreboard.

badlydrawnrod says ...

Love the falling rocks. It's a bit hard for a numpty like me.

SethR says ...

Stupid bats. I'm giving this a 5 in journal and timelapse, because I know your Behind The Dumb ep is going rule

jovoc says ...

so difficult... fun though, and my favorite part is how the rocks build up to make a "wall", it would have been nice if that factored into the gameplay more. Controls weren't great -- for a level this difficult it needs to play as smooth as MegaMan. Great entry though, I look forward to the podcast and I'll probably peek at the source to see if I can learn me some flash.

Wiering says ...

Nice little game, but those bats make it really frustrating. I haven't been able to complete the first level yet.

dessgeega says ...

the rocks tumbling into a grid looks great, but i outpace it within seconds and then it's gone. the real threat is the bats, who are a pretty compelling enemy. steering them into spikes is satisfying.

5parrowhawk says ...


The game itself is average except for the pacing. It *seems* like you're meant to rush at first, but actually rewards careful and strategic play, which is nice. On the downside, it's quite punishing (1 hit and you're back to the start).

mjau says ...

Gah! Blue cyclopean bats! My one true weakness!

At first I was having massive slowdown problems with very uneven framerates, to the point of rendering the game unplayable. Luckily this was fixed by running it in Firefox in stead of Opera.

I was surprised the first time I fell into what I presumed was the bottomless pit at the bottom of the screen and discovered that it was not in fact a bottomless pit at all, but rather normal floor to be walked on in relative safety until the inevitable surprise attack by stealthy bats from below the screen.

It feels a bit unfinished. Despite this though, I think it's a nice little game, and I had some fun with it. Challenging, too! With some polish I think it could be pretty good.

erik says ...

Ouch, that's difficult. It kept me playing until I finished it though.

The collision box feels unfair.

Bats flying out from under the floor are annoying, but I'm not sure how you could better deal with that.

I liked the rocks. It's interesting that you could hide under the platforms and let the cave-in pass you by.

Not up to your usual very polished standards, but still fun.

sinoth says ...

The AWOD theme feels tacked on. The bats pose much more threat than the wall itself. I do like the graphics though -- with a background and some more varied gameplay, this would be excellent :)

LunarCrisis says ...

Really hard, took me so many tries to get to the exit T_T. It kept me playing for that long, but I think the main thing to improve is the mechanics of jumping. If the feel of moving and jumping were improved, it would help the whole experience.

muku says ...

That's quite a nice and smooth platforming engine you got going there. The game itself is rather hard, and those bats frustrate me to no end. Haven't finished it so far. It's an entertaining game though for sure.

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Timelapse + Journal part 2!

Posted by
Monday, May 4th, 2009 8:09 am

Behind The Dumb Episode 7 is available now!  Thanks to the handy extended voting, it is available before voting is over!  Of course, again, I filmed it all during the 48 hours, but didn’t edit and release it anywhere close to that time, so probably not valid for voting.  But I hope you enjoy seeing what kind of sandwich I ate, in one of the most epic cliffhangers since Sylvester Stallone’s Cliffhanger.

My ‘timelapse’ and journal part 1

Posted by
Monday, April 27th, 2009 8:02 am

Behind The Dumb Episode 6 is out at last!  It’s the first half of my timelapse and journal for LD14!  Check it out.  You don’t need to rate it, because while I did FILM it all during the weekend, I certainly didn’t have it all edited and ready by then.  And the second half won’t be out until voting is over anyway.  Still, it should be amusing to some.

Short Fuse 2 – Final

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:32 pm

Short Fuse 2

Short Fuse 2: The Escape

Here’s my LD14 entry.  It’s flash, so just click here to enjoy! Source is at this link.

I’m sad that I am going to get stomped in the Journal category, considering I spent the whole weekend documenting the development in great detail for my Behind The Dumb video series. But no way will I have that edited in time, so I’ll just take my lumps, and you be sure to check that out when it does come out next weekend (a different episode is coming out this week). I’m also recording a timelapse (hi timelapse! You are watching me type this!), but I’m just going to incorporate that into the episode too.


Posted by
Monday, November 19th, 2007 2:21 pm



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