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Loudest Sound Effects Award
Awarded by dstrysnd
on August 13, 2008



Tenoch says ...

It has a charming Running Man taste, and the intro text sets the mood well.
I liked the jumps through breaking wall.

Banni says ...

Occasionally the perspective makes it a little difficult to judge where you are going, especially just after jumping through the breakable walls (though those are a nice touch)
Difficulty is pitched quite nicely, kept me playing until I'd beaten the fourth level.

Covenant says ...

Agreed with Banni and rob, but it's very fun... Very complete, as well, which is very good!

SethR says ...

Wow, an 80's flashback in so many ways... I think you really nailed the difficulty, but agree with the others about having a shadow would be nice to help time jumps.

I don't know why you had the time to add those walls you break though but that totally made the game!

rogual says ...


This is a well-made game with lots of different items and hazards, good levels and a very fair difficulty level. I liked the retro 3D sprites, too.

Slight issue with having to look at the HUD to see where the wall of doom is, and the contrast isn't great so it's a little distracting. Having the camera position represent the wall's distance from the player might have worked better, but then again maybe not.

I especially liked how you wrote a little backstory and made me care a little more about my character's fate. Nice touch!

noonat says ...

Good game. Definitely fun, played it through to the end. The second level frustrated me for quite a while because there were a lot of blind spots where I would run into spikes, and the part where you have to jump through the floating bars is brutal. Shadows on the floating items would have helped a lot -- I never once got the pill because I kept thinking it was further away than it was.

ondrew says ...

Very entertaining. Loved the whole looks and gameplay.

The fact, that you don't see the wall coming is a really nice touch. If I'm escaping from spiky wall, I'm not going to waste any second turning around :).

scionkiller says ...

Great game, loved the gameplay, just some usability problems. I found it very difficult to judge the distances of posts because there was no shadow cast by them to compensate for the camera angle.

Overall, though, this was really very good. So far it is the game I played the longest of the ones I have judged.

5parrowhawk says ...

Finished the game. Was more focused on surviving than picking stuff up.

It does put me in mind of "Antarctic Adventure", though. Especially the flags. The gameplay is fun enough to make it better than average.

It would be nice if the obstacles in the air also cast shadows on the floor, and (of course) if, like Rob said, the camera was attached to the Advancing Wall. To add to that, it would be amusing in a dark way if, when the wall caught up with the player, you got a 2 or 3 frame animation where he half-turns, then turns his head while running, and you can see the [cartoony] panic on his face as the wall catches up.

Also, I like the pseudo-8-bit sounds.

Good job!

jsb says ...

Although I hated that the game always started at level 1 after you died, I played it again and again. The idea is simple but well realized with diverse level design. Could need a more threatening visualization of the Advancing Wall though.

mjau says ...

Yay, I survived! Didn't seem like much of a prize to risk your life for, but hey. Made me think of Smash TV, but of course that's only because of the "deadly gameshow" bit since it's not even remotely similar to this.

Anyway.. Apart from the lack of levels this seems pretty complete. You even had time to put in a backstory, which was nice =) (btw, for a tiny moment the "quit" button there made me think it'd quit the *game* .. wouldn't make sense of course, but it's labelled almost the same as the quit game button on the main menu).

Nice difficulty curve and variety in levels. Not much of a challenge though (well, would've probably been worse if I'd tried to get everything, but I wanted the poor guy to survive). Also, the wall of doom didn't feel like much of a threat at all; it was behind me all the time and didn't let itself be known apart from on the minimap (which was nice btw). Some rumbling sound effects and threatening music would've helped.

badlydrawnrod says ...

Well balanced. Nice and simple, yet effective.

HybridMind says ...

Damn.. I tried like 5 times and I always get my head stuck on level 2 on those sideways poles that slowly go higher. Can never figure how I'm supposed to get under that. Anyway-- love the brief backstory and the look and style of this game. It is a lot of fun to make a mad grab for the prizes to hear those sweet 8-bit noises. Great job pulling this much polish and fun off in 48hrs. I only wish I had the patience to figure out how to play through that level but alas having to restart each time from level 1 eventually made me run out of patience.

sinoth says ...

Took me four tries to make it to the very end. A very cool game :) The mullet is absolute win. You did a good job with the graphics and the perspective. I would have liked shadows under the bars or something, since it was pretty hard to gauge where they actually are. Additional feedback for how close the wall is would have been nice, either something graphical or a static noise that got louder... it was sorta anti-climatic when the wall actually did reach you. A great entry though, that actually requires some learning and skill.

georgek says ...

Very cool! Great concept, visuals and implementation and fun to play. I would have liked more control with movement -- it seems like one arrow press moved the character a lot more than I thought it would.

muku says ...

Nice game. It was a bit odd that I couldn't see the wall of doom except on the HUD, so it was a bit surprising when I suddenly died out of nowhere. Even a rumbling that slowly grows louder would have helped with that.

I found the horizontal pole sections extremely frustrating, like HybridMind, because the perspective doesn't really lend itself well to judging where they are. Shadows would probably have helped immensely, as many others have suggested. I always died at that part.

It also would have been nice to have a menu to choose from already unlocked levels since I tend to find replaying levels an unnecessary chore.

Technically the game is implemented very solidly, I would say, and I have no issues with the graphics.

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Doom Runner Final

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 12:41 pm

So this is my final entry. Alas I didn’t sleep too well and couldn’t work very much on my entry. Here’s Doom Runner, available from my homepage: http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/Endurion_LD14_DoomRunner.zip

Run for your life (and money) in a deadly game show. Grab prizes and try to reach the goal before the Advancing Wall of Doom crushes you!

There’s only a meager four levels included.


Have fun and Good Luck! 

Doom Runner

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 11:03 pm

Making steady progress. The game is playable, win and lose conditions are working. Now for more touches and lots of levels.

A preview with one and a half levels can be gotten from here: http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/webmisc/Endurion_LD14_DoomRunner.zip

It requires DX8 installed.

Doom Runner

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 12:08 pm

There might actually be a game in there somewhere. There are walls running up to you and you need to jump about and collect prizes. There’s probably a wall of doom (with spikes and innards and blood and maybe zombie pirate spiders), but it’ll never be visible i fear.

Anyhow, looks like gameplay is once more up to level design mostly. Urgh.

Advancing Wall of Doom

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 6:32 am

When I first saw the theme I wasn’t sure if I should enter at all. It doesn’t seem to be all that applicable. Anyway, since right now I’m on a Buggy Boy trip i thought about this:

A future gameshow. Run towards a goal without getting stopped by the advancing walls of doom. Grab the cash prizes in between but don’t forget that the next wall is moving towards you.


Here’s a preview with a tiny wall of tiny doom advancing slowly:

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