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erik says ...

It's very stylish. As always, your art is great.

Jay says ...

Very shiny but... I don't get it.

skalle says ...

Really pretty game, and top music. Got a nice retro feeling. The gameplay isn't as good as it could be though.

HybridMind says ...

Well.. I went back and played a third time after reading Rob's helpful comment that you could wipe up the red and green stuff. That helped a lot as before that the game seemed rather shallow and broken. Then I managed to get a head stand one time and that was fun.

The gameplay still seems way too much on the side of frustrating and clunky with the controls and movement like one of those bad nightmares where you can't move. Not very fun.

Definitely a great creepy atmosphere though. I don't really enjoy spending anytime in it though because it is just too unpleasant feeling to want to make me linger. Not sure if that is good or bad... ;) Some people will likely really like that quality. It's like as if a Tool music video was made by an Amiga artist from 80s. :)

Great art style though and color choice. The title screen is rather out of character with the rest of the game and feels sloppy in comparison. This is also the second game with a sine scroller. Weird... heh.. are those coming back? ;)

nilsf says ...

It reminds me of agj's entry, it succeeds wonderfully at setting a mood though excellent use of graphics and sound. But I didn't find it to be fun; it seems to be an art-game with too little focus on the game part.

athanazio says ...

nice graphics, but I felt anxious about the movement speed of the char

X-0ut says ...

Nice music and gfx, which is the norm from you.
Game is a bit lacking, but I'm thinking its one of those games are art entries :)

rogual says ...

Okay, so it took me a while to realise I was wiping up the red stuff, and then it took me a little longer to realise that made me go faster. Call me dumb if you like :P

I love the atmosphere in this game. It was a great choice to leave it up to the player's imagination what might be happening on the other side of the wall. I was kinda expecting some exposition at the end but I think it's cool that you left it open-ended.

There isn't that much to the gameplay, especially if you figure out the balls don't move if you're in the center when they spawn. But it doesn't matter that much because this game is a work of art.

Loved it!

SethR says ...

Cool vibe, love the art. does the level ever end?

superflat says ...


Covenant says ...

Weird... but I didn't get it... Needed a final exposition imho... The graphics were excelent!

ondrew says ...

Amazing graphics and music. Controls are too hard to make the game enjoyable.

I like that you turned the concept around and you're following the wall instead of the other way around.

scionkiller says ...

Wow, um, kind of disturbing.

More like a work of strange art than a game, but it's very well made. Good graphics, sound, music, controls and menus.

jhauberg says ...

The homing balls annoyed me greatly, as the rhythm of your movement gets completely thrown off when you get hit.

Well, alright game I guess. Gets a bit boring after a (short) while though, to say the least :)

Morre says ...

The graphics are astonishing for 48 hours. Audio is also sweet - just what I'd expect from you. :)

I'm not so sure about the gameplay, though. The concept isn't bad, but it could use a few more elements.

Well done! :)

Endurion says ...

Works in FF, not IE. Double curse Adobe.
Weird game :)
Gfx and Sounds are great, the controls are quite annoying. Is there an end to this?

I filled the bar two times which lets me go faster a short time and then it continues on seemingly from the beginning.

Doches says ...

Brilliant pixel graphics, great atmosphere. I disagree with 0rel -- the title screen detracted somehow. But really, who would notice?

georgek says ...

I can't say this was a fun game, but I loved it. Of course it looks great and the intro music is so catchy, but more to the point it just feels really fresh. Thanks!

lucasshrew says ...

Love the art style, but i can't finish it...i suck... i doesn't noticed that blood makes me go faster, i realized that by a spoiler in the comments below. J

0rel says ...

great graphics, indeed! i love how it really feels like a painting... on the compo weekend i first thought the screenshot would be "only" a concept image. so, i was quite surprised to play exactly IN that painting afterwards... feels really like one piece, not like a patchwork of sprites... really nice technique! still, the limited color palette and the title screen makes it not feel too "artsy" at all, but gamey, what i really enjoyed... special mix of things.
like already said, the gameplay is a bit wierd, but that seems to be intended, though... exciting thing!, would be interested to play more in that direction...

(oh, and btw, as an ActionScript newbie, i've tried to run it in IE... in fact it didn't work here too, but "out.swf" -> "advance2.swf" in the html file seems to fix things...)

muku says ...

That was haunting. Quite creepy imagery (awesome artwork by the way, straight 5 here) and brooding atmosphere. The cheerful intro music made for a very jarring contrast.

I couldn't quite fathom the concept... is this some play on the concept of Pavlov's dogs? Also, gameplay left me somewhat dissatisfied: is there anything more to it than filling up the meter and the dog then getting up on two legs for a while? The whole thing seems to sit squarely between the seats of "art game" and more traditional "gamey game", neither this nor that. I may very well have missed something, though...

Still, one of the most atmospheric entries I've played so far. Good job.

YourNakedUncle says ...

Gorgeous game, the art is just perfect, good audio, everything works well together to create a really creepy atmosphere.

Like some of the others, I do wish there was an ending, barring that maybe an explanation of the game concept, since it is a little abstract.

Very nifty.

sf17k says ...

Beautiful music. Awesome trippy creepy weird atmosphere. I don't understand what the dog is doing, but that's okay because I don't think I want to.

greencow says ...

The game's got balls, I'll give you that.

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Advance 2 – Aftermath!

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:03 pm

It’s done. Well… yeah.

Download: DrPetter_LD14_Advance2.zip

Play online: http://www.cyd.liu.se/~tompe573/ld14/


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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:14 pm

Well, this looks weird.


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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:38 am

On my own two feet here. Disregard the Eee, it’s just there to match all the other deskphotos. I’m not going to use it… The little black box beneath the keyboard is my high-tech entropy supervisor, which monitors heat flux in the immediate vicinity of particular computational elements. Calling it a common household thermometer would be a blatant lie!

Yet another one of them header images

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DrPetter’s Dream Land

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