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scionkiller says ...

Great first LD, my biggest complaint is having to place the blocks using a jumping character. It just doesn't seem to make sense as a control scheme and makes the level very hard.

The concept is great, the unicycles are pretty cool, and the level was good. Having the block limit made things trickier.

X-0ut says ...

Pretty neat puzzler/platformer, but I have to chime in with the placing blocks ability.. its kinda difficult.
Overall pretty good. Loved watching the unicycles get squished.
Excellent music.

Hamumu says ...

I got to something like the 5th level (where the unicycles go along the bottom and you have to give them stairs up to the yellow zone above them) and that I couldn't figure out. The controls were meh, but the concept worked well, and reminds me of Krusty's Funhouse (to throw in a reference that hasn't been named!). Nice music, and very little Wall Of Doom.

ondrew says ...

Finaly a game that exploits my hatred for unicycles :).

I like the mixture between platformer and puzzle game, but there is not much room for mistakes. I have to play the whole level again, when I misplace a block, which is a little annoying after a couple of tries :).

Great music.

mjau says ...

Got the first level again after completing a bunch of levels, I guess that means I won? Very retro that, but a win screen would've been nice =)

Anyway, I love games like Lemmings and Zep's Dreamland, and this is basically a mix of the two (except you can't remove blocks), so naturally I quite like this one as well =). I had fun playing it. Having to juggle finding a path both for the unicycles and yourself while conserving blocks, and making sure that neither you or they get stuck anywhere, makes for some compelling gameplay. The levels were varied considering they all used the same elements and didn't feel like they were repeating concepts too much. Well done =)

On the less positive side, placing the blocks where you wanted them to felt a little finicky at times, and the wall of doom theme felt a little shoehorned in. Graphics could stand a little touchup, but works. Also, I see others mentioned music, but I didn't get any music here (Linux, used start.sh). Sounds worked though. Also, there's not enough levels ;)

Endurion says ...

The setting with jumping is a tad odd, on the other hand it forces you to think for the player too. And it's easy to trap yourself ;)

Well done, even more so for your first LD!

greencow says ...

Highly unethical. I had to fire up my snes emulator and play uniracers to cleanse myself of these unspeakable acts.

PsySal says ...

Fun, fleshed out. I had fun figuring out the puzzles. Music was cool and somehow fit the idea of destroying unicycles. Great job, only complaint is the wall of doom theme is tacked-on.

georgek says ...

I had a fun time with this, great effort on audio and the gameplay. My only complaint is that the player controls are too floaty, they need to be crisper I think. With regard to some previous comments I like the idea of jumping and placing blocks, it makes things interesting. Great entry!

dessgeega says ...

this is the kind of game that looks totally haphazard and then turns out to be surprisingly playable, which is a kind of game i like. getting the unicycles to the crusher and then lacking the blocks to get myself to the switch is really disheartening, though, and more often makes me reach for the quit key than the restart. i wonder if positioning the blocks is enough of a challenge that the block limit is unnecessary?

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Final Entry:The Attack of the Evil Unicycles of Doom LD14

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 1:50 pm

This has been my first LD and I actually managed to finish something! Woo! My game is called: “The Attack of the Evil Unicycles of Doom – Super Turbo Nitro HD Remix Edition”. The aim is to get the unicycles to the yellow bit by placing blocks to guide them over obstacles (or obstruct them) (like in lemmings) and then to press the red button to crush them with the wall of doom!. Watch out though, you only have so many blocks!

You can play using the webstart (Java 1.6) here (http://graveindustries.com/doohan/wall/launch.jnlp)

And the final archive with source and executable jars is here (http://graveindustries.com/doohan/wall/Doohan_LD14_taotuodstnhre.zip)

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