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scionkiller says ...

Funny idea but extremely confusing because you have combined a modal use of the keys (pick mode, stamp mode, assign mode) with multiple actions in each mode (3 picks, 3 stamps, 3 managers). It probably makes perfect sense to you but I couldn't even beat the easiest difficulty despite being pretty good at rockband (I used my keyboard, though). Maybe I'm missing something?

FenrisWolf says ...

I found the controls to be a little awkward (I'd like to select the stamps and such with my right hand, and enter with my left personally), but the game itself was auctually really fun. I thought the plotline was pretty funny and the music was great. I only wish I had a GH controller to play this with...

X-0ut says ...

Well I seem to suck royally at these games...
By the time I was reading how to control or perform some task, I had allready been fired.
Music was nice.

rogual says ...

Nice concept, but you really need to give your players time to read the instructions. By the time I had read and made sense of the text, I had already lost.

The instructions themselves are also a little confusing -- you really need to imagine you're playing this for the first time and have no idea what to do.

For example: "Press and hold A/F1 keys or green button or G/F5 or red button to select a document from the pile"

Also when you lose and restart, the instruction displayed will be the last one you saw, which may be irrelevant because the game has started again.

This tutorial trouble made the game really hard to play for me, which is a pity since it was a neat and fun idea.

ondrew says ...

Fun game, but very hard controls. :). Amazing music and sounds.

Made it through the day as "Rockin!".

Wouldn't start at all on one of my computers.

DrPetter says ...

AAAHHH!! Stressed me out in the first 10 seconds of gameplay once I figured out exactly what to do (which took like 3 attempts). I just stumbled all over the keys and couldn't get anything done properly.
Music is good, but I'm subtracting audio points for the horrible menu sounds which are like 50x louder than the music - and louder than anything that should ever come out of a game. I had to reduce my system volume to something like 10% of what I normally use.

hamburger says ...

Great concept, nicely executed. I like it a lot.

Endurion says ...

Using a selection of the same keys for the actions and the assigment to the queue makes this really confusing.
Otherwise nice music :)

lucasshrew says ...

Not bad...but i try and i try and i can't get used to controls scheme.

LoneStranger says ...

Oh wow, I am just not coordinated enough to play this with my left hand, even on easy. I'm sure with enough practice I could get the hang of it. It's an interesting twist on the Rock Band idea, but maybe there is too much going on to get the document to the dude?

Morre says ...

I found this very confusing. It's like GH or Rockband, only so elaborate that I don't stand a chance on easy.

Pretty cool idea though, and great music. Good going :)

jovoc says ...

Way to complicated... and once I finally figured it out it was pretty tedious. Which I suppose fits the bank day job theme but doesnt make for a fun game. The story/theme was great, though it was kind of a stretch for the contest theme. Great idea to use a rockband controller in a new way (i don't have a USB one so I couldn't try it) but next time keep it simple. nice music, too

georgek says ...

This has great panache, but the gameplay was confusing for me -- I think it was just the controls, really, but it made it hard to get into.

Entar says ...

Crazy game, was pretty tough (for me) at second difficulty. A little repetitive though.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Rock Bank; Rock your way through the working day!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 8:58 am


My game is finished! It’s a very simple game, and it turned out pretty decent. Skalle even gave me a neat idea when he asked if my game was meant to be a GH-Clone.

Concept drawing

I wonder what gave him that idea.. Oh well! Anyway, here’s my final. It can actually be played with your Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar controller, so if you can connect that to your PC, I totally recommend it. Otherwise, you’ll have to hold your keyboard like one, fingers on F1-F5, and strumming with the enter key. 😉

Screenshot from Rock Bank


Final: http://www.deepflame.nl/ld14/Deepflame_LD14_RockBank.zip

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