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Covenant says ...

Couldn't play it... It opens an SDL window and it closes it...

TimS says ...

Nice concept! The key controls seemed a bit sticky for me... made it extra difficult.

ondrew says ...

Didn't work on any of the computer I tried.

Entar says ...

I had the same problem as Covenant - window opens briefly, then closes.

Arowx says ...

Worked, but an action memory game what! Agree with TimS controls/collision could be refined to make it easier and a help Memory/Hint/Help key would be handy for people recall challenged. Maybe you could name it Total Recall!

lucasshrew says ...

Nice! It really fits the theme, but is too difficult to me...

Endurion says ...

Works here, on my other machine it opens a window and closes again.

Nice idea. However the controls feel uncomfortable and the constant flickering is really annoying.

5parrowhawk says ...

Didn't work on my machine. Please post troubleshooting information if you can, or I won't be able to rate it.

PsySal says ...

Nicely done, great concept and use of the theme. I didn't like the movement mechanic, I think it made the game a bit awkward. Normal movement (friction) would have been better I think, and let me focus on solving the puzzle at hand. I think the graphics flashed a bit too much, tho I like flashy graphics.

Great, great concept! I also liked the way the messages and so forth were integrated in to the game demoscroller.

sowbug says ...

Didn't work on my XP machine. Points given for journal, food, and polish (because you did go through the cgl steps).

LunarCrisis says ...

Very cool! My main complaint is that you still move when you aren't pressing any buttons, that makes control a little finicky.

agj says ...

I like the memory element, it adds a lot to the gameplay.

noonat says ...

This was a really cool idea. I loved that you used your tile field to display messages, awesome.

However, the controls were REALLY frustrating. It would be far more fun if one set of arrows (e.g. w/a/s/d) moved you, but didn't keep moving you when you let go, and the other set (up/down/left/right) let you shoot in four directions without having to turn. The fun of this game is quick reaction and memory, and the controls just ruin that. It would also hugely benefit from some sound...

I would love to play this some more if it were tweaked just a bit!

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Murus Final

Sunday, April 19th, 2009 12:59 pm

Woo Yay and Hoopla. I’m finished.  That was fun but I’m knackered and really need some rest. Good luck to the rest of you, hope you all get finished. I’m looking forward to playing some of the games tomorrow.

Heres a link to the download : danblack_LD14_murus.zip

It’s windows only. Have a play. Hope you like it. It’s better than the screenshot suggests.

Happy Breakfast

Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:07 pm

Very liquid based but that is all I can manage at this time on a Sunday Morning. Being up this early and not being at a carboot sale, it’s just not natural.  I predict a more substantial bacon based brunch later to address this unholy liquid / food imbalance. MORE NING ALL!

It may not look like much but It’s been a good day and it’s pretty much playable.   Lots of things to do tomorrow though, not least improve the graphics as it does look about as exciting as a crossword at the moment. Time for some rest now though.  Happy coding. See you all tomorrow.

Clocking on.

Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:20 am

Morning all from sunny Huddersfield.  It is actually sunny here for a change but sadly I can only see a tiny bit of the outside world from my prison for the next 48 hours, I mean delightfull cellar workspace.

It’s my first Ludum Dare and my first game competition so I’m not sure how I will get on but I’ll give it a go.  The theme seems a bit limited to me but that is probably my just limited saturday morning brain.  Anyway I just wanted to say hello and good luck all.  I’m looking forward to playing all the games, I just hope we don’t all make the same one ; )

P.S. No exciting breakfast photos here sadly as I’ve already eaten it.  I’ll try and remeber to take a photo tomorrow. Of tomorrows breakfast that is, not of todays breakfast. That would just be wrong! Back to the code face.

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