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ondrew says ...

To avoid the error dialog, move the directories Music and Sound to "Uber Unmanned Wheelchair Deluxe".

Anyway kickass game, made it to level 3, but couldn't get further.

X-0ut says ...

Damn this is tough!
I couldnt even complete the first stage.
There seems to be some files missing or something, an error box keeps popping up saying missing sound, or menu.
Other than that, pretty solid. Well done.

Covenant says ...

Damn hard... : Also had the issue with the sound that X-Out refered...
Other than that, it's a fun game...

lucasshrew says ...

Nice but really challenging levels.

Entar says ...

I got many error boxes about missing sounds and so on. Also, jumping is a pain, couldn't get past that one part on the first level because it would often not jump, or I'd just hit the next step up.

dstrysnd says ...

Got to stage 5. Nice and tough. Good game.

SethR says ...

Pretty diabolical level design, won the game. I've learned being handicapped kicks ass, thank you my friend.

Doches says ...

Sound error dialog is kind of annoying, but not a game-breaker. Incredibly difficult, though.

Major criticism? That pink color is hell. Like, if hell were a color.

"Hey hon, what'dya call this color, fuchsia?"

"No, dear, I call it hell."

"Oh. Well, how do you think it'd work in the kitchen?"

And so on...

georgek says ...

I really liked the visual style, nice work. My one nitpick is that the wall seemed a little light -- it needs more visual weight somehow.

I thought the jumping control was a little too loose (for someone of my skills anyway).

And for the record I liked that pink ;D.

Good game!


noonat says ...

Fun and WAY hard (in a good way). Levels were short enough that I didn't get too frustrated but it took me a while to beat the game. Colors grated on me a bit and the wheelchair seems a little too fast (I accidentally ran into things a LOT when I was trying to move forward just a little).

Hamumu says ...

One wonders why the wheelchair is going on this adventure, and why the black lightning wants to be its undoing.

Insane hardness that makes my game look like cake. I gave up on the level that opens with a string of saws. Everything in this game is just way sensitive. You can't jump if you're anywhere near an edge, tapping any direction sends you zooming, your hit box is huge, the wall moves incredibly fast and you are always a split-second from death (when you're not closer than that)... all just very touchy! My suggestion on this game is that it would be cool if the 'threats' in the level weren't actually harmful, they just held you up so the wall could catch you.

I liked the first level a lot better than the later ones - besides being way easier (merely super hard), it was like an actual journey with the beam on your tail (but oh, how I hated the jump sensitivity trying to get up that vertical bit), while the later ones were real short, just sort of specific tests, like levels in Portal.

Endurion says ...

The jump at the end of level 3 is a bitch, i tells ya! :)

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UUWD – Why I didn’t post my timelapse.

Posted by
Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 1:59 pm

Porst motem: UUWD

Posted by
Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 3:09 pm

So, I decided to try LD out. I actually found it while looking for “more cowbell” pictures to put in a slideshow at school, and found a screenie of jovoc’s Cowbell Hero. I noticed: Hey, it’s going to start soon! So I decided to join.


So, I think I did fairly well. I picked an easy way out, in my opinion: I was actually thinking Rain would win the theme (although I didn’t particuarly want it), so I came up with an idea of acid rain falling from the sky, and using moving platforms to keep the rain from hitting you. But instead, Advancing Wall of Doom won. So I came up with a quick idea: You run across randomly generated terrain (2D) to avoid some wall of sorts. I wrote some code for the laser of doom (the wall), and created a little black ball with 3 frames of animation: one with ‘J’ written on the ball, one with K, and one with L. The idea was to press them in that sequence to move the ball foward. I ran into a problem: I couldn’t get the ball to act correctly to the terrain. So, I scratched the random terrain idea and went for something much simpler: a platformer game. I got the JKL movement idea from a game called “Dick Chaney’s Sky Patrol” whereas one level you were in a wheelchair, and you used IOP to move foward. So, I made the character a wheelchair. I’m a horrid spriter, so I didn’t put a person in it. Thus, Uber Unmanned Wheelchair Delxue was born.

The creation proccess

I was currently making another game to pass the time while waiting for Ludum Dare to start. It had autotiling. So I made some quick autotiling for the walls, getting the idea from the Dream Sector in Jumper2. I also made some other colored walls.

Then, I made sprited movement. You might not be able to see it in-game, but the wheel actually “spins” when you’re moving, but it stops when you stop moving. Genius!

Then, I programmed a quick platformer engine. Nothing special, although I did everything in the “step” event instead of keyboard events, because keyboard events like to conflict with one another. Which means that you would stop for a short amount of time when you jumped. Kinda inconvenient, considering how chaotic this game is.

Next, I began level design. I made a quick introductory level, featuring 0 moving parts. A lot of people had problems with this level. Failure, because you have to beat it to play the rest of the game (non-linear level path: level designer’s worst nightmare). As a result, people didn’t like it. I thought it was rather easy, although having played the game untold amounts of times, and having 3 years of platformer-game experience, that probably wasn’t a very good judgement difficulty-wise. I also made a wall tileset so platforms wouldnt’ just float there (although they do in later levels :P).

The next level introduced a gimmick used throughout the entire game: spinning sawblades! Whee! I tried to “time” the sawblades so you came up to them when they were out of the way, although this proved to be a difficult task because I could only start them at 90 degree intervals. Also, so that the sawblades wouldn’t spin off of an imaginary pivot point, I made a tileset that allowed me to make pipes. Snazzy!

The third level was an attempt to introduce the third wall color (by the way, the wall colors don’t mean anything), and the concept of waiting. Waiting. Yep, while a giant randomly-generated laser is steamrolling toward you, you have to wait. As a result, there are a few close calls. Also, the last part is kinda hard to jump over. :/

Fourth level: Giant wall of sawblades! Whee!

The fifth level introduces the pause item, which will slow down the steamrolling laser to a mere tenth of it’s original speed.

Then, the ‘game completed’ screen comes up. Party! You made it this far.

Hopefully, you didn’t quit there.

The humor proccess

At this point in making the game, I was feeling pretty worn out and silly, wanting to crank out some random gimmick, causing humor. So, I took some inspiration from Karoshi 2. If you have never played that game, go Google it. Anyways, if you have played that game, you know its random style of throwing in little injokes, or continuing the game when you try to quit. So, if you check the password box, you may notice: “Hey, I don’t remember that password being for any of the levels! So you click OK. And it goes to level six.

Level six is an abusage of pause signs. You have to go uber-fast on this level, because if you aren’t fast enough, you have to wait for the sawblade to get out of the way, and so the laser blocks off the exit. Level failed.

Then, it tells you that it’s really done now.

But it isn’t. Go check the passbox, and it’s a new password!

I had a lot of fun with this level. The original level didn’t have a pause item, yet it was still beatable. Barely. This was one of those moments when I decided to actually give the player a break.

Lookie, a new password!

This level was based off of the idea of having to backtrack a bit to make a jump, and backtracking again to win. Most levels are RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH OMG THE LASER IS CATCHING UP OMG OMG WOAH I MADE IT HOLY CRAP, but I decided to put in a little variety.

Now, it tells you there is no new password. Don’t beleive it? Go check the password box. See? same password. You must be done now. So quit.


Yeah, I felt like being a jerk.

So, this next level is based off of waiting. The jump is kinda hard to make.

Now, for the final level. This one took a while to make/beat, especially with the sawblade at the beginning. Then, I had a lot of fun with the next part. Not only is the laser on your butt, but the sawblades are nigh-impossible to navigate. A fitting last level.

Then, it thanks you for playing and says you’re done. Trust me this time, you’re done.


What I did right

I made a game.

I made it within the time limit.

It had a main menu.

I personally think it turned out really well, for a 7-hour game.

What I did wrong

Too hard!

Not enough stuff

Inconvenient menu

Lame idea (in my opinion)


I think I did well for a first time, especially considering the small amount of time I had to work on the game.

Uber Unmanned Wheelchair Deluxe: Final!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 9:26 am

Well, I added a whole lot without journaling about it. :/ Anyways, the game has a total of 10 levels. If you can only find 5, don’t worry. Instead, play some old levels. 😉 Yep. Spinning sawblades. CONTROLS: Left and right to move, up to jump. 1,2, and 3 to operate the main-menu. DOWNLOAD FROM WILLHOSTFORFOOD (becuase ludumdare refused to, for some reason) : http://willhostforfood.com/?Action=download&fileid=63345

UUWD Update: Done for the day

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 1:10 pm

I’m done for the day, I’ll continue working on the game tomorrow. I’ve gotten a working menu, and 5 levels. Can’t say much, as the “done for the day” is rather sudden, and not to my will. See ya!

UUWD Update: Passwords

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 11:24 am

So, I “cleverly” avoided making a saving system with something that actually turned out becoming harder than just regular saving: Level passwords. Each level has it’s own password, and if you enter the password into the menu, it goes to that level. Seen it before, right? Well, I took it to the next level.

The next level would be file writing. After quitting each level, it will tell you the password of the level. Then, it asks you if you want to save that password onto password.txt. If you say yes, it will write the password of the current level to password.txt, otherwise it won’t. Then, in the password section of the menu that allows to to go to a level, it will show the default password as whatever it reads in password.txt. Thus, the password default is the most previously saved-at level. Convenient. Unfortunately, this took a huge chunk of development time – I’m still working on level 3.

Also, I ate a pizza slice for lunch. I don’t have a camera, so no pic. :(

Uber Unmanned Wheelchair Deluxe

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 9:55 am

I named my game. So far, you control an automated wheelchair and navigate the trickiest urban terrain. Here’s the catch: A giant lazer is coming in after you! Here’s a little picture of preview-mode, which allows you to check out the level before you play it.Preview mode preview

Rather large screenshot. The game automatically adjusts the screen resolution to reduce blurriness. It also gives the game a “retro” look because the view in the room is 320×240, half the size of the resolution. Now, an in-game screenshot.

In game screenshot

As you can plainly see, the wall of doom is catching up on me. I intentionally did badly just so I could get the wall of doom in the screenshot. 😛

Anyways, so far, the game has 1 level, 1 tileset, 2 blocks (green and purple), a wall of doom, and a wheelchair. And don’t forget preview mode! 😀

First LD.

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 12:57 pm

So, this is my first LD. I’ll be using GameMaker to program (although if my CS4 trial didn’t run out I might’ve used Flash), and PXtone to create sounds. However, I ran into a small problem for this weekend. First, I came down with a sickness yesterday. Then, on Saturday (first day of working on the game) I have a concert to play in at about 7:00 AM. The rest of the day is free, thankfully. I’ll get most of my stuff done then. Then, the next day, I have a piano recital to attend to, AND an awards ceremony to go to. As a result, I won’t get a huge amount of production time. I’ll still try my best, though.

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