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eugman says ...

Decent game. Nice graphics. A score display would be nice. As would being able to jump with the up arrow. Not very original game however. Although the sound effects atart to sound like music after a while.

Jonny D says ...

Hot... The game is a little too random, causing me to die a lot. I swear it wasn't my fault! :)
The graphics are pretty great. The sound is not so much, but I do like the beat that gets going.

Doches says ...

I agree with eugman; some sort of progress indicator, and jumping with the up arrow would both improve this enormously.

mjau says ...

Congratulations on finishing your first Ludum Dare =)

Was a little confusing at first since the protagonist starts offscreen, and he's sometimes even obscured by platforms at the start. Also seems like the random platforms can screw you sometimes, making configurations that's impossible to jump. Apart from that the game is ok. Not terribly innovative, but it's fine for what it is.

Was about to stop playing when the faster-moving platforms started dropping, and I thought that was a nice twist until I saw that ALL the new platforms moved at the faster speed. Would've been more interesting if you mixed things up a little; a slow platform here, a faster one there, etc.

I didn't like the sound much. Better than no sound at all, but the effects you used was a little too annoying at length. The graphics is simple but works, if perhaps a tad heavy on saturated red =)

georgek says ...

Eye-catching visuals here, I liked it a lot. My only complaint is that the jumping needs to be more responsive, it didn't feel tight enough.

Covenant says ...

Except for the randomness sometimes making you loose, the game is neat... Can imagine adding some more gameplay features and making it a complete game...

Tenoch says ...

Never managed to jump on more than two tiles. It seems that you have to land exactly at the middle, which i fail to do, and even sometime it just goes through it anyway... Too bad, it looked good.

nilsf says ...

The graphics were nice (except for the player). I found the sound rather annoying though. As mentioned before sometimes impossible levels are generated and the fact that the player isn't visible when the game starts is a bit annoying. I also liked the frame.

Endurion says ...

Please provide a Windows executable

erik says ...

It's quite difficult. I couldn't reach the exit.

I'd like it if the random platform spawn was a little more forgiving. Sometimes it seemed like it was impossible not to die.

I also think the gameplay would have a better feel if the character had a little bit of momentum.

I think you choice of the red palette made your graphics look really great. Some of your animations were nice as well, though they were almost unnoticeably subtle.

Hamumu says ...

I'm not python-capable on this computer right now.
(commenting to get you X'd off!)

LunarCrisis says ...

Took me a few tries to figure out what I had to do, I kept hitting left and right then falling into the lava before any platforms were even visible =(.

After that I had some issues with sometimes falling through platforms.

Could have been much funner with some fixes/tweaks though! Also, good job on the graphics!

muku says ...

I really like the graphics in this one, the single-hue theme sets a great mood. The player sprite is a bit odd, though, but it's not too bad.

Gameplay was fun for a while, though nothing groundbreaking. It became very hard once all the platforms started falling so fast.

Some kind of score would have helped motivating me for a replay, perhaps, as would more variation. Overall, good job on your first LD effort!

agj says ...

Boo, no Windows executable.

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FINAL: Escape From Hell

Posted by (twitter: @c4llidus)
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 2:18 pm

and im done :-) first ever LD and its been a blast! Escape From Hell is done, help a dood who looks like packman’s evil half borther escape from the bowls of hell! Jump on the platforms and keep climbing, once you get high enough the exit appears. Clime too slowly and the wall of doom will destroy you ( love that animation though 😛 )

This is a pygame app, use left/right arrows and space to jump. Good luck to all those still working!l

link https://dl.getdropbox.com/u/971318/callidus_LD14_EscapeFromHell.zip

First WIP shots

Posted by (twitter: @c4llidus)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 5:04 pm

so far, so good, saving gameplay for after a power nap 😉 wish art wasn’t such a pain

First Post Ever :-)

Posted by (twitter: @c4llidus)
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 2:51 pm

Hi all Ludum Dare people!

first post, nothing much to show for the project so far, just a bunch of python code, so here is a workplace pic

work place

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