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ondrew says ...

Delicious sounds :), the graphics style was too mixed for my taste, but a wall with prosthetic teeth made up for it :).

Enjoyed playing it.

Hamumu says ...

Those teeth are indeed creepy. Pretty cool all around, just giving out an extra dose of what everybody else said on every topic.

lokijki says ...

Heheh... yep.

SethR says ...

Food...IN THE GAME?? I'll rate up your foot category just for that. The art came together nicely, but I'm going to have nightmares about those teeth...

eugman says ...

I LOVE THE THEME. Controls felt a bit akward given the isometric perspective. The game was too short. I also loved the mixed art style.

rogual says ...

Cakes, with teeth! The implied Soviet Russia joke is at once appealing and appalling. The game was fun, and the eating sound is hilarious. I also like your use of real-world photography.

I had to play it on easy, cause the cake kept eating me on hard. Might want to watch the random placement of the orange things -- it seemed unfair when they fell right near the cake.

You get 5 points for originality, because one sees very few games featuring battenberg these days.

Mike_W says ...

Very Nice - a fun enjoyable game

georgek says ...

Really cute. This gets bonus points in my book.

Doches says ...

Nom nom nom. Best sound effect ever.

robot_guy says ...

Thoroughly bizarre. Marred mainly because the controls are very strange, normally you should be moved around the isometric grid rather than the screen.

sowbug says ...

Rotating controls 45 degrees to isometric view was hard, along with watching shadows rather than falling food to predict location. Frustrating, but the novelty of navigating those two issues offset their negatives.

lucasshrew says ...

Loved the sounds...

Endurion says ...

Nice, a hungry cake :)
The controls are weird, either the scrolling or the controls need to be adjusted to the other.

nilsf says ...

I found the controls a bit uncomfortable.
On the other hand the idea of a wall of cake with teeth is delightful and the graphics are quite nice.
The falling orange jelly beans were a bit confusing despite the shadows.

Wiering says ...

Interesting controls, actually I got used to them faster than with some other isometric games. Nice game, could use some more levels.

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

DoomCake – Postmortem

Posted by
Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 7:30 am

DoomCake was my first LD entry.  It was developed in Lua, using the LÖVE 2D engine.

In making this game, I learned a bit about Lua, and a lot about cake.  Read on to find out what a sugary zombie invasion might look like…


DoomCake – final

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:59 pm

Just in the nick of time, I present…


Strange orange sweets are falling from the sky, causing sugary snacks to mutate and go crazy.  You are a stranded survivor, who must try to last long enough to be rescued by a helicopter.  The price for failure: Eaten by your own snacks!

At first, the mutated snacks are slow-moving, but the more orange sweets they eat, the faster they will approach.  To have any hope of lasting out while resuce arrives, you must eat the sweets first.

The game can be downloaded at http://www.banni.f2s.com/Banni_LD14_DoomCake.zip

If you have LOVE installed, then you can directly download/play the game at http://www.banni.f2s.com/doomcake.love

EDIT: To linkify the link, and add a .love direct download

So close…

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:38 pm

Nearly there.  Just one more sprite to finish, and I think that’s it.  So just enough time share the title screen, which I’ve now eaten :)

Now to get this thing finished up and submitted…

There’s not enought time Chloe!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:48 am

After sleeping late today, I’m needing to crack on.  Here’s the current state of play:

The backstory is something about pixel-world being invaded by the sugary-snacks-of-doom.  I think I’ve being eating too much candy this weekend…

The player is the purple cube.  The orange blobs are pick-ups.  The impending wall o’doom should be obvious.  The gameplay is basically ‘survive long enough to win’.  However right now, there is no gameplay code.  Things move around, but nothing interacts with anything else.  (Though the teeth do look pretty good when they decide to come charging forward.

Now i need to go eat.  Something non-sugary would probably be best.

At last! Progress! (kinda)

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 8:06 am

(This post manages to combine a progress report, AND a food update, in one.  How great is that?)

I’ve finally got round to writing some code.  Most of the morning I’d been waiting for inspiration, with little success.

So I decided to eat.  Again.

Then I had an idea.  After grabbing the camera and fiddling around in photoshop, I came up with…

Trust me, it will make sense later.


Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 1:44 pm

Someone at work pointed this competition out to me, so I figured why not give it a shot.  In my usual manner, preparation has only just begun.  I still don’t even know what development environment I’m going to use.

Following what seems to be tradition, here is my workspace.  complete with cat and emergency supplies (the good stuff is in the fridge!)

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