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lucasshrew says ...

Nice game, great sensation of wall of doom, i kill them and the multiply!!!

Osgeld says ...

the keyboard control seems to like death, but once i got around that i played this one for a while

Hempuli says ...

Very interesting idea, it was funny to suddenly find a wall you hadn't noticed and which had then spreaded all around.

Doches says ...

Controls seemed ok to me. Got way difficult way fast, but I was running around, trying to corral that wall!

ondrew says ...

Very fun game, but got hard really fast.

Some different type of sentries would be nice.

georgek says ...

This had a really cool visual style, though tt the same time I feel that the enemy and the base representation didn't go together well -- they seemed to be in two different graphical styles in a way with the blockiness of the enemy and the smooth roundness of the base. I guess this does make a contrast between the base and the enemy but still I would have liked the enemy squares to be a little more blobby or rounded.

This was fun and I played quite a few times, good work. I'd definitely like to see this in a longer/expanded version.

Endurion says ...

Nice. Get's difficult fast. It'd be nice if you could carry over extras between stages.

Hamumu says ...

I got defeated and I don't know why... weird game! Pretty cool, but the ability to zoom on the mousewheel is just really weird in comparison with playing it all on keyboard (and of course max zoom-out is always the only choice!). Maybe you're not supposed to be able to, and level 2 is just supposed to be really zoomed in!

mjau says ...

This got a little bit too repetitive for me.. Maybe I'm playing it wrong, but for me gameplay was reduced to simply running around in circles with space pressed. At the later levels that strategy had to be modified a bit to survive, but I just couldn't get into it. Oh well.

On the plus side, the wall really does look evil =)

sinoth says ...

Fun! At about level 3 or so the game really kicks in. Sounds fit and the graphics weren't horrible to look at. It did get pretty laggy for me toward the end of level 3 before I died, and I have a beefy machine. If the wall had been a bit less predictable it would have been more fun... such as fractal patterns, non-square sprouts, and uneven growing.

muku says ...

Neat concept, though there didn't seem to be too much strategy involved; circling the wall and placing sentries all the time seemed to work fine. Forcing the player to restart at the first level every time was a questionable choice, since replaying all those levels I already know how to beat is just a boring time sink. That didn't really motivate me to finish it. Actual gameplay was implemented solidly though.

Entar says ...

This has some potential, but as it is, I ended up just running around the wall repeatedly dropping turrets.

SethR says ...

Talk about a climactic ending! Pretty cool, I sort of wish the power-ups I were picking up had a stronger effect, I was never able to "bring back the game" after getting completely surrounded.

noonat says ...

Nice idea! The game was a bit repetitive though -- mostly involved me building turrets in circles around the wall. Would be nice if there were a bit more variety in the turrets or something to make the gameplay a bit more strategic.

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Posted by
Thursday, April 30th, 2009 5:55 am

Outline of 48hrs as I recall it…

Day before compo…

Stayed up too late on Chatroom, just getting hyped about the competition – Should have slept more.

Got up at 4am to check theme – found that it was AWOD couldn’t think of anything and went to bed.

Got up again jotted down game concept in notebook (see below)

Full Design Document

Went to work knocking together basic sprite object – I know I should have grabbed a pre-developed set of objects but at least I can refine and reuse these now!

Went for a very free form map, no tiles just objects relying completely on BlitzMax’s in built pixel perfrect collision detection.

In the first day I managed to get the basic game mechanics working block growing, turrets firing, player deploying turrets – it was now almost a game.

Went to sleep thinking about adding towns, people, animals, plants running from the AWOD… Dream on!


Day two

Added screen, levels, win/lose states, basic sound effects

Afternoon – time was running down fast added …

Powerups – providing a limited upgrade to turrets

Base something for the player to defend and powerups to appear next too

Last minute play testing

Quickly zipping and posting it near the deadline – Phew Final post

What went right…

I managed to create a game in 48 hours!

I avoided getting tied into the complexity of a tile based system, thankfully BlitzMax’s collision detection works well!

I kept the ‘artwork’ to the bare basic minimum – inspired by the BUPA adverts (Coloured circles as people)

I kept the design very simple as well.

My Keep It Simple Stupid – KISS approach worked!

What went wrong…

Wrote too much code to start with I need a basic prototyping framework for at least sprites, collision detection, screens, menu ect.

Then I could have spent more time designing filling out the game design further but staying flexible, this might have prevented the last minute addition of powerups and base leaving next to no time for game testing balancing.

Motivation wandered during day two, it was a playable prototype and therefore in theory a game, thankfully I managed to get moving again and ‘polish’ it up a bit, again a framework will make this a none issue.

I quickly realised that there was a performance issue with the block count, once you get over the 1000 mark the framerate really drops so I had to limit that.

I wanted a wrap around world where you can’t run away from the wall of doom, althought this should have been an easy thing to add I did not get around to adding it, possibly resting on my laurels a bit!

In Summary

I really enjoyed this although I wish I had setup a time laps screen capture, probably not a webcam feed ;o).

Well I must judge some more of the other amazing entries, Looking forward to the next competition already!








Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:57 pm

Here is my final entry…

You can find my submission here it’s a windows only app BlitzMax http://www.arowx.com/Arowx_LD14_AWOD.zip




Scary Wall of DOOOOM! almost…

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 10:39 am

 Well I now have a start screen with basic destructions, some sound effects and almost a game….  Just a few more things to add hmm gameplay how does that work!

AWOD start screen

Small steps…

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 2:38 pm

AWOD Alpha 2

One small step for alpha games one giant leap for this developer!

Early stages but it’s a start…

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 12:04 pm


 LD14 very Early Alpha

Still early days but it’s working with some performance issues, already!

Good Morning, Ludum Dare…

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 12:15 am

Got up to find out it was Wall of Doom, tried to think about it but fell asleep again, no inspriration other than tetris dreams!

Up just had my Weetabix breakfast and drinking a cup of tea, I’ve sketched the game design, back of napkin stuff.  Now drink tea and code! ;o)

If at first you don’t succeed…

Posted by
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 12:51 pm

Hi All, wow it’s a full version of LD, well I think I’ll just have to dust off my keyboard and give it a whirl!

I’ll be mostly using:

Language: BlitzMax

Platform: Windows

Graphics: Xara, Gimp

Sounds: mostly beeps, or microphone sillyness, no singing I promise!

Note to self get plenty of sleep, walks, fluids and the simpler the better!

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