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5parrowhawk says ...

It only gets interesting on Impossible after about 5 levels. The rest is far too easy. I found that when working into the wee hours of the morning, I grossly overestimated the difficulty of my game when playtesting - did this happen to you too?

Apart from that, pretty nice. I couldn't help but feel like the game has wasted potential, though. Also, the shooting sound FX got a little hard on the ears after a while.

hamburger says ...

Nice concept, and good for a few minutes of fun. :) I'd have preferred if you ramped up the difficulty much faster, as is it gets a little monotonous.

Endurion says ...

Could use a bit more variety.
Does anything actually change between stages?

HybridMind says ...

Too easy even on (I)mpossible! :)

Well, despite it's lack of difficult the game play, movement, and sounds made it fun for a little while. I would have liked to have some idea of score and level that I was on. Also, it seemed rather arbitrary on whether I should go into the vortex or not because the difficulty just didn't seem to go up at all.

Liked the color choices and style of the ship and people. It didn't seem to really match the font of the title though.

Think this could be a lot more fun with a little more effort.

callidus says ...

the game got too repetitive, harder difficulty would have helped greatly as well as some one off events, like a single wall surging forwarder faster for a time, to keep you on your toes. I liked the animation no the little people

nilsf says ...

Not much of a challenge, it gets boring way faster than it gets hard.

agj says ...

If you make it more frantic, you could put some MochiAds and throw it on some Flash portals and make a few bucks?

LoneStranger says ...

Impossible didn't really seem that much different than Easy. An interesting concept. I like the people effects. Like Endurion said, more variety would have been nice.

DrPetter says ...

Kind of fun for a while, but gets repetitive. I actually played through all levels on easy difficulty, and only realized I could "autofire" on the third last one or something. The difficulty ramped up VERY slowly - first 75% of the game seemed to move at about the same pace with only increasing number of guys to be rescued, then it sped up on the last couple of levels. Sounds are pretty good for what they are, and there were no major issues with controls/gameplay besides the difficulty/repetitiveness thing.

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Xue (and Crushing Pressure, too!) post-LD updates

Posted by
Sunday, September 13th, 2009 11:45 pm

I did make some updates to Xue after the compo, which I spun into my “game of the week” for this past week.

I’m not really super pleased with the result (in the end, I think the game still has too much “oooo… parallax” and not enough “wow, that was fun!”), but I also don’t have a clear direction that I’d want to push the idea in at this point, so I’m letting it stand as is for now. Maybe someday when / if I get a better sense of exactly what I want people to do in those caverns I’ll spin off a different game based on the entry.

Anyway, heres an updated screenshot (once LD was over, I immediately and shamelessly plugged in some graphics from LostGarden.com):


It’s playable online here: http://www.thewasabiproject.com/flash-games/play/play-xue/

As Kobel suggested in the comments on the entry, I did use a color matrix to tweak the background layers (actually, the original entry did that too, but it only darkened them, so it wasn’t much of an interesting effect). There are a few different “atmospheres” that the game uses for the caves, each of which fiddle with the colors of the background layers in different ways.

Gameplay-wise, I added some fireball spewing monsters, along with items that restore fuel. I also fiddled with the controls for the player’s ship (and actually I’m still fiddling with them, even with the game already released online), and adjusted the way the crystals spawn.

The map is also completely enclosed now, so there shouldn’t be any more invisible walls, and there’s no longer a way to fly off into space off the top of the map. Technically the map generation got tweaked a bit too, but nothing terribly interesting (the maps start out at half size and get scaled up, which both speeds up the generation a bit and cuts down on some annoying small-scale features).

I’m always happy to get feedback (though on this one, like I said, I’m not sure if I’ll stick my fingers into it again for a while unless a really compelling new direction for it comes up).

I also realized when I was getting ready to write this post that I never posted the updated version of my LD14 entry — so I hope nobody will mind if I tack it on here!

That entry was Crushing Pressure, and it turned into this little Flash game:


You can give it a whirl here, if you like: http://www.thewasabiproject.com/flash-games/play/play-crushing-pressure/

The original entry for LD14 had the same basic goal (rescue the little people while avoiding the walls), but it didn’t have any other obstacles to avoid (the updated version adds the DoomCubes and WhizBlades). The released version also added music, and little extras like an honest-to-goodness score counter and some quick transitions between levels. It’s still a pretty simple game, but there are a few minutes worth of gameplay hiding in there, I think.

Thanks for the feedback everyone left on both the original entries!

Crushing Pressure!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:55 pm

Ok — I fail at planning and at keeping online development journals apparently!

(I also fail at taking pictures of my tasty food stuffs, but I knew that ahead of time.)

I decided at way too close to the last minute to whip up something for this LD. (my first — which is probably why it’s been such a clumsy affair!)

In any case, it’s a little Flash game I put together with FlashDevelop (and SFXR for the few sounds it has) called Crushing Pressure (the screen shot doesn’t really do it justice, even though there isn’t that much justice to do).

It’s online and playable here:


And the source, if you like:

http://www.thewasabiproject.com/flash/ld14/AngryWaffle_Crushing Pressure_LD14.zip

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