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muku says ...

Very moody, like most people I loved the style, effective music. I feel I would have been even more impressed with it if I hadn't already played Defect, but since you credited that influence there's no problem with that. Also, the rotation was a nice twist. The text cards did stay up for too long (and might in fact have worked better as pop-ups, thus not interrupting the flow of the game).
On my first (and so far only) playthrough I felt that I didn't grasp the "story" fully, but that's probably my fault.

DrPetter says ...

Well... I don't like autonomous games. You managed to create an effective depressed/desperate mood though.

5parrowhawk says ...

Jason Rohrer called, and he wants his schtick back. ;)

For that matter, Rohrer's stuff, esp. Gravitation, is closer to what I'd call a "game". Heart does fit the formal definition of "game", but in such a loose way that I have trouble considering it one. As it is, your blog entry seems to suggest "it is a game because I intended it to be one", which really doesn't sit well with modern notions of art. Further, the very fact that there is a simple way to make it more gamey without sacrificing the artistic value (I'm sure you can guess what that is) kind of underscores the un-gameyness of the work.

Still, this is an excellent work, and I'm confident that people who try to use it as an excuse to submit flash movies for LD will be summarily scorned.

nilsf says ...

Very stylish, I loved the music, the use of color, blurring and effects (though some guys turned upside down with seemed more like a glitch).
However I wouldn't really call it a game.

dstrysnd says ...

Yeah, I agree that the text boxes pushed this over the line. Might have been better if the story was all conveyed visually.

erik says ...

Very neat, and quite stylish. I really like what you did with the camera. The whole experience reminds me of passage, but darker.

It seems that tigs people tend to do more "art-games" than the usual LD48 crowd. It makes for an interesting experience, but I suspect that your fun rating is going to suffer. :-)

Endurion says ...

Great, not much of replay value though ;)

Doches says ...

Loved the style, except for the text screens. Somehow those just jarred me out of an otherwise visually perfect experience.

lokijki says ...

Wow, awesome and creepy.

SethR says ...

Unique and interesting take on the theme.

Game? I'd classify this as a flash movie that requires you to hold down a key...

I feel depressed now...

Jonny D says ...

I won!

ondrew says ...

Not much of a game, but extremely nice presentation.

Radix says ...

Super-themey. I think the only issue with the text boxes is that they stay up twice as long as they need to. One-sentence cards can be read at a glance--and if they go too fast for some, well, that just leaves you with a semi-subliminal effect which people would think is arty and special.

superflat says ...

I already wrote a fairly ridiculous review on your original post, but I'll re-iterate here: you affected me with this work, but I'm not sure how much I liked the experience. I'm not sure you wanted me to.

It was incredibly powerful, and I understood what you where trying to achieve (I think) but I always have trouble with works without a single glimmer of hope. That said, perhaps it is in there somewhere, hidden away, or then again maybe it was consciously extracted and bottled up in your other entry!

Despite this, I think it's incredible just as a portrait of despair, looking right into the maw of the pit... You did portray these kind of emotions with an incredible synergy of light and sound, and I suppose I'm glad to have had that experience.

It's hard to review an 'game' like this. But congratulations on having the balls to produce it.

hroon says ...

I like how you don't explicitly state what the advancing wall of darkness represents - it rather generates a feeling of fatality and a sense of regret.

Everything from sound to visuals works beautifully together here.

Entar says ...

Not really what I was expecting. Kind of odd, and as others have expressed, depressing. Good style though.

Morre says ...

Conceptually interesting and a daring take on the competition. While I like a good story as much as anybody, this just about crosses the line to short film for me. I certainly wouldn't say there's any gameplay to speak of.

Great graphical style though. The music is nice and moody, and the game is impressively polished.

noonat says ...

Loved it! Great job on the music.

HybridMind says ...

Enjoyed the polish and style of this piece. Definitely agree with the other comments that the text screens were too long and kept pulling me out of the experience.

Not sure how much there is to this that I may have missed either control wise or message wise but that is ok.

The rotation and the approaching wall were subtle and nice and the music fit it well.

Oh yeah and I think if you add leaderboards to this you've got a real winner on your hands. ;)

dessgeega says ...

i like that the advancing wall in this game is psychological: that it's an advancing wall of despair. that the player has the ability to look back but never to retreat is very effective. i think the text could stand to repeat itself less, though it was smart to use those text cards to mask the protagonist's transformations.

jsb says ...

I'm haunted.
Your game challenges the definition of a game as it draws its effect from the user interaction. Although the actual interaction is minimal, I wouldn't have been far as affected if I had just passively watched a video sequence.

hamburger says ...

Beautiful visuals and a great tone. I love seeing those giant gray sprites parallaxing over each other. I'm pretty curious to see how you coded some of those visuals up, since, though I work in Flash, I don't have a lot of experience coding visual effects.... Are you going to share the source at some point? :)

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Heart postmortem, release

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 3:45 pm

Sort of a postmortem for my game, Heart. I don’t know, I just wrote about the process and a few later thoughts. You can read it in my blog.

Also, the game is finally finished. Play the release version.

So, games

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 7:56 pm

I wrote a post in my blog about what constitutes a game, due to the reception that my entry to the competition, Heart, got. I hope to bring a differing point of view into the Ludum Dare dissection table for everyone to discuss, and for all to come out more inspired to make games.

By the way, I’ll finish the game properly and then I’ll write a post-mortem. It’s not too far from finished, actually.

Heart timelapse

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 9:31 pm

Heart and Hope! timelapse video (1’06”)

Not very exciting, but I did make two games during that time, so there’s that.

edit: Forgot to mention that I used keeyai’s handy Chronolapse. :)


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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:24 pm

[edit: This is not my entry into the competition! This was posted after the deadline. See Heart for my actual entry.]

I also made another game yesterday, in two hours, during the Klik of the Month. It’s called ‘Hope!’, and since I also followed the Ludum Dare theme with it, why not share it with you, guys.

Download Hope! (Windows)


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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:52 pm

It’s actually not done, but it’s as done as it’ll get within these 48 hours. It’s mostly done, though! Enjoy.

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My first LD

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 2:56 pm

Hey, this is my first Ludum Dare—I hope I do okay. I’m having fun so far! I’m writing my game in Actionscript 3 and using the Flex SDK, so it’ll be a Flash game. I have to admit that I don’t really like the theme. My take on it is pretty conceptual, though, as you’ll find out. Here’s a screenshot of the little I have achieved so far, in the meanwhile:

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