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Endurion says ...

Quite hairy :)

FenrisWolf says ...

Pretty fun. I found that the pacing was a little off, and would always make it until the helecopter sped up, and no matter what I did I'd die after that.

sol_hsa says ...

PsySal: The hair probably refers to the player's character.

PsySal says ...

Nicely done, could use some animations on the main character to help the platforming feel. I like the basic idea though don't understand the "hair" idea (who does?)

Covenant says ...

Camera should be focusing on the player, not on the fan... I got ahead a couple of times, just to loose because I didn't see what came in front of me...
The lack of feedback on the player also doesn't help...

hamburger says ...

That was fun. The bizarre graphics and unexpected gameplay design somehow worked for me. :)

Tenoch says ...

These black things are annoying, and it's hard to see what's up there. Otherwise fun, and nice looking!

ondrew says ...

The game is too unforgiving. The long loading initial screen makes replying quite a chore.

If I jump too fast, the camera doesn't follow and I loose track of what's going on.

lucasshrew says ...

Nice to see an entry done with Blender (i want to try it, can you share the code?)

It is a good idea, may be it nees more polished MC graphics + some anims.

v1234 says ...

Wasn't entirely sure what the black things did, nothing to tell me during the game. Interesting mix of 3d and sprites.

muku says ...

What did I just play :D
Fun idea. The controls were odd, but not necessarily bad; I just found it extremely frustrating once things sped up and I practically had to hit every one of those bumpers. The graphics are strangely attractive, I have to say.

noonat says ...

The idea was good and the movement was good, but two things frustrated me: the camera didn't follow me when I got too far away from the propeller, and the things on the walls killed me. I wish the black wall blocks had just slowed me down or made me slip. As it was, I almost always died from those, and rarely from the wall of doom.

HybridMind says ...

Took me quite a bit to figure out how to survive and move around. Once I did I actually got a little hooked by this game. Unfortunately the speed ramps up WAY too fast and the full level restart eventually ends the amount of times I'll try to play it. The 'head' is very disturbing. The propellers are quite a scary deterrent indeed. The graphic style is.... weird... but I think I like it. I find the dudes grin a little too disturbing. I actually thought it was a yak or water buffalo for a long time because it just didn't look like hair hanging on a head. :)

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