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Epic Blueworm Backflip
Awarded by DrPetter
on April 22, 2009



Doches says ...

I can't jump high enough to reach the next block. Which is frustrating. Of course, the fact that I'm frustrated is sort of a good sign -- I want to get up onto that next block!

5parrowhawk says ...

(now that I managed to access it)
Hmm, this was interesting. The core concept seems very Gravity Hook. I like the jumping mechanics, but it's irritating when you just want to do a little hop but your jump bar is full.

DrPetter says ...

Hey, I can do some great acrobatics here! Half the fun was to make crazy jumps - either graceful saltos or insane crumpled sneak-throughs. It was also great that it restarted you on the same level you were on (despite the weird labeling), so you could retry until you made it. Very smooth (but I suppose the levels could have been a tiny bit more interesting).

SethR says ...

After I figured out I needed to charge up my power I was jumping like a mad man, very nice.

(You should probably have this info in-game more in your face for the jerks like me who didn't read the text in your submission post! Also good for those that link you from random places..)

Arowx says ...

I like the dynamics of this nice one!

Endurion says ...

The controls make the game pretty difficult. After reading about the jump charge i managed to win the first stage, but lost immediately on the second.
Depending on how the tail lands you're lost from the start.

erik says ...

I really like the jumping mechanic, and the physics of the character. Non-random levels would have helped, but I still had fun with this.

agj says ...

I got to like the fourth stage, where it glitched pretty hard (when it started, the 'worm' got stuck inside some platforms every time). I enjoyed it quite a bit! The mechanics are simple but engaging.

HybridMind says ...

It took awhile to get the hang of.. but then it sort of got fun. It definitely needs some work on the controls but I see some nice qualities hiding in there. I like the pleasing rotations you can get in the sphere-chain and if feels safe and satisfying to land on a platform that you know is high enough to afford you the time to charge up your jump power.

Tenoch says ...

I would have loved to play this with better levels. The graphics are really nice, and the control scheme original. As you probably know, the bad levels kinda ruin it.

skalle says ...

It's nice that you have randomized levels, which is a plus. It would be another plus if you had a few premade levels with increasing difficulty, since the random ones are pretty unbalanced. One complaint on this game would be that when the game is slowed down / laggy because the CPU can't handle it, it's really hard to play. It seems that the lava level increases in real time, while the jumping bar increases depending on the frame rate. This makes it really annoying to play when it's laggy.

superflat says ...

Great fun Orel, I always enjoy your stuff. I'm not normally much of a fan of physics sandbox games, but this had a fluidity and tightness which I think a lot of others are lacking. I think the only thing that's needed is some careful level design as people have said.

nilsf says ...

The physics are kind of fun, but the level generator ruins it in my opinion. Horribly difficult levels are mixed with trivial ones (spawning on a platform just underneath the target thingy). Perhaps pre-made levels would have been better. Even so, it was rather fun.

jlnr says ...

I usually like random levels a lot, but I'm not sure mine have been possible, even after re-reading the posting's text :)

I also didn't get along with the gameplay. I really, really think that physics games need more than 48h to be on the same level of playability than hand-tuned movement code.

Covenant says ...

Very good! I liked this one since the first test-release.

Hempuli says ...

Great fun! The character is well designed.

Wiering says ...

Nice little game, but often unplayable due to impossible levels. The jumping works very well, but it would be nice to have more energy at the start of a level.

Entar says ...

This one is pretty fun, though one thing that bothered me was that making progress seems to be penalized by the doom moving up faster.

muku says ...

Ah yes, I haven't rated this yet. The movement in this again is great fun (you seem to have a knack for that). The only thing worth considering might have been some way to control jumping strength, but it works fine as it is.

It's also pretty unforgiving; usually one mistake means you're dead. What I found most frustrating in the end is how much your success depends on what levels the Random Number God hands you, they are all over the place.

I like the clean graphics (even more so in the updated version...). I guess with the requisite polish, this could be an evergreen like Icy Towers.

noonat says ...

Pretty awesome game. The random level generation worked quite well for me. It's really fun trying to figure out how to get the worm past weird obstacles. Nice job!

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Posted by
Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 7:41 pm

dare ludic society, your positive and helpful comments “behind the curtains” really motivated me to spend more time with the game, after the compo. thank you all! …epic blueworm award? wow!! thx 😀

the game is not fully done yet, but i think it’s more streamlined now, probably still a bit too “sparse”, but hopefully not as frustrating as before to play (although the platforms are still randomized).

play it here

(source, mirror)


Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 7:44 pm

play it here

  • to start playing, click into the game window, then use then left, right, space, escape keys.
  • to jump higher, you have to wait. just rest on a platform till the blue bar on top charched up enough.
  • the levels are badly randomized, and not properly tuned yet. so if you got stuck: choosing menu > new game might help.
  • there’s no end.

(playable, but not finished (yet))

source (mirror)
(needs FlashDevelop / Flex 3 SDK )

doomdoom. unfinished but final

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:59 pm


Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 6:58 pm

hello everybody!

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2009 5:09 am

slept much too long today… first i wanted to stand up at ~4am look what the topic is, and sleep on again. ludic, ehm, lucid dreaming about something i could do. – anyway, i didn’t managed to do that :).. so. 1day, 14hours are left to pull something off. i hope it’s still okay to enter late…

i’m trying to do something in Flash, with the APE physics engine. i’ve never used actionscript before for something real, so i don’t know how far i will get. but i’ve already managed to compile physics powered swfs yesterday with Flex3 SDK + FlashDevelop… that’s a start!

here, my first, and probably final idea for what i’m gonna try to do…

(code_name: doomdoom)

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