Final Results

4.48increpare4.05Jonathan Whiting4.90increpare4.73PsySal
4.20PsySal3.89Morre4.00erik4.48Orangy Tang
4.18Jonathan Whiting3.87PsySal3.79midwinter4.43mathias
3.86Orangy Tang3.85bluescrn3.67Comtemno4.18swergas
3.75Daid3.60Daid3.57Orangy Tang4.09matrin
3.57greencow3.45Orangy Tang3.53Gilvado4.06nilsf
3.50mathias3.30Lerc3.43Jonathan Whiting4.00Jonathan Whiting
3.18threeeffhex2.82threeeffhex3.32demonpants3.74Sophie Houlden
3.09Sophie Houlden2.75Doches3.17ondrew3.55increpare
3.06swergas2.65Sophie Houlden3.06nilsf3.46Sébastien Bernery
2.71Bleck2.41Devon2.78Sophie Houlden3.29David Duarte
2.64Sébastien Bernery2.17policedanceclub2.64HybridMind3.25flgr
2.53negativegeforce2.14Sébastien Bernery2.53Devon3.18HybridMind
2.00BloodKnight99231.58OblivionCry1.79Sébastien Bernery1.83OblivionCry
1.77Frimkron1.56BloodKnight99231.71David Duarte1.75Lorax
1.56David Duarte1.13David Duarte1.32pansapiens1.00Zak_Spark

4.59Jonathan Whiting4.25dock4.48Hamumu4.57Hamumu
4.44sol_hsa4.19midwinter4.14DrPetter4.29Sébastien Bernery
4.43increpare4.18jlnr3.87Doches3.84Sophie Houlden
4.33PsySal4.09Jonathan Whiting3.86Comtemno3.83Fiona
4.10Orangy Tang3.88Fiona3.61dessgeega3.63PsySal
3.81Doches3.82Orangy Tang3.50demonpants3.33greencow
3.45erik3.70Sophie Houlden3.39Jonathan Whiting3.15brandonman
3.36greencow3.57OblivionCry2.92mathias2.88Jonathan Whiting
3.22Sophie Houlden3.48increpare2.75pansapiens2.78Devon
2.94GBGames3.07mathias1.60Sophie Houlden2.57dock
2.85HybridMind3.00GBGames-David Duarte2.30Orangy Tang
2.69Devon2.86greencow-Sébastien Bernery2.14Daid
2.55Jerm2.75David Duarte-ragnor1.67erik
2.45FourEyes2.62crc-Orangy Tang-David Duarte
1.79Sébastien Bernery2.17SpaceManiac-GBGames-matrin
1.75David Duarte2.09brandonman-flgr-Frimkron
1.71BloodKnight99231.93Sébastien Bernery-Devon-flgr

4.50bluescrn4.64demonpants4.75Jonathan Whiting4.44increpare
4.00Daid4.33Jonathan Whiting4.54demonpants4.00flgr
3.35Jonathan Whiting2.89increpare3.87HybridMind3.50threeeffhex
3.29ondrew2.70Sébastien Bernery3.64matrin3.33dave1
3.27Sophie Houlden2.50mathias3.38pansapiens3.29PsySal
3.25pansapiens-Zak_Spark3.33Fiona3.25Jonathan Whiting
3.25jlnr-David Duarte3.27midwinter3.22nilsf
3.20Orangy Tang-SpaceManiac3.20SpaceManiac3.17demonpants
3.07negativegeforce-jhauberg3.15mathias3.13Sophie Houlden
2.91Fiona-Orangy Tang2.82Orangy Tang2.83Sébastien Bernery
2.85nilsf-MrPhil2.67Sébastien Bernery2.83Doches
2.75GBGames-Lorax2.27MrPhil2.71Orangy Tang
2.69threeeffhex-Jerm2.00Sophie Houlden2.50greencow
2.60Jerm-greencow1.80David Duarte2.50bluescrn
2.58Frimkron-Sophie Houlden1.70PsySal2.44Bleck
2.18Bleck-Doches1.38Lerc-David Duarte
2.08Sébastien Bernery-Devon1.33jlnr-jhauberg
1.86David Duarte-Daid1.13Lorax-jovoc

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Posted by
Sunday, December 21st, 2008 10:33 pm

I’d like to thank everyone for helping out with my first experience in LD, especially on the IRC. I was dumbfounded as to what to do with the theme of Roads, but thanks to just randomly typing on the IRC, I got my idea (Very poor, but an idea nonetheless). I know my entry failed, and broke a few rules (audio, pictures of chuck norris 😉 ), but I had fun with it, which is the most important part. I’m eager to see what we have next time around. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea of what to expect of everyone else, and what to do. See you all when LD 14 comes about!



Iron Roads – Thanks

Posted by (twitter: @xMrPhil)
Sunday, December 21st, 2008 8:37 pm

I just wanted to thank all the people that graded my unfinished game.  I’m very apperciative of all the encourging comments.  Many of you will be happy to know that I’ve continued to work on the game and will keep you posted!  Finally, thanks to the mysterious super secret ludum dare organizers.

LD13 Winners announced!

Posted by (twitter: @ludumdare)
Sunday, December 21st, 2008 8:13 pm

Congrats to increpare, bluescrn, PsySal and to all the rest!  And a big thanks to those who stuck around to vote on every entry.

Get the results here!

Post Mortem + Control Improving Update

Posted by (twitter: @whitingjp)
Sunday, December 21st, 2008 10:38 am

Right, now that I’ve taken steps to correct the control irritations in Only Forward (see below for the updated version) this seems like a good time to write up a postmortem for the competition.

What I aimed for:

LD13 was my first Ludum Dare competition, and whilst I’ve previously dabbled in coding with tight time limits it’s the first games competition I’ve entered into, so it was all pretty new to me.

My goal from the start was to try and make a game that was essentially complete/polished etc.  I was less worried about managing something technically impressive, or dramatically original, I just wanted to *finish* something in the time.  This ended up shaping the majority of the game, I picked the concept I did because it required minimal simulation, the graphical style because I wouldn’t need to make too much etc. etc.

What went well:

I’m really happy with the direction I took, and particularly my choice to bite off as little as possible.  I ended up being able to get the core gameplay, graphics etc. down very quickly, and that left me with a lot of time to polish and polish.  Were it just a prototype (say what I had at the end of day one) I’m not convinced it’d have been very good, but I’m pretty happy with the fleshed out version.

Following (not quite to the letter, but not far off) the Survival Guide paid off to, it’s a very good set of advice.  I think even the time I spent blogging/on irc/or cooking all ended up helping me keep sufficiently distanced to be able keep polishing and improving something despite being so close to it for such a short length of time.

What went badly:

The controls!  I was a little bit worried about them from the very start, and with all the time I spent polishing the rest of the game I could have easily taken the hour or two I’d have needed to do something less frustrating.  I think the problem was that by the time I had the free time to deal with such things I was so familar with the controls I’d put in earlier on that they just felt natural to me.  I should perhaps have got more feedback during development (and listened more to that I did get).

The other issue was that I couldn’t really see a simple solution and I didn’t want to spend time faffingiaround on something that might not have even worked.  The solution now seems very trivial with the benifit of hindsight, you just allow directions to be pre-selected before the junctions.  It’s the only thing I’m *really* unhappy with in the game, and as such I spent a little time fixing it.  The updated version can be downloaded from it is perhaps worth mentioning that the only thing I’ve changed is the controls, and also that if you’re still judging entries do play the genuine entry instead. The updated version for the unlikely event that anyone wants to play a better version after they’ve made their mind up.


Wow, that was a bit more epic than I was expecting, congratulations if you’ve just struggled through all of it!

Overall I really enjoyed the competition, I’m definitely looking forward to the next one (fingers crossed I’ll be able to enter it).  It was all a lot of fun, and some extremely impressive stuff was done (just not by ‘safe option’ me).  I’m quite looking forward (only forward, har har..) to seeing the results tomorrow too, I never thought I’d care about that side at all, but it’s kind of exciting nonetheless.

Rara Racer Mac Build

Posted by
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 8:36 pm

I’ve made a direct mac port, it’s available here:

OSX 10.5 (2.3MB)

It’s identical to the windows one. I had been meaning to tidy up both a little bit before this release, but I haven’t had time.

Also, I’d like to say that I had a lot of fun this competition and, though it took some not inconsiderable amount of time time, and also playing through what entries I could; some really beautiful stuff came out of this competition. I look forward to the next one…

Ludum Dare #13 Postmortem : Badass Frog & game dev for mobile devices

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 5:38 pm

Badass Frog postmortem – the ‘meh’ factor

After my LD #11 ‘Minimalist’ entry was voted “most innovative” game, I’ve been trying to pride myself as “that guy that makes innovative games”. So I thought long and hard about the theme for LD #13, “Roads”, trying to come up with something innovative. But the creative juices just weren’t flowing, and it didn’t happen (I’d also just bought Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip for Wii, which was taking time away from ‘designing time’). After 12 hours, with no good ideas for a game I was actually enthused about making, I decided to make a simple Frogger clone – at least this way I could hone my Processing skills, and learn the ins-and-outs of Mobile Processing.

Some thoughts about developing for mobile devices

Turns out there is a whole “other world” of mobile development that I just hadn’t really thought all that hard about. (more…)

BLDR Postcompo, Coming Soon!

Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 3:21 pm

I’ve begun work on the BLDR Postcompo version! The general consensus seems to be that this is necessary. I shall also be using the first versions of my LD/game library I’m developing as a wrapper around SDL. I’m open to suggestions! My current list…

  1. New name – Some people seemed to think BLDR was related to towlr, and some vowels would be nice.
  2. Improved graphics – The art was meant to be “temporary”, but all too often in Ludum Dare temp art becomes final.
  3. Modify to use the new library – save code space, etc.
  4. More gameplay elements – at least a few, though I’ll try to squeeze as much as I can out of the basics
  5. The roads – perhaps some changes to the way the road system works
  6. Animations – so when you die you don’t just get teleported back to the beginning
  7. Level editor – level editors are always nice
  8. In-game instructions – in-game instructions are always nice
  9. More levels – of course more levels
  10. Enhanced menus – ways to access all the new features

And I think that’s it about now… time to get going! Comment!


Posted by
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 1:44 pm

Thanks for all the comments so far! I’ve enjoyed seeing how everyone has liked the game.

Here are a few responses to some of your comments:

– Anyone who said there needs to be a restart button:
I fully agree, so I added one after the contest was over. There are also multiple difficulty levels in it.

– Anyone who said that it takes too long to load at first:
It’s because the sound files are wav, I’ll put them in ogg at some point. This loading time will only happen once, however, as it caches this data on your hard disk. So once you’ve loaded it once (basically equivalent to downloading it) then you won’t have to again for longer than half a second.

– Anyone who said it would freeze and suddenly rush forward:
I don’t know why I did this, but I definitely spent more time to get a dynamic frame rate going, instead of a fixed one. This was I guess to allow slow motion / ultra speed (you can see that easy mode is slower overall than hard), but I also wanted it to be able to adapt to any computer speed so it would be able to play effectively the same speed no matter what it was on, it would just skip frames. Unfortunately, when a ton of particles fly down this actually causes it to skip a bunch of frames. So I’ll either make it take a frame rate average for a longer period of time or I’ll remove this.

– In response to ondrew saying “I have to give technical 1 for the Java App Deployment stuff.”
I have no idea what you’re talking about and I don’t feel this is justified. Did you give me a technical of 1 because you just don’t like Java, or what? Java is a full fledged programming language and does no more for you than C++. I made it in Java because I prefer Java and because I’m on Mac, therefore it’s more accessible to me. Not because it’s easier or something. All of the technical impressiveness of this game (read: particle effects) would have been exactly as difficult on C++. It’s all using direct OpenGL access  which is equivalent in Java and C++. Please edit your review to explain exactly what you mean by “Java App Deployment Stuff.” Thanks.

– In response to Morre:
I totally agree with you, actually. It’s got sort of the basic gameplay in it but not enough variety to be one of my favorite pastimes. If you’re interested, you can try the post-LD version which improves the scoring a lot, adds in a harder (and an easier) difficulty, and also  fixes that score increase bug.

Thanks again, everybody! Hopefully my comments have been helpful as well.


Posted by
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 8:18 am

Sorry about not being around lately to read comments or judge anything. My internet utterly and completely died. Finally managing to get on now at school, I’ll try and get a few more judged and sorry about the rapidshare link, I know it’s terrible but I didn’t have the time (or bandwidth sadly) to be able to search for a more reliable site. Thanks for the comments, I’m thrilled that people are actually looking at it.

updated version

Posted by
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 4:40 am

I realize the compo version had some bugs. One critical bug was I didnt set the frame delta float variable. So when the game loop updated the positions of the player the player was teleported 10 trillion light years away because the delta was so high.

With version 2, there are now 2 levels and a respawn feature. For anyone that had problems with the compo version, I don’t think it would be a problem to vote with this version if you only play level 1.

Enjoy! 4.0mb

Late windows port

Posted by
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 4:11 pm

A friend of mine helped me to port my game to windows just after the compo but there were some problems and i didn’t have time to deal with them. Because of that windows port was pretty useless, but now with the help of another friend i manage the got another windows port of my game. I hope this one works.
Click here to download windows port of On The Road.

Technical hints / feedback

Posted by
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 1:32 pm

Thanks for the feedback so far. Just a quick technical update:

If the menu makes problems try typing the Letters (H) for Help, (Q) for quit and (P) for Play instead of using the mouse. (Escape takes you back to menu and from there out of the game as well). Blender as a 3D App calculates the camera, mouse position and menu surfaces in 3D space to determine if a “menu button” is “pressed”. It seems sometimes it gets a little confused. I am confident the great developer community at will work that out.

The link to the file ( does work. People have tested it several times. If you don’t get to the file please check your ad-blocking software.Also the file in the megapack works. I have tested it on two machines (Vista SP1 and XP SP 3).

Again, another possible solution is to see if you can run Blender by installing Python 2.5.2. from here and Blender 2.48a from here following the instructions for the MSVCPP redistributables as well.

If Blender runs, the game should run as well.-

Everything rated / Postmortem

Posted by
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 12:55 am

I have finally rated everything that I can possibly run (on Mac OS X or with Boot Camp in Windows), and phew that was a challenge. Now I see why we have 2 weeks to vote. :)


I’m glad I finally got to do a LD48. I’ve been making games for something like 12 years now so I’m happy I can still find the time to do it even though I’ve got a full time post-college job now. As a personal note, I think I chose a gameplay idea that was the perfect level of simplicity for a 48 hour contest, and I think I executed it as well as I could have hoped. This is my second timed competition, and although both times it has come down to the last few minutes for me, I’m surprised at how well I’ve been able to execute a simple idea without adding too many bells and whistles. As someone who has a few games I’ve spent years on and almost none I did in a few days, this is pretty big for me.

I’m sort of ashamed at my game’s racism at this point, though. Although I’m a person who strongly believes in the value of nearly crossing the line for comedy, I actually managed to annoy some people on this, which wasn’t my intention. I figure because it’s so pixelated and poorly drawn nobody would mind so much. In order to get that risky comedy I think I alienated a few people from my possible audience, but that’s life I suppose.

I think maybe I’ll update it so you’re a redneck with a shotgun shouting, “Yeehaw, pa, relawd!”

Would that make it more appropriate? :)

Badness aside, having gone once into the foray of stupid bad racist humor, I think I’ll stay out of it in the future.

And while I’m here, a plug for my website which has some other (most incomplete) games.

Post Compo Food Photo

Posted by
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 9:21 pm

My Significant Other was disappointed to discover that the fancy salad she made me for lunch on the Sunday of the competition didn’t make it into my food journal because even though I took the photo, I was too busy implementing last minute game play to write the post.

So, here it is.  Pears soaked in craberry juice, roasted almonds and brie cheese with mixed greens.  Very tasty.

Windows port

Posted by
Saturday, December 13th, 2008 3:19 pm

After lots of frustration and a visit to my parents’ house (they have computers with windows; what an odd idea…), I made a windows version. Hopefully it will work on other computers as well. It is exactly the same as the compo version except for some fiddling to get it to load the (default!) font. I also noticed an annoying bug while testing, but I’ll release the fix later in the post-compo version.

If you’re masochist enough to be using Windows check it out: Voyage (for windows)

Speed Issues Road To Pain

Posted by
Saturday, December 13th, 2008 12:03 am

I’ve updated the Zip file, and I believe the problems with speed should be fixed. I never did get around to actual sound effects by the way. Only sound is in “Pure Pwnage” mode.

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