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Jonathan Whiting says ...

The game was presented pretty well, which meant I wanted to like it. Sadly there were just way too many frustrating things about it for me to do so. Firstly, and most crucially it doesn't quite fit on my 1024x768 screen, even with browser maximized.

The general gameplay physics, collision detection etc. feel pretty good, but the game is very hard, and unfortunately not in the "I'll just have another, see if I can nail it this time" way.

Finally it's barely on theme (protect the sideways road that flips gravity, umm eh?!)

It has potential, but it just doesn't realise it at all I'm afraid.

erik says ...

Lots of neat ideas, with many interesting things going on. It just didn't quite feel fun though. Maybe if it was easier to get around the level, and the player attacks were more powerful?

MrPhil says ...

First, I hate platform games in general. So my rankings are probably extra harsh, sorry about that. You did well to have a playable game and I can appreciate that. For me, I hate repeatedly trying to get things just perfect. In this case I lost my patience before even getting past the tutorial.

Hamumu says ...

Something very off with the physics here! The super floaty sideways movement when you jump is crazy, and the springs never seemed to do the same thing twice (or, more accurately, they'd be useful once, then after that they'd consistently send me about 2/3as high). Because of the spring stuff and general crazy difficulty, I never got past the third level! Red stuff hurts.

demonpants says ...

I'll agree with everyone who posted already when I say that the biggest problem I noticed was the control/physics. It felt a little hokey and more like if (right.isDown()) position.x += 5; instead of if (right.isDown()) velocity.x += 5; This is most crucial for the jump, where the control gets pretty wonky.

The levels are well designed, however, and it was pretty fun.

DrPetter says ...

I was going to bitch about how the road was a really random element in this game, but eventually I got past the first gravity inversion level and onto the escort one. At that point it got a bit more "sensible". It also got harder, in a different way. I gave up. Would have been nice to get some higher framerate (I saw maybe 15 fps), as it would have made it more comfortable to play. Turrets were a bit overly aggressive and numerous early on. Player offensive capabilities were odd and limited. Anyway, I sort of like it. Mostly because hamumu dislikes it.

Doches says ...

I really, really like the game you almost made. The inlined tutorials, the minimalist platformer -- all very cool. A little on the difficult side, though.

Even past level 3 the 'roads' theme is a bit of a stretch. Still, neat idea.

PsySal says ...

I like the graphics and the game has a lot of polish. Game was overall a bit too hard, easier difficulty would have helped it for sure!

Granted I didn't get to level 3 but I do have to agree that this wasn't exactly on-theme =)

ondrew says ...

Very nice platformer. It has nothing to do with the theme (I don't count the escort trucks level, which felt very forced), but anyway it was real good fun.

The physics is a little bit of, but I know how hard it is to do proper platformer physics, so I was quite happy with it.

The gravity flip was awesome, that really messed with my head :) - lots of towlr for that.

Gilvado says ...

Thought this was pretty awesome. It's definitely too tall (the screen), which I was guilty of as well :P. I found controlling the game when you were upside down quite difficult, which only compounded the general difficulty of the game (which was very high). I felt that having a respawn after 5 or 10 seconds, and lower starting health, would have worked better than just killing you off completely, and high starting health.
I got to the first level where you had to escort the ambulances, so not very far.

greencow says ...

fun game, lobbing dots and moving turrets, cool gravity flip

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The game is finished!

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:30 pm

And I’m very tired.

But quite happy with what got done in a weekend – didn’t even start till saturday!

The game is here, plays in browser, so give it a go, all feedback welcome :)


1) Getting some comments on adherence to theme. The first 3 levels, as I said in the manual, are just tutorials. The game proper, and hence the use of the road, doesn’t start till after that. Seems people aren’t willing to put in the time to get good at the physics – that’s my fault, retrospectively I should have pitched it at an easier difficulty level.

2) It’s partly hard, because it’s not an established paradigm – I wanted to do things a bit differently, turn the gameplay on it’s head, so to speak, so there’s new skills to learn.

I’ll give 3 awards to the first three people who complete it, bronze, silver, and gold. To claim, post up a screen shot of the game completion screen. It’s definitely possible to complete, I’ve done it :)

2.5) Some people mightn’t realise you can shoot enemy turrets with your mouse. That stops them killing you and makes it a bit easier.

3) Ok, so people are having difficulty with the resolution. It only requires 800×800 as an app, but if this is too much for you, download the projector version and resize that, as I mention in the comments and on the webpage.


Gameplay features image

Dawn, LD style

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 12:13 am

Just became dawn, on day two.

Coding all night. Even so, taking it easy, not working at the same frentic page as last time.

Have got a fair bit done at the same time, game is shaping up to be quite different, but should be fun.

Hoping to get mostly code complete tonight, to allow time to balance it a bit tomorrow.

Also including a screen shot of the game as it stands – haven’t done much graphical work yet – that’s tomorrow…


Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2008 8:01 pm




Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2008 7:58 pm

Hello World.

Back for another LD… should be fun! Hopefully focus more on gameplay, and less on a large and complex architecture!

Will know the theme shortly.

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