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Jonathan Whiting says ...

A very slick well implemented game, with some nice touches. I particularly like the concept of refueling with cards. The only real let down is it felt too luck based for the gameplay to really appeal to me, the concepts of blocking other cars etc. make it feel possible to be far more tactically rich (and therefore, for me, fun), but the board used doesn't really feel like it's taking advantage of it.

Oh, and much thanks for putting the MegaPack together, very handy :)

Orangy Tang says ...

Nice! Couldn't quite figure out the refueling business, though. I'll have to try this against some actual people. :)

Would have been nice to have a few different tracks too, so there's more options for tactical play.

Doches says ...

Hooray, boardgame! Lots of polish, lots of shininess. I'm not sure if there's any strategy other than simply choosing the highest card, but still fun, somehow.

DrPetter says ...

Nicely polished, this one. Upon starting it I dreaded what could be a long dull while trying to figure out the card-based gameplay, but it was really more of a dice affair and thankfully very simple.
I forgot about refueling on my first lap and managed to get snugly into the pits on my last card after the second lap - phew. After that I apparently won the race, although it kept going until I ran out of cards before announcing me as the winner.
The neat swooshy card/move transitions along with the puffy smoke particles really do a huge amount to make the game enjoyable and stylish. Without them it'd be rather clunky.
You get a 4 in food for the caserole, I bet it looked great.

erik says ...

Neat idea, and I like the car animations. The refueling wasn't obvious. I did like the strategy elements.

midwinter says ...

Looks great, I think you did fantastically on the graphics and on the polish! One quick bug -- if you select a card, then click somewhere other than the tile you'd like to move, it wastes your turn. :(

In terms of fun, it doesn't feel as though there's much strategy or skill to be had -- I essentially had to choose the one card greater than one each time, and in terms of that it was more clicky than skillful.

Still, excellent polish -- aside from the gameplay, I think this was excellently implemented!

PsySal says ...

Nicely done, I think the game mechanic needs balancing but it makes sense and could be fun. As it is it feels a bit random. Really well polished, and a great use of the theme.

Hamumu says ...

Doing a board game is a fun idea, and it's well-done... but unless I'm missing something major, it just comes down to completely random rolls, like a less advanced version of Chutes & Ladders. I know there's the refueling, and the blocking of paths, but that doesn't actually seem to impact the game any. I only saw one path blocked in an entire game, and that was by chance. I like the cars and how they zip along though (apparently off-roaders!).

demonpants says ...

I'll second Hamamu in saying that it just seemed like glorified dice rolling to me, except that sometimes you run out of cards.

The graphics and concept are great, though.

ondrew says ...

Very nicely polished game, the cars moving effect was very nice. Unfortunately there is not much of a gameplay to speak of. There is no better strategy than to pick the highest number.

Gilvado says ...

First of all -- thanks for putting together the megapack. Very helpful.
As for the game, I liked the overall look and feel of how it played, but I felt that the map wasn't well balanced to bring out really tactical gameplay, especially with the cards mechanic. Too much randomness. I felt that a more deterministic mechanism to control how far you move would have worked better, along with a map that had more restricted movement.
Still, all that being said, it's fun! I'll be trying it out with some friends soon, I think.

caturday says ...

Very well done. Extremely well polished. Strategy. Fill up? All in 48 hours? Amazing!

(Only minor quirk would be to fix graphics so that dust trail remains on board. Still, for 48 hours, minor quirks are to be expected.)

HybridMind says ...

enjoyed the polish and animations of cars and cards. agree with other reviewers that the strategy was too much like dice and became a click fest. also only blocked car once. did manage to refuel. really like idea of stack of cards as representing fuel though, that is nice touch. just needs a bit more strategy and gameplay. also -- Thanks for megapack!!

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Roads of Dare 1.0 FINAL

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:00 am

The main menu of Roads of Dare

Download here

Other screenies, time log and the above download here

It’s a board game for 1-3 human players, with AIs taking over the other 1-2 cars depending on how many humans there are. Cars can’t jump over each other, so if there’s no free lanes, you can block the traffic. Different routes are longer than others, and it’s possible to run out of gas.

Everyone plays with the same cards, only shuffled differently. Have fun!

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