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on May 23, 2008



Hamumu says ...

I rated this fairly high! It's super cool! Okay, it's not a game, but it's cool. Somehow. I like defeating the shovel.

Morre says ...

Game crashes on me, even though I have everything I need... I think? Unless it requires more libs than your LD12 entry?

I'm giving you a score for journal because of the awesome screenshot! :)

crc says ...

Nice approach, even if it didn't make it into a game.

ondrew says ...

Loved the music, put me in proper winter mood.

It's a pity there isn't more gameplay, I really like the idea.

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Calling it quits

Posted by (twitter: @jacobhauberg)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:00 am

Aw man, i’ve just been lacking inspiration this entire weekend, and it does not seem to get any better. So i’m going to cut my losses and call it quits now. I really hate doing that, but I just can’t see it happen this time.

I did make a little thing, though. It has zero gameplay, but it does have a bunch of pretty snowflakes trickling down the screen. Hopefully i’ll be more into it for the next mini!


Requires the usual bad guys:

XNA FX3 and

.NET 3.5

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