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demonpants says ...

Hm says the application configuration is incorrect and then fails to launch. I'm playing on Windows.

MrPhil says ...

Too buggy to play unfortunately. My biggest problem is I got stuck at a rest stop or whatever, text ran off the screen and I never figure out how to leave.

matrin says ...

Well, that was... really boring. I don't think it ran fast enough on my m achine though. The car were moving backwards,the controls were uncomfortable. Better luck next time.

Gilvado says ...

Drove down the rode for what seemed like forever. Decided to drive off the road when I was down to 1000 left, because I was bored. Died instantly. I don't doubt something interesting would have happened when I stopped, but it took way too long, and I decided not to do it again. I'd prefer if the distance you have to go at the start was more like... 1500 instead of 10000.

PsySal says ...

I really liked the title screen and graphics, but it was hard to understand how to play which makes it difficult to assess it fairly.

I like the use of the theme though, post apocalypse and roads blends well and is interesting.

Good technical accomplishment, I think it was a pretty ambitious concept...

Hamumu says ...

Apparently, this application's side-by-side configuration is incorrect. The front-to-back configuration must've been okay though, because it didn't mention that. Nonetheless, I couldn't run it.

Devon says ...

said configuration was incorrect and wouldn't run on windows

swergas says ...

it's obviously unfinished and very buggy (we suddently die, or see unexpected things, text goes beyond the screen...) so that we can't play normally for more than 2min without having to reload the game. but if it were more polished it would certainly have given a very good result. i like the photos and the ability to save the game, but the rest is not that good

sol_hsa says ...

Seems to require debug versions of msvc90 runtime, and possibly other things as well. The application configuration error comes from a bad or missing manifest, I guess.

dstrysnd says ...

Didn't run.

HybridMind says ...

graphics were good. concept sounded cool. the gameplay I could figure out was really boring though. I was very confused from the start. Figured out on map you click the mouse to initiate move and that then it goes to zoom in on road. Then on the road you use the keys. My car had a gun on it but I couldn't fire it. It also was very slowly paced and having to travel 10000 units took a couple minutes. I stuck it out only to come to rest on the map in the dirt somewhere south of Shell City. I then clicked Shell City because I really wanted to see something and the car headed north and then zoomed in and said '10000' slow grueling units and I quit... ;) Basically needs some major pacing and gameplay adjustments I'd say. Also, maybe a help screen or something about what you are supposed to do and the controls. Once again, great job on the graphics!

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Late windows port

Posted by
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 4:11 pm

A friend of mine helped me to port my game to windows just after the compo but there were some problems and i didn’t have time to deal with them. Because of that windows port was pretty useless, but now with the help of another friend i manage the got another windows port of my game. I hope this one works.
Click here to download windows port of On The Road.

On The Road [FINAL]

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 6:38 pm

On The Road is a small post-apocalyptic rpg game with cars. It should have been a better game but i had to cut lots of features and stuff to finish before the deadline. But after the deadline, i’ll continue working on this.

Here is my devlog.

And here is the linux binary&source codes. I’ll post windows binary tomorrow.

UPDATE: Windows port is here.

Finally I have got something to show

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:42 am

Yes! First screenshot of my game. From the main menu. Nothing much, but still nice :).

And here is my devlog.

My game is a post-apocaliptic rpg with cars and dangerous roads. It is going to be like Fallout meets Road Fighter.

Right now i’m finishing menus. Still no gameplay but fear not! I think i’ll finish this baby.

Hey there

Posted by
Thursday, December 4th, 2008 4:25 pm

Hello everyone. As you can see i’m new here, and i plan to participate in LD13. I’ll use my own game framework, which uses, Opengl, SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image etc. You can find the library here. Right now, there is only an old version is available from the sf.net project site but i’ll upload the current version before LD13 starts. Also i want to apologize for the damage you’ll suffer from graphics i’ll make for my game. It will be hard but i’ll do my best :).

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