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mathias says ...

I really liked this one, everything about it! Intro/Outro is just great, driving is a lot of fun!

Orangy Tang says ...

Very surreal, yet strangely compelling.

dave1 says ...

I know that you can't include the night cruising music in the grading, but with it this was a 6! Felt like I was really driving down the highway. Lots of fun.

MrPhil says ...

Fun! Make my eyes water just like the real road.

erik says ...

Very games-as-art. It's neat. I want to find the end, but don't seem to have enough patience for that much driving.

matrin says ...

Looks like a winner. Great game. :D

Hamumu says ...

I'm wondering how I earned "For a moment you almost forgot about her (+500)"! This is really nifty and makes me want to play more to find out what there is to find. It's really weird how it handles the events though. Like when you get gas, you can get it over and over for no reason, and (I think every time), when you return to the road, there's always another gas station right away. I think it's the same one, but it's confusing either way.

Really impressive and cool all around. I don't know if it's fun to play, but it's sure got a mood and evokes feelings.

demonpants says ...

I thought it was pretty good, but a lot of things needed to be tweaked, in my opinion. Basically roads would get too long and uninteresting (especially on range roads or county roads) and cars would always randomly pull into the passing lanes to the effect that you couldn't pass them. Finally the direction of the game is unclear and the merciless one-death-means-it's-over seems unnecessary in a game like this, especially when you die because the cars ahead of you are moronic in a county road and you literally can do nothing, being boxed in, so they kill each other and you and that's that.

But it definitely was something I wanted to get to the end of, the story and the ambience were just incredible. It would just be better if it wasn't so merciless so that you could actually get to the end without too much trouble. The interest is not in the challenge for me, but in the story.

crc says ...

I liked: humor, story, polish

Could be improved: innovative elements

I'm going for a drive...

increpare says ...

A very beautiful game. I will bemoan the lack of sound mainly.

Smaller things:

maybe a fullscreen mode would have helped with the ambiance further? (or just appeased people who like to run things full screen maybe...)

oh, one other thing actually: the '500m' notices don't match up with the progress gauge (or maybe it does?)

also, on one or two occasions, I found that my alignment with the lanes was a bit borked, but...hardly serious complaints....

I very, very very very strongly look forward to a further polished-up version of this.

HybridMind says ...

I think i'll have to try playing again when less tired. I like the story and narrative elements. I really like the style of the line art and colors and driving is definitely fun if a bit too easy to die it would seem. it hints at plenty of things to discover if one gives it some more time. very cool all around!

ondrew says ...

The graphics, physics and the backstory really match up nicely and give you a real "I'm on a highway" feeling.

sol_hsa says ...

Real art.

Gilvado says ...

Thought that it was a very interesting premise, and mostly well executed. Reminds of Jason Rohr's games -- Passage and the like. Felt that a game where you explore themes like this doesnt work well with an instant death mechanic. After exploring it for a while and then dying, I didn't want to have to go through all the early stuff again to find out what happens.

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Night Cruising Windows Version, Timelapse

Posted by
Monday, December 8th, 2008 12:54 pm

Heya! I’ve updated my Final entry to include a Windows download (this is a direct port, NO changes or bugfixes so it’s part of the final compo version) and I will put up the source code too. Meanwhile, here is a timelapse video of me making it:

Night Cruising Timelapse on YouTube

Final Entry: Night Cruising

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 6:31 pm

Here is a game, it’s a narrative about a man who has lost something, and is trying to replace it.

Download for Linux

Download for Windows

Download Source Code

Drive down the highway, taking stops along the way. Arrows are all
you need for driving, and use spacebar for story sequences.

You get points for:

1- travelling KM
2- passing cars
3- bonuses

The game is (should be) winnable, I haven’t won it yet but everything
is in place. I’ll have to try it tomorrow just to make sure.

No sound effects, only one type of vehicle, and some other ideas
that I had for it didn’t make it in, but overall I’m quite happy.


PS: If you’ve got the song “Night Cruising” by Fishmans, that would be
an excellent soundtrack.


Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2008 2:36 pm

It’s got basic graphics, sound, and lua interface stuff, as well as some handy things like random number generation, file load/save, fonts, matrix math and a few other odds and sodds. But it’s a major hodge-podge!

Notably missing is any kind of physics, but that doesn’t matter… This is just enough (well, plus a bit) to let me write my game in LUA with custom rendering stuff in C++, which is what I want.


Good luck everyone!

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