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Jonathan Whiting says ...

Despite the primitivness it has a certain challenging charm to it. It's also surprising and just how much the scrolling 'camera' makes to the game.

Amused me for a little while anyway. Cool that it's for a phone, and cooler still that you made sure it run well without :)

erik says ...

Well... it's basically frogger, and direct remakes of classics never really score well in LD48s. I died a couple of times when there were no cars near me.

It's pretty cool that it will run in a web browser, on a desktop and on a cell phone. I've finally seen evidence of java delivering on its cross platform promise.

demonpants says ...

I agree, it's basically just frogger. But I did have a surprising amount of fun with it despite its simplicity. There is also something a little wrong (maybe it's just too strict) with the collision detection.

nilsf says ...

It reminds me a bit of an old game. ;)

Hamumu says ...

Hey, did you know you can go backwards all you want from the start? It's a little weird. Otherwise, yeah, frogger clone. Lots of tech points for making it for such exotic and numerous platforms.

dave1 says ...

Nice frogger clone..

DrPetter says ...

Yipe. It's nasty how cars keep crunching your corpse over after you're dead.

Frogger sure is a neat ol' design. I had fun with it, getting some thrilling close call moments. Obviously not original though :)

Humosour (wow, fancy sp) story attempt worked in the sense that I went into the game with a smirk rather than a mood of neutral criticism.

PsySal says ...

Ah, froggy! Nice that somebody made a frogger game, it's satisfyingly complete game but a bit too simple to be really fun.

HybridMind says ...

hadn't played frogger in so long, had forgotten about that game. anyway, liked your goal of platform distribution. I also found the collision detection a little frustrating. I did play until level 11 though so I musta been having fun.. ;)

ondrew says ...

The collision detection is a little bit of, but apart from that I enjoyed the game thoroughly.

Nice sound effects by the way.

dstrysnd says ...

There really should be a pause between levels, because when you violently tap up like i do, you sometimes end up dashing out in front of the first car in the next level ;)

Cool to see a mobile entry.

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Ludum Dare #13 Postmortem : Badass Frog & game dev for mobile devices

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 5:38 pm

Badass Frog postmortem – the ‘meh’ factor

After my LD #11 ‘Minimalist’ entry was voted “most innovative” game, I’ve been trying to pride myself as “that guy that makes innovative games”. So I thought long and hard about the theme for LD #13, “Roads”, trying to come up with something innovative. But the creative juices just weren’t flowing, and it didn’t happen (I’d also just bought Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip for Wii, which was taking time away from ‘designing time’). After 12 hours, with no good ideas for a game I was actually enthused about making, I decided to make a simple Frogger clone – at least this way I could hone my Processing skills, and learn the ins-and-outs of Mobile Processing.

Some thoughts about developing for mobile devices

Turns out there is a whole “other world” of mobile development that I just hadn’t really thought all that hard about. (more…)

pansapiens LD#13 timelapse : The Road to Badass Frog

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Monday, December 8th, 2008 3:58 pm

LD48 #13 : pansapiens timelapse

+ cheezy music ….

Final road : Bad Ass Frog Escapes from LA

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:00 pm

Meh. Here it is, my final LD48 #13 entry: “Bad Ass Frog Escapes from LA“.

Get it here, for five different platforms. If you have a Java-enabled phone that can do a resolution close to 240×291 (aka, not an iPhone) you can try the mobile version at http://is.gd/aDRQ .

Tools used:

Postmortem later.

Phinal phood photo

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 6:30 pm


Lunch on the last day: Wholegrain bread, garden salad, beetroot dip, Danish fetta and pickled onions. No swine fleisch this time.


Worked on getting sound going this morning … settled on using MIDI drum hits as sound on the mobile MIDP version (that’s all I could get to work), and some sfxr-generated samples on the desktop versions.

What my game lacks in graphics, scope and fun, it will make up for in supported platforms. I’m preparing to post my final entry, which should support Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, any Java-capable web browser and any decent J2ME enabled mobile phone.

Bad Ass Frog Escapes from LA : screenie

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 3:46 am

So, I feel like I’m approaching “finished” for this silly little game.


Here it is running on the Java Mobile Edition phone emulator (“Default Color” at 240×291 resolution). I’ve heard people complain about how making MIDP phone games is tricky because you have to deal with lots of different screen sizes/resolutions. It truly can be a pain in the butt, and I haven’t dealt with it properly in this game … on my 128×128 Nokia 6230 the sprite positioning is out of whack, and I don’t really feel I have the time or energy to go back to square one and fix it to work at any resolution. So at the moment it will only be reasonable to play on largish screen phones. I may try to make a special 128×128 version tomorrow, if I get time (basically, I’ll start by shrinking the sprites). I’ll probably also release a non-phone Java applet version so people have more chance of playing it.

Still need to do sound.


The “significant other” reminded me to eat a few hours ago. Looks like I got sidetracked … haven’t eaten yet. (Update: I just ate a banana. No photo, since it looks just like the banana in my last food photo).

Lunch ~ 23 hours in, (lack of) progress

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 6:51 pm


Didn’t really have a breakfast. Guess I should have photographed the cup of coffee and the Gingernut biscuits.

Pictured above – Lunch, ~23 hours in: Salad roll with beetroot tzatziki (otherwise know as Pancar dip), with Danish fetta and the flesh of a pig. Banana, and instant coffee with one sugar.


Not much. Out of desparation, I started making a Frogger clone in Processing, the idea being that once it is functional, I can change some things to make it a little more than regular Frogger. We will see.


Dinner #1 : Nachos with hot hungarian salami and vine leaf dolma

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 3:17 am

Zero tangible progress on the game. Thought about making a driving game (duh, obvious), drew a picture of a road for no apparent reason, did some research into SNES Mode 7, played with some Processing libraries for pathfinding and loading .obj format meshes. I’m thinking I’ll probably end up with some variation on Frogger at this rate.

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