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The Bubble Bobble is in My Screenshot Bonus
Awarded by demonpants
on December 9, 2008



demonpants says ...

Great game, Orangy! It begins to get incredibly difficult, but it was fun until it got there.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

This is fun.

The pacing is a bit off (too easy to start with, way too hard later on), and the interaction between the bulldozer and the enviroment feels a bit buggy at times. That being said I enjoyed the time I spent playing it.

The idea has a lot of charm, and it's well enough executed and polished (above points aside) that it's still a lot of fun. The mini transport-tycoon feel is excellent.

mathias says ...

Nice, I enjoyed playing it. But, the slow-building bulldozer is kind of annoying.

erik says ...

Neat game. I would have liked to have a goal for building the city to a point where I win, instead of just trying to keep everything from falling apart.

SpaceManiac says ...

It does get hard after a while, and is easy at times, but it's a great idea and pretty cool.

nilsf says ...

Cool game, but it gets way too hard fast. A victory condition would be nice. Nice polish though. :)

Gilvado says ...

A lot of fun, but gets impossible to even maintain your city very quickly. Sometimes I removed roads without meaning too. Maybe make so you can't remove them? Still, excellent overall.

threeeffhex says ...

I really like the game mechanic you've come up with here.
It's really nice, and could be a really great fun little game with a little more time.
The only suggestions I have is that the pause the bulldozer has is slightly too long, sort of makes the game a bit jerky, rather than flowy.
I'd also suggest maybe different keys to repair a road vs to remove it, as I removed several roads I meant to repair. Finally, if there was a little bit of traffic management, where certain shapes of roads were desirable (maybe thats there under the hood?) or where there were commercial districts you had to try and connect to the normal buildings for bonus points, you'd have a really awesome little game.
But what you have is great to start with - nice one!

increpare says ...

Quite fun, but gosh it gets pretty frantic towards the end. I definitely think that some consideration of an alteration in the road-degrading mechanic would benefit the game.

Hamumu says ...

Awesome! I wish there were no delays. It would be a lot more fun if you didn't have to wait a while to shovel a rock, and a little while to build a road, etc. If all that happened instantly, it would still be incredibly hard after a few minutes, but it would lose some of its frustration. Anyway, it's super fun at first, then after a couple of minutes when there are a thousand cars and the roads are just vanishing as soon as you lay them down, it's sheer torture. At that point I just sit back and let myself lose to get my score. If there was a way to win as well as lose, it would be much better. The endgame was very unpleasant each time, just watching it all fall apart and having no hope of keeping up.

I found Hard mode a lot more fun than normal, presumably because it moves a lot faster.

Super awesome all around, though - graphics and gameplay (sound would've been nice!).

Devon says ...

This was really fun, but it got too hard too fast even on easy. I was happily building my city when BAM roads start decaying like crazy! Great work though.

crc says ...

Liked: Simulation approach, complexity(AI), complete presentation.

Could improve on: My "Space"-Finger got tired after a while.

"Sim City" meets arcade game with a deep philosophical message: You can't beat entropy ;)

HybridMind says ...

This game was a TON more fun on 'Hard' than on easy because the 'pickup rock' and 'lay road' actions happened a lot faster. I would LOVe it if that was nearly instantenous upon clicking the space bar, as is the delay becomes quite torturous. Also, on hard the pace is just better and it begins to actually feel like a game. The graphics are a good style and it is fun to connect roads and watch the cars drive around on them. I feel like you nailed that pretty well. Like others have mentioned, a win condition would be nice as I also play as long as possible but once it seems i'm beyond the 'entropy curve' I merely stop and await my 'death' for final score. Very amazing that you pulled all this off in one day. Oh yeah, add sound. ;)

swergas says ...

nice graphics, good gameplay and concept ^^ although i didnt understand how it ends : do we have to maximize our score and quit manually before losing too many points ? nice features like the menu, the highscores, but maybe some more game mechanics would have been be good (reparing tiles becomes quiclky boring). very nice entry :)

dessgeega says ...

sort of like simcity with all the higher-level management stripped out. i like how neat it is: clearing a rock gives you the materials to build a road, building roads makes your city bigger, bigger cities produce more cars, more cars wear down the roads faster. (then i get overwhelmed and quit.)

ondrew says ...

Great game for couple of minutes, then gets extremely hard.

I found the road removal feature a little bit useless - it doesn't really add anything to the gameplay and sometimes I accidentally removed my road.

Archive for the ‘LD #13 – Roads – 2008’ Category

Post compo wind-down

Posted by
Monday, December 8th, 2008 5:01 pm

So now the mad rush to finish is over and I’ve caught up on lost sleep, here’s all my progress shots that I didn’t have time to write journal entries for.

Project setup, and boring game init / display init:

A tile map and a hardcoded bulldozer sprite:

I added bulldozer controls here, plus rocks to dig for resources:

Placing roads via the bulldozer:

Adding code and graphics to properly make road curves and junctions:

Added hard-coded buildings and cars, plus a hud for better feedback. I should probably have had a screenshot in between this and the previous one but I was on a roll. :)

Adding in proper building placement, city growth and car spawning:

Compared to previous LD48s I didn’t get much journal writing done during the competition, probably because I only had a single day so was much more focused than usual. Also the game was largely based on logic code (like getting the building placement and car AI correct) rather than lots of visible gameplay elements, so at times where I would normally have taken a picture I skipped it since it looked identical to before.

I’ve decided to leave my post-mortem ’till after judging had finished / nearly finished, so I can see if my list of things to improve matches what other people think.

Also, project source and images are here. It won’t compile as-is because I took the LWJGL and Slick libraries out to cut down the size, but you can browse through my spaghetti code and see how hideous it all is. :)

Bulldozer Blitz

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:49 pm

Finished! Possibly my most polished and feature-complete LD48 entry yet, and seems to be enjoyable too.

Bulldozer Blitz Title Screen

Windows download

Webstart link (for windows, mac and linux)

You’ve got to dig up the rocks and lay down roads to keep the city happy as it expands. Have too many angry drivers and it’s game over! Easy is good for those who want to build a big city, hard is more fast paced and frantic. And feel free to post your high scores in the comments and see where you stand. :)

About the only thing missing is sound, which I didn’t get time to do. However I did manage to fit in almost all of the gameplay elements, as well as proper menus and high scores, so I’m pretty happy with it – especially since this was a one-day entry. I’ll have to do a proper post-mortem in the week when I’ve recoverted.



Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 4:26 am

15 and a half hours to go, and I’ve got a simple tile map with some roads you can build:

Buildable roads!

I’ve still got to add cars, buildings, sound effects, menus, and some kind of gameplay. This is going to be tight…

Um, go?

Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 5:12 pm

I’ve spent most of the day recovering from a heavy night out so I’ve not even begun to start yet. :( So without even a game name decided upon yet I’m starting with 26 hours remaining… That’s probably not possible but I’m going to have a good crack at it!

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